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  • Has anyone got a thermometer for their live in?
    I'm thinking of getting a outdoor/indoor multi one
    I have a cheap £1 one atm I got from tesco. Just fancy knowing how warm my van keeps when heated and what it drops too if not heated etc etc

  • One designed for a greenhouse will keep the high and low temperatures until you reset it by shaking the mercury back into the bulb. The last one I bought many years ago was a tenner. But it told me the highest temperature my greenhouse achieved on any given day.

  • I have an Oregon one which Dawn got me for Xmas a couple of years back. I keep a sensor in the gas bottle cupboard to give an 'in the shade' reading and it gives me the indoor temp as well. Also measures the humidity & gives a 24 hour forecast. I like it but then i am a geek... She got it on eBay

  • Cheers for the feedback guys.
    One that offer a rough weather guide would be good though i normally always have a pine cone hung up for rain predictions.
    Might spend a bit and get one of those myself Steve.
    Diesel. My motorhome is fairly old so sadly no thermometers or techy stuff for me.
    Been keeping an eye on it tonight. After cooking and having the gas fire on its been at 28c all night. Dropping a bit now I've had the heating off though but my beds warm enough.
    Best lig down though as im in work for 6

  • I've got a very basic baby nursery thermometer only goes from 10-28 degrees, keep meaning to pick up a greenhouse one too, but we are normally within that range anyway.

    But I do have a hygrometer also to monitor humidity.

  • I've a cheap one I bought in France whilst on Holiday, it's pinned to the wall at about eye level. I had been using to get an idea of the internal temp (who'd've guessed?) However, I've just bought an infra-red thermometer which gives the spot temperature wherever you point it, and, as one does, I've been pointing it all over! Well, I know my van's leaky, but I was astonished at the variations between different locations.
    Have decided to stop using it and stick with the good news old fashioned one.
    Note to self.. Fix drafts.

  • Hahaha
    Yeah with mine being coach built with vents everywhere it's surprising how drafty it is under seats or in cuboids.
    Fixed some bad bits of gaps that were cut too big but vents kinda have purpose haha