The real life Ghost Story thread

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  • About 25 years ago, my family and I had just moved. On one side we had a middle aged couple and on the other side an elderly lady who lived by herself.. We knew that the previous tenant of our house had been very elderly, in her late 80's and had recently died in hospital. We'd lived there about 2 months and it was just me and the kids at home, middle of the afternoon and a nice sunny day. All of a sudden we heard a heavy sound on the stairs. It sounded like someone falling down stairs but our first thought was, break in. But no sign of anyone. Then we thought it might have been the elderly lady next door.

    Our houses were the mirror image of each other so if you can imagine that we stepped through our front door and our stairs went immediately up to the right, her stairs would have gone immediately up to the left. It was quite possible for us to have heard if she had fallen. We looked through the letterbox and knocked quite a few times. Son went over the back fence and looked through her windows but no sign of anyone in the house at all. Then daughter remembered that she had said she was going away for the weekend. We put it down to just one of those mysteries until about a week later when I got chatting to the woman who lived on the other side of us. It seems that the elderly lady who had lived in our house previously had actually falllen down the stairs at roughly the time we would have heard the noise. She laid there all day until our neighbour who I was chatting to came home from work and noticed her milk was still on the doorstep. She let herself in and called an ambulance. Sadly the old lady died in hospital a few days later. A lot of odd little things happened in that house in the 20 years I lived there.

    I don't believe in ghosts as the restless spirits of dead people but I do believe that traumatic events can imprint themselves on the airwaves and just occasionally some of us pick them up.

  • I saw a ghost dog years ago in my bedroom when i was a teenager. Wasn`t very spooky though we just sat looking at each other:)

    My Dad sees weird shit quite a lot and he doesn`t believe in ghosts or any kind of after life. My mums friend got a new house in the country and she had this outbuilding with a loft and asked him to go up ladders and see what was in it. My mum was holding the ladders and when he came down she said he`d gone pure white. On the way home she asked him what was wrong and he told her he`d seen an image of a man in an old style red uniform hanging by his neck from a rope in the rafters. They did a bit of research and turns out that the outbuilding was a station house for a now disused railway line. My dad`s never even told me i heard the story from my mum and i totally believe he saw it cause he`s not a bullshitter at all.

  • Think I gave some one / thing ,, a lift in my truck one dark rainy nite coming over the Rhonda Valleys on route back to Liverpool .
    No traffic about just me .
    Ghosty type experience .
    Didn't stop to pick any body up but they appeared in the passenger seat . {Young Female }she said nothing , neither did I ,
    She disappeared after about 6 mls .

  • In an old house I used to live in I saw a young boy of about 2-3 years of age on a couple of occasions, once he was just standing next to my bed looking at me, the other he was skipping down the landing towards me then he would be back at the other end of the landing and start skipping again, on this night there was a lady standing behind him smileing and watching him.

  • Interesting reading about the ghost dogs, because I think I saw a ghost dog once, when I was a kid.
    I was about 7 or 8 years old, running back from visiting my mate's house one evening at the top of the village. It was dark, and I was running because I was scared of getting a walloping if I got back late. Rules were that you got back before dark. It was quite cold and about this time of year.

    As I turned into our street off the main road I became aware of a small white Scottie dog running alongside me on my left, but on the dark grass verge between me and the roadway. It was running a little ahead of me, and sort of half-turned to me now and then, as if in encouragement. As a kid you knew all the dogs in the neighbourhood, and I thought this must be a new one, as nobody had a Scotty in our street. Nothing seemed odd at the time until, just before the dog drew level with our front gate, it did a little turn to the left and kind of leaped upwards and off the verge into the road. But it didn't touch the road, it vanished in mid-air.

    I stood around for a few moments, thinking it would reappear. Then I thought that I hadn't heard or smelt the dog as it ran alongside me up the road, and I went cold and came over goose-bumps. I fled into our house and went to my room and sat on the bed, shivering. I daren't tell anyone for days, I don't know why. When I did, I asked if there could be ghost dogs as well as ghost people...

  • This is old now but we have ghost cats in our house. Also, my daughters have both talked about the old lady who stands at the end of their beds in the night. This freaked me out at first :)
    When I was a teenager I saw my great grandma but I remain very open minded about all this, we only know a very small amount about what the brain is capable of, but it's all interesting stuff anyway.

