Hot water from vehicle's engine (via heat-exchanger)?

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  • I had a volvo 440 that had an electric pump and an extra set of pipes to aid cooling, something like that would be easily converted into a water heating system with a bit of extra pipework.

  • you could just use the rad out of a car heater, drop it in your water tank and feed it with stock rubber hoses T'ed off your existing heater hoses via a couple of valves in case you want to isolate it, they are however designed as water/air heat exchangers and do better with air blown through them.

    When i do it i'm going to get a load of copper pipe and make as many coils as will fit in my tank for maximum surface area and use stock plumbing fittings to let the water flow through them, im gonna fit rads as well so i can warm the truck while it driving, depending on how warm it makes things i may even not need the cab heater.

  • You're right, i did think about that, however if i'm living in the truck it should usually already be warm i reckon, I work part time doing outside work so i think when i get back to the truck i can leave my outside gear on drive the truck to were ever I am parking up which should warm the water and maybe the rads up allowing me to have a shower and change into normal clothes.

    if the cab is curtained off it will get bloody cold in there though I agree so undecided what i will do until i get it, would ideally like to fit curtains in the cab and insulate as much of it as possible to make it part of the living space so I can fit an extra bed across the seats for my daughter when she comes to stay.