IllumiNaughty Exclusive Christmas Special 13.12.13

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  • IllumiNaughty Exclusive Christmas Special 13.12.13

    Calling all ravers and misbehavers:

    You are cordially invited to come and celebrate with us at the Goblin Grotto this Christmas. This will be an intimate small illumiNaughty event so tickets are very very limited.

    We will be decking the halls with the usual illumiNaughty style visual feast at Suede nightclub, and the carol singing will be coming in the form of a blasting full power set from one of our favourite artists psychedelic trance legend TALAMASCA, alongside other illumiNaughty friends and residents.

    As it will be deep into the cold Manchester winter, expect fire, lasers, and maybe some mistletoe. We don’t care if you’re Naughty or Nice, and you don’t have to bring presents, as long as you come ready to for a serious party!

    Yours merrily,
    The Goblins

    PS, Due to the limited capacity this event will not have a guest list so get your tickets fast.

    Facebook Event Page


    Longworth Street,
    Manchester, M3 4BQ

  • IllumiNaughty Exclusive Christmas Special 13.12.13

    Tickets for the next event featuring Talamasca on the 13th of December are READY to go now! 10 tickets for £10 each, get your group together and get on it!!!

    Dual tickets are still available for Xmas and the Masked Ball for £24 for the IllumiNaughty loyalists out there! Admit it, you know you're coming so grab a bargain!

  • Talamasca

    Talamasca (or Talamaska) is a psytrance project based in Paris, France. This project is the solo project of Cedric Dassulle, also known as DJ Lestat. Lestat promotes the music of Talamasca at parties on his journeys as a DJ all around the world. He played piano for over 13 years and started his career as DJ in 1992. In 1995/96 he was resident DJ in a prestigious Rex Club in Paris. In that same time he was influenced by Trance music that he played during parties and wanted to create his own. In 1996 he met the other cofounders Steve Eli and Xavier de Galloy that were at that time House producers and had their own music studio. Together they decided to cooperate on a trance project and founded Talamasca. Steve and Javier gave all the possible advices to Cedric, that after six tracks he could fly by his own, and made from then over 100 released tracks on the most prestigious labels.

    Talamasca in Latin means "animal mask", and it is also name of the secret society of psychic detectives that were described in the books of Anne Rice. DJ Lestat read these books and decided to call the group by this name. He also called himself Lestat, which was the name of the main character of The Vampire Chronicles. In these books, the Talamasca includes some people who have mind powers, and that's why the Talamasca new label is called Mind Control.

    Lestat is very energetic, travels all around the world and has many friends amongst other Psy-trance artists. He often cooperates with many of them in various projects. Lestat produced many tracks with artists like Nomad, Oforia, Space Cat, and Xerox. The group also participated in founding the Psychedelic Trance Label 3D Vision together with Christof Drouillet, DJ Mael and Javier Galloy. Recently DJ Lestat started up his own label called Mind Control.

    One of Talamasca's most recent albums, Zodiac, was released in 2003 and gained great popularity among Psychedelic Trance fans. The album consists of 12 tracks, each of them named after a different Zodiac sign. Then he made his 4th album "Made in Trance", a collaboration with other French artists.

    In 2004, Talamasca created a new label "Mind Control Records", based in Paris

    New Album out now!!

    After a few years of soul searching, the master has captured the essence of what Talamasca stands for in this brand new full album. Jampacked with powerful grooves and inspiring melodies.

    'Psychedelic Trance' was designed to reflect the artist's personal interpretation of the genre, and is bound to be a must in every dj bag. With an impressive 15 year legacy of quality tunes, Talamasca will yet again rock you to the core.

  • "Discoveries are made by not following instructions, by going off the main path, by trying the untried." (Frank Tyger)

    Do you ever ponder the construction of incredible inventions? Wish you could make digital masterpieces, living visual landscapes, audio mazes or mind-blowing installations if you only had the pennies and a place to do it? If your head is fit to bust with inspiration but your pockets are empty then pay attention because here is your chance to get that pipe dream launched into the big stream!
    For almost a decade illumiNaughty has worked to create bigger and more breath-taking installations and performances at each event. Since moving to Manchester Academy, IllumiNaughty’s ‘Indoor Festival’ has quadrupled in scale and there are now 4 floors of chaos and a multitude of nooks and crannies to fill!

    The Goblins at IllumiNaughty HQ have set aside £1000 to help any budding crafts person, tech-wizard, sculptor, VJ, programmer or sci-fi boffin conceptualise any creation in the field of art, science or technology to be showcased at an IllumiNaughty event to audiences of up to 2000 people.
    Creations must be professional, functional, safe and ideally interactive. Above all else, they **MUST** engage or enchant an illumiNaughty crowd. The Goblins are looking for hard working, practical creatives capable of designing and executing their own projects to make our audiences heads explode.
    Let your imagination take the reins - nothing is impossible – the only limit is your own imagination.

    We will fund creative ideas, however small or large, up to a maximum of £1000.
    To apply send a proposal to of up to 500 words max explaining what you want to create. Please include details of how it will be integrated into the event, and how much time you will need to make your idea a reality. In addition to what you need to let us know how much funding you need for your creation, and how the money would be spent.
    Your proposal will be considered by the production team and then the team will make the decision on the grant winner(s).

    Please note creations will be kept by illuminaughty
    Good luck (and of course) Love N chaos…wsfeed_story_type=regular

  • *** THE MASKED BALL PART 2 ***

    Lineup for the Masked Ball Part 2 on the 8th of February is INCOMING so very soon! The final details are being polished off and we will be letting you know very soon! It's the birthday event so its time to go bigger and crazier than ever before!!

    Watch out for the lineup announcements COMING SOON!

    IllumiNaughty Welcome To Our Circus 7th Birthday
    Video by Purple Haze Productions.