  • I have two ghostly encounters and one UFO (but that's for a different thread). Aged about 17, me and mates would meet regularly at the rented flat of the first person in our group to leave home. This place was used as a recreational facility (cough) on a regular, nightly basis. People who had stayed the night had always said it was a bit strange, heavy breathing at night, temperature changes, general strange thingy's going on. I just thought it was stoned bullshit myself. early evening, sitting around chatting, a heavy dresser draw slammed itself shut right by me. We all noticed it, very strange. And When my wife and I rented our first house together, with our first baby, we would hear a group of very small children running up and down the hallway giggling, as if playing chase. At first I would rush upstairs because of the baby but in the end we just ignored it. Money would go missing and turn up a few days later and the kettle would boil itself. The kettle was the most constant and we jokingly got used to it. A few years after moving out I was driving (taxi) an elderly lady home to a few doors away from this house and mentioned I'd lived there once and right off she asked if I'd ever had any strange experiences. That in itself was like something from a cheesy paranormal film. Neither story is frightening I know, sorry.

  • experienced ghosts and their behaviour but never seen one (not that I'm aware off anyway) I see shadows and things but that's all. Wish I could see one one day.

  • experienced ghosts and their behaviour but never seen one (not that I'm aware off anyway) I see shadows and things but that's all. Wish I could see one one day.

    I've only ever seen them when not expecting/thinking about them, times when I have sat waiting and looking it has never happened.

  • I seem to be susceptible to ghosts having seen a lot and having many more experiences where a ghost was not seen.
    This is one of those stories. It also appears in haunted Leeds, although they got the detail wrong.
    Me and my now ex wife had bought a house. Lots of weird things used to happen on a regular basis and our dog would never settle.
    This particular night my sisterin law was staying in the spare bedroom.
    In the middle of the night we were woken to my sister in law shouting through to us that something was trying to pull her out of bed.
    She was getting in a bit of a panic and was adamant that although she couldn't see anything, something was in her room. She started to panic more so I shouted her to come into our room. She got to our door but couldn't open it. She was now screaming, saying it's locked.
    I got out of bed and simply opened the door. It was not locked.
    That was the end of that night. My sister in law never returned to the house.
    The story continues however.
    The following night I was woken and although I couldn't see anything, my eyes followed a path were I knew this thing was. It hovered above me. I sat up and was immediately struck, catapulting me backwards with massive force. My head was spinning and I remember thinking that I'm going to die.
    It came back the next night and hovered above me. I just layed there and it left.
    We sold the house shortly after. The house has sold many times since and is always on the market.
    For over 10 years I had nightmares about the house and would never even drive near it, always taking a detour if needed.

  • Hi,

    I've had a few experiences of the ghostly persuasion :) I think I've probably seen a well-known local ghost, but the thing is, I didn't realise it at the time it happened. It was about ten years ago; I was out shopping in the city centre one Saturday afternoon with my mother, when we decided to go into a nearby a pub for a quick drink and a rest. This was a traditional style, rather olde-worlde-looking pub, with a community feel. After a short while, I needed the loo, so I left my mother and went upstairs to where the ladies toilets were. Once I’d finished, I walked down a short corridor towards the stairs, when I saw this woman standing at the top of the stairs, facing them. Immediately, I thought that she looked quite strange and eccentric. She was perhaps in her mid 30s or a little older, with light brown hair which fell in ringlets which went from shorter length at the front to longer length at the back - it kind of reminded me of some 70s hair styles – and, she wore an unusual velvet dress - it looked really velvet, not faux velvet - with lace around the bosom. Although her dress and hair style were very particular, it seemed strange that she didn't appear to have any make up on her very pale face. As I took all this in, it occurred to me that she looked so old-fashioned that she might have belonged to the 19th century, and that she could be a ghost, apart from one thing; her strange-looking dress left her legs exposed at the front from just below the knee. I knew that it would have been considered scandalous in the 19th century for a woman's clothes to show her legs, so I thought, that she just seemed like someone who had an idosyncratic dress sense.

    Now as this woman stood there, she gave this impression of being very imposing and important. She also stared down the stairs as if she expected someone to walk up any minute. So I just turned back the way I’d come to let her and whoever she was with get to wherever they wanted in this upper floor.

