8.2.14 illumiNaughty 8th Birthday. Masked Ball Pt II Manchester

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  • 8.2.14 illumiNaughty 8th Birthday. Masked Ball Pt II Manchester

    On Saturday 8th Feb the portal to pandemonium is prized to open once again as IllumiNaughty presents The Masked Ball (Part 2) at Manchester Academy.

    Phantoms, Jesters, Lords and Ladies will grace the stages and dance floors of our psychedelic ballrooms filled with the sounds of enchanted trance, bountiful breaks, tasty techno and dirty bass lines. With more stalls, massage hot spots, interactive games, face and body painting, indoor and outdoor stages and more live music than ever before, there’s something for everyone no matter what sparks your enthusiasm!

    So choose your masks of anarchy and pimp up your glad rags and join us for the next installment of IllumiNaughty's Indoor Festival!

    EVENT THEME: Masked Ball

    illumiNaughty - Academy 2
    Trance & Psytrance

    ✣ GMS (Growling Mad Scientists) (Zero 1 Music)
    ✣ John 00 Flemming (Joof Records)
    ✣ Mechanimal (Mutagen Records)
    ✣ Mazieg (IllumiNaughty)
    ✣ Matt Lickess (IllumiNaughty)
    ✣ Jon Cockle (Joof Editions)

    illumiNasty – Club Academy
    Breaks, Glitch & Electro

    ✣ Deekline (Hot Cakes/Rat Records)
    ✣ Pyramid (Funkatech Records)
    ✣ Atomic Drop (Adapted Records)
    ✣ Mary Miss Fairy (Wonkay, Broken Records)
    ✣ Leuce Rhythems (IllumiNasty)
    ✣ Dave King (Killatunes)
    ✣ James Jackson (IllumiNasty)

    Twisted Playhouse – Union Bar
    Ghetto Funk & Electro Swing

    ✣ Itchy & Scratchy DJs (Dance off Riddim Fruit)
    ✣ Chicken Brothers (Speak Easy)
    ✣ Final Conflic (Supatronics)
    ✣ Ocelus (Happy Slap Boutique)
    ✣ Snuff B2B Jess (Snuffsounds Split Recordings)
    ✣ DJ Clumsy (Madhatters Soundsystem)
    ✣ Adnate (Trevision)

    Drop Productions – Outdoor Marquee
    Dub, Reggae & Bass

    ✣ Dub Smugglers (Dub Smugglers Sound System)
    ✣ Black Star Dub Collective (Pumpkin Records)
    ✣ Dirty North (F.L.O.W Records)
    ✣ Long Shot (Drop Productions)
    ✣ Djembeklan (Drop Productions)

    Secret Location
    5am – 9am
    illumiNaughty & illumiNasty DJs
    (2 Rooms)

    ✣ EEsh (illumiNaughty)
    ✣ Zap Attack (IllumiNaughy)
    & More TBC


    Available from: www.illuminaughty.co.uk

    ►EarlyBird: £12.50
    ►Late EarlyBird: £15.00
    ►Advance: £17.00
    ►After Party Advance: £4

    Tickets also available from:
    Soundbase – 01612388727 (Mcr)
    Cyberdog – 01618332177 (Mcr)
    Jumbo Records - 01132455570 (Leeds)
    Dr Hermans – 01517098392 - (Liverpool)


    Info & getting
    involved: team@illuminaughty.co.uk
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  • Growling Mad Scientists

    The groundbreaking psychedelic trance group Growling Mad Scientists are Riktam Matkin and Bansi Quinteros, who regularly tour the world. Their mind blowing music pushes and blurs sonic boundaries and has inspired both producers and punters alike, making G.M.S. one of the most in-demand live electronic music acts in the world.

    Having graduated from spinning for small parties and clubs to performing at mega-festivals like Dance Valley and The Boom and packing super big clubs line New York's Avalon & Ibiza’s Privilege. G.M.S. aren't ones to rest on their laurels.




  • John 00 Fleming is an artist who has achieved international success in a career spanning over 20 years without dishonouring his musical essence or fans. With over 10 million album sales and 30 produced mix compilations, John’s a proven musical pioneer whose essence lies in what his fans call, ‘the J00F sound’. The J00F sound is as unpretentious as the artist, and is best described as deep and textured progressively edged trance, in an electronic dance music style that is an antithesis to what is normally produced within the genre.

