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  • Parked outside my mum's house tonight. Telling me some stories from when she was younger, she's 84 in January. Listening to her tonight had made me realise I am the person I am today because of her. I was lucky I had the best childhood growing up, all my memories are music always playing, Sunday night top of the pops on the radiogram.45 records thayt didint have a middle Because they came out of a jukebox. And me mum wanted a CD for Xmas.............. Jake bugg! Cud he's a Clifton lad. Sorry for the ramble , loving my UK hippy friends. Spicky

  • I remember listening to psychedelic / prog-rock on a Dansette mono record player. Stereo was a revelation, trouble was that some albums still seemed to be produced badly as if for mono; this meant you could not get the classic set up of guitars interplaying out of different speakers and drums rolling right across the back from speaker to speaker as done so well by local band Man on "Be Good to Yourself at Least Once a Day". Some peeps clearly didn't listen properly and would place the speakers in a cubby hole or small shelf facing each other! Memories! Keep on truckin, Toby. K

  • Wow the memories come flooding back! Dansette I had one of those - well technically it was my sisters but I purloined it occasionally! Anyone remember listening to 'Radio Luxemburg' in the seventies? I had a twenty forth hand radio, a big square thing with faux leather covering. I listened to Emperor Rosco & had to retune every few minutes as the signal would fade. Also 'cos I didn't have a money for a new battery I used to sit the 'everlast' on the window sill to warm up in the sunshine in an attempt to prolong its life! It may have been the first attempt at harnessing solar power!

    Yesterdays gone, tomorrows a mystery, today's a gift, that's why its called the present.

  • Oh meeeeeee = Radio Luxembourg -- 208 m medium wave and every sunday night the new power play. Every hour I think after the news they played the same song. Stuart Hendry - Rosco are two I remember. Did not get good reception till after 10pm or later.

    Then wake up and half my face stuck to the radio. oh happy days. Loads of great songs. I still recall the first time I heard George harrison "My Sweet Lord" it was a power play so you had to stay awake to hear it again -

    One great time was meeting Stuart Henry all be it just a brief 10 seconds at a Radio One club - anyone recall that.

    Just found this

    to many years and my life is still, trying to get up that great big hill of HOPE

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