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  • Hi all decided to give up the bricks and get some wheels just need a bit of advice as to what sort of van is best, as I will be on my own space isn't really an issue.
    Iv seen a campervan that's just a high roof transit fitted out or there the campervan type I have 20k to spend but haven't got a clue which would be best :xconfused

  • I agree with pyke13, having lived in a coach built camper for around a year they're ok but not built for full time living. You'd do much better with a conversion & with your budget should be able to do something nice.

    Really depends on what your priorities are, do you want something stealthy so you can free park pretty much anywhere? In which case I'd be looking along the transit/merc/whatever van conversion route.

    That's not the most important thing to me so I'd be thinking along the lines of a horse box or even ex army personnel carrier and have the extra space & comfort.

    IMO that's the first decision for you to make and will be influenced by having an idea roughly where you intend to park up. Once you've got that far there's loads of knowledgeable folk here who will be able to help a little more.

  • Thats good advice about where you will park and the stealth thing is something to consider. I guess a project to build depends on the skills you have or you buy - but for sure you could maybe look around a few vans and see what is out there. Might be worth checking the license and what you can drive.

  • A van or horsebox etc is going to be better than a ready built job as the others have said. Campers aren't built to be lived in, end of. Biggest thing to think about is size. Your licence will allow you to go up to 7.5 tonnes, which can be huge....but where are you going to park and what about going to the supermarket or town? It can be a right barsteward. I'd definitely go for a high top or semi high top, you need to be able to stand up in it. You also want a fixed bed and comfy chair or sofa. It's a pita having to rearrange everything ever time you go to bed or get up. Your budget is huge, you could convert a bit van exactly to your requirements and still have a good chunk left over. Good luck.

  • Good point! Although thinking about it, it was a pita even in the motorhome so I tended to cycle into town, pick up the shopping & sneak in a crafty pint or two..

  • If you don't mind doing a self build or know someone like me who could build one for you these ex prison vans take some beating, excellent insulation already in place and easy to convert, hardest bit is stripping the cells out, everything in here was new and in total the thing stands us at around £13,000, £5400 of that being the cost of the truck, easy to drive and around 20mpg.