    I returned a couple of minutes later, and she was still there. She still stared down the stairs, and then she glanced sideways at me and then looked back down the stairs again. Cue, a couple more times. Then, she moved her arms out to the sides of her, and it was as if she was trying to get the attention of someone on the ground floor. It would have been impossible to walk down the stairs without asking her to get out of the way. I wondered why she was blocking the stairs in this way, and as if in answer to that thought, (though I’d said nothing), she said “I’m waiting for the men”.

    She said this, as though I was supposed to understand it. I hadn’t a clue what she meant, but I thought maybe this was one of those kinds of pubs with regular punters where everyone shares whatever’s going on and everyone is supposed to know. I didn’t feel like disillusioning her about the fact that I didn’t know and was an “outsider”. I thought, well it’s some kind of pub thing going on for which some people are making like some kind of grand entrance to the upstairs and it would be rude to barge down the stairs before her into that special entrance moment. So I went back to the corridor that led to the ladies’ toilets to wait a minute.
    Well, I waited about five minutes, but when I next came out, she was still there. Still imposing and gesturing at the top of the stairs.

    I was, and am a shy person and so I went back again, and then there two or three repeats of this. By this time, I think about 17 minutes had passed, or it seemed like it, and I thought, “I’m just going to ask her to let me pass. This is ridiculous, my mother has been waiting so long for me!” So I came out of the corridor again. But this time there was no sign of the woman.

    So I went downstairs, rejoined my mother, and thought nothing more of it.

    Maybe three years later, I got friendly with a couple, and they told me they were regulars at the same pub I’d had this experience at. Then they told me they’d had some experiences of a ghost there, whom they said many had seen. They said many people saw a woman standing at the top of the stairs. Immediately, I remembered my experience.

    I googled the history of the pub, and I found out that it had been built in the late 18th century, and that in the 19th century it been a brothel. It was reputed to be haunted by the ghost of the Madam who ran this brothel, who was seen standing at the top of the stairs, waiting to greet the male customers.

    Well, as I say the woman I’d seen had seemed dressed all 19th century - except for showing her lower legs. And she’d said to me, “I’m waiting for the men”.

    I can’t be sure – it could even have been someone having a joke – but maybe I did see that famous ghost.

    I’m sure I didn’t know anything about the story of the pub when I visited it.

    My friends said they’d never seen the ghost, but that they’d experienced feeling someone invisible push and jostle them a lot, and prod them as if with a finger from where there was no one, and that they’d also heard her.

  • When we moved to Orkney my eldest was 2 and a bit (and spoke very well ). It's a small place where everyone knows your business, and the folk in the village often asked how we were getting on in the house, which was called Eastdam.
    Georgie immediately made an imaginary friend, Hannah . We would hear her chatting to her from her room, and she would ask us to set a place for her at the table. We started to hear stories about how the house had been for sale for years and no local folk would by it as it was reputed to be haunted.
    When we left, Georgie never spoke of Hannah, and when I realised after a week or so, I asked about her, and my now nearly 3 yr old said, don't be silly Hannah has to stay at Eastdam. .....she never had another imaginary friend before or since.
    Yes I know there are other explanations but I believe in spirit.

  • good luck Autumbelle! I guess we may see ghosts quite a lot of the time but just not realise it. Especially city dwellers, living amongst lots of people.

  • good luck Autumbelle! I guess we may see ghosts quite a lot of the time but just not realise it. Especially city dwellers, living amongst lots of people.

    I think you may be right there. I've been thinking about this a lot since this thread and I'm now thinking I've seen more than I realised and just didn't recognise them as such at the time. I'm keeping my eyes wide open in future.:eek::D

  • Never saw a ghost but went ghost hunting once with a lot of kids, there was an old derelict house in our town and we visited that one day. Never been so scared as we thought we heard a ghost in the house, do they come out during the day! So we ran and hid in one of the large rooms, I remember it had double doors, so we closed them and tied them shut with my dungarees, nice of others to use them!

  • I recently heard that the house my grandparents lived in, the one where I think I saw the ghost of my great grandma, has been sold again and that since my grandad died it's never been lived in for more than 18 months at a time because people keep seeing his ghost. Which feels a bit weird.