    In an industry rife in self worship and mirror gazing, John is characterised by a passion and ability to connect audiences by injecting his unique underground musical style, and not his ego, into the mainstream vein. This connection has manifested in ten mix compilations and five singles in the UK Top 40 charts on iconic labels: Virgin, EMI and Warner Music. It has also seen him headline major events worldwide, seeing in over 10,000 appearances at the likes of; Ministry of Sound, Godskitchen, Digital Society and Global Gathering, through to Holland’s Dance Valley, Serbia’s Exit Festival, Brazil’s Exxxperience, Australia’s Future music festivals, Belgium’s Tomorrowland, and the U.S.A’s Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC).
    John’s renown lies in his desire to give back to his fans. His much lauded 2010 BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix has spawned J00F Editions, an international tour which innovatively refocuses the music onto the club and its clubbers. J00F Editions resurrects the scene of old, and reintroduces the clubbing experience to extended sets, new sounds and new artists to deliver a true musical journey devoid of fluff and predictive cliché that has quickly gained international respect, residencies and support from other leading figures such as Dave Seaman, Sister Bliss, Avalon, Passion and Ministry of sound. JOOF Editions has been a huge success touring over 80 venues in the last two years.

    John’s record label, J00F Recordings, and his monthly radio show, Global Trance Grooves, broadcast on iTunes and DI. FM provides John another path to walk his own line. Here, he promotes rising stars in addition to giving over four million subscribed fans the latest in J00F’s inimitable sounds.

    John is also one of a select few endorsed by Pioneer. As the industry heavyweights inside every DJ booth, John provides subject matter expertise and consultancy in a partnership which ensures the upward evolution of the electronic music world’s tools of the trade.
    John’s esteem within the industry has garnered respect from electronica luminaries like Jean Michael Jarre, Muse and Simple Minds, and while humbly accepting peer endorsement he continues to let his production skills do the talking. Following the release of his debut artist album ‘Nine Lives’ in August 2011, John switched his focus to scoring for major network TV and films. Working alongside The Royal Philharmonic orchestra at the famed Abbey road studios, London (home of The Beatles) his work has featured in the soundtracks to shows on BBC, Fox, and NBC and in films released by Universal, Warner, Sony and others. Diversifying his talents into the soundtrack world, John honed a separate facet of his artistic identity, and gave himself the freedom to focus on his sophomore album ‘One.Hunderd.ten WKO’ released in March 2013. Already being tipped as electronic album of the year by The Daily mail national newspaper.

    2013 will also see the launch of the J00F Music Group, bringing together like-minded artists and DJs from labels such as Platipus, Mistiquemusic, Baroque, Renaissance and John's own J00F Records imprint, with the aim of creating a unified platform from which to launch the next wave of deep space expeditions into the serious side of trance and progressive. With underground resistance gathering momentum, the future looks bright for this sleeper movement of contemporary club culture.
    John 00 Fleming is a performer who adroitly crafts something musically organic from the inorganic, artfully opening your senses into a genre far more pervasive than you currently know. Challenge yourself, and get intelligently immersed, inside his adventurous odysseys.


    Agent/Management : www.assuredartists.com


  • mary miss fairy knows how to work a crowd, as many of you will have experienced at her debut set for IllumiNaughty at our Halloween Takeover event in 2012 – the first outing of the illumiNasty room that has developed into an almost infamous rival of the trance sounds of the bigger brother illumiNaughty room.

    Well things haven’t stopped for Mary Miss Fairy since then, from touring across the UK and Europe, from performing on Pirate Ships at Shambala Festival among many this summer, to showcasing her fantastic vocals with “Atomic Drop” who she will be sharing the stage with on the 8th of February for their song “Inside My Head”.

    From big dirty electro basslines to the grooviest of minimal techno, we’re ready for Mary Miss Fairy’s second appearance at illumiNaughty at the Masked Ball 2, make sure you don’t miss this one!


  • The Dub Smugglers Soundsystem has become quite the well known name on the Manchester scene, and are the perfect headliner to the Drop Soundystem outdoor tent for IllumiNaughty’s 8th Birthday on the 8th of February. Truly revolutionizing IllumiNaughty’s festival atmosphere, the Drop stage hosts a wide range of bands and DJs with a large focus on Dub and Reggae of which the Dub Smugglers are expert selectors.

