No appetite...any nutritional suggestions?

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  • Kinda worried now cos I haven't been hungry for a few weeks now and concerned this could be having a negative impact...I'm making sure I eat lots of fruit to make up for it, and I never miss my main meal. But obviously if I'm struggling to eat at all I"m certainly not gaining an extra 300 recommended calories! I'm not sure how important those extra calories are in the early months, I am at least taking a preg vit everyday. I wondered if anyone could perhaps recommend any nutritional drinks as I thought that could be a good alternative to bulk up the calories/nutrition...all suggestions greatly appreciated! x

  • Once I got over the early stages, I went to aqua aerobics for pregnant ladies at the local swimming pool. Talk about stimulating your appetite. I was straight down the cake shop afterwards. Oh, Floradix is a herbal tonic which is jammed full of goodies and iron and tastes like a lovely fruit drink. It's recommended by midwives. You must stop any other vits though as they will contraindicate.