    Having hosted nights in Manchester and beyond, such as their sold out night featuring the Resonators back in late 2013 and played abroad at festivals such as Outlook among many the Dub Smugglers are set to get your grooving at the Masked Ball Part 2 as part of a vibrant and eclectic lineup in the Drop Tent!


  • Pyramid

    PYRAMID are West London production duo and DJ/MC combo outfit Nicky D'Silva and Scott Maclean currently signed with the award-winning Funkatech Records. Long acquainted studio partners and good mates the pair are seasoned live performers, regularly tearing up parties all over the globe from Glastonbury to Galway, known for their trademark electric sets and limitless energy on stage.
    Originally rooted in breakbeat, their sound has evolved into a melting pot of beats and basslines set at around 140bpm. Be it breaks, dubstep or anything in between, these guys are hot property right now with production work commissioned by some top names; from majors like Polydor to Tiesto's Black Hole imprint and onto big underground indies Dub Police and Lot49. PYRAMID are definitely ones to watch this year!



    Mechanimal launched its first live in October 2009 and has been blasting full power trance music around the globe since.

    Now with over 20 successful releases and ever growing experience Mechanimal is shaping its debut album ready to drop on dancefloors worldwide!

    Music: www.soundcloud.com/mechanimalmusic
    Beatport: http://dj.beatport.com/mechanimal



    Atomic drop (AD) are Brighton based producers James Anthony and Ken Barrett. Together they sonically sculpt deep and filthy bass heavy music that fuses all the best elements of dance. Coming from the sound and scene of the UKs capitol and South East, their sound is next level electronic dance music for 21st century party people.

    The fresh sounds of AD have seen the band share the stage with artists as large and diverse as Underworld, Orbital, Faithless, Tinnie Tempah, Chase & Status, Booka Shade, Sub Focus and Myles Dyson. Playing and Headlining at arguably some of the best clubs, events, festivals and productions the world over.

    Currently with over 65 releases on 18 different labels worldwide - AD are permanently busy studio-wise
    collaborating and remixing with producers like, Candyland, Darth & Vader, Tim Healey, Lee Coombs, Deekline, Lazy Rich and Alex Mind - and are also working with top vocalists, such as, Cheshire Cat (Leftfield), Top Cat, Rod Azlan, Skibbadee and Lindy Layton (Dub Pistols) - constantly churning out new club cuts and remixes for labels like Big Fish, Plasmapool, Bazooka, Surfer Rosa, Burn The Fire, Adapted and LOT49.


    10.00 - 11.30 Matt Lickess
    11.30 - 1.00 John 00 Fleming
    1.00 - 3.00 GMS
    3.00 - 3.45 Mazieg
    3.45 - 4.45 Mechanimal
    4.45 - 5.30 Jon Cockle

    10.00 - 11.00 James Jackson
    11.00 - 12.00 Leuce Rhythms
    12.00 - 1.15 Deekline
    01.15 - 02.15 Pyramid
    02.15 - 03.30 Atomic Drop
    03.30 - 04.30 Mary Miss Fairy
    04.30 - 05.30 Dave King

    Twisted Playhouse:
    10.00 - 11.00 Clumsy
    11.00 - 12.00 Oceleus
    12.00 -01.00 Chicken Brothers
    01.00 - 02.00 Snuff B2B Just Jess
    02.00 -04.00 Itchy & Skratchy DJs
    04.00 - 04.45 Adnate
    04.45 - 05.30 Final Conflict

    Drop Stage:
    10.00 -11.00 Long Shot
    11.00 – 12.00 Dirty North
    12.00-12.45 Djembeklan
    12.45-01.30 Dub Smugglers
    01.00-02.20 Black Star Dub Collective
    20.20-03.00 Braid

  • Ticket sales on the IllumiNaughty website will be closing at 10pm tonight so grab them quick fromwww.illuminaughty.co.uk

    After this, a limited number of tickets will be available in the retail outlets (Cyberdog, Dr Hermans, Gaffs, Soudbase)

    There will also be tickets available on the door!

    See you tomorrow!

    Ticket sales on the IllumiNaughty website will be closing at 10pm tonight so grab them quick fromwww.illuminaughty.co.uk

    After this, a limited number of tickets will be available in the retail outlets (Cyberdog, Dr Hermans, Gaffs, Soudbase)

    There will also be tickets available on the door!

    See you tomorrow!