i bought an LDV !!

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  • i always wanted to live the nomadic life, my job as a towercrane driver has taken me all over the UK, and also to Australia ( for three months anyway).
    I bought a small NISSAN VANETTE, it was cramped, the engine smoked,she was called Myvanwy, and she was mine. i got carpets, curtains, a camp bed and single gas cooker, i made shelves, painted her purple inside, and got her serviced.
    now off i went, from Shrewsbury to Scotland,Shropshire to Devon, she never let me down, apart from no heating, and it was approaching winter 2012...Oxford January -2 freezing and icicles on my wheel arches, i had to do something so i went to Go outdorrs and found they sold small consumer units and so i could get on a camp site and plug in...
    When i got to Sidmouth sadly she failed her MOT and the repairs would have cost so much it was not finacially viable, so i sold her for the ammount i paid for her a year earlier.
    Then a stroke of luck while staying in rented accomodation...i had a tax rebate and so bought my first LDV, her name is Bronwen...... while working i managed to fit her out, boarded,nice single bed and timbered from the site i was working on, insulated... and then living thr dream at alst i heard of a guy in Glastonbury who makes and fits logburners... so off i went, Graham not only designed the beautiful glass door with pentagram and ive leaves, he spent four hours, fitting the burner, boarding with fire board and 18mm ply, and fitting the chimney.. quite some work but so worth the expense...well here i am iin Blandford Forum, working and enjoying the warmth of my logburner...thanks for reading, blessings to you all

  • Hope you enjoy the van Terry. I drove loads of different LDV's back when I was gardening. They kept going on and on no matter what you through at them. They were always very loud and agricultural but that was part of their charm.

  • FPTTL..... Blandford Forum eh...lovely there...Near Larmer Tree Tardens which are delightful and hold one of the best festivals you could attend.
    Have fun you welsh-naming van man.

  • LDVs are the best :D Go forever as long as you don't thrash them. Loved mine x

  • LDV is a great choice, brilliant little vans. Pics needed please :D

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    i've been thinking i'm drinking too many drinks all by myself.
    I've been poking a voodoo doll that you do not know I made, for you, of you.

  • I must say that the
    LDV convoy makes a fantastic camper/live in, I moved up from one to a 7.2m long Merc 709, and 'though I love all the extra space I've now got I do miss the ease of parking and stealth that came with the LDV.
    Great vehicles. Pictures would be great, I'm always keen to see how other peoples vans evolve.

  • LDVs are the best :D Go forever as long as you don't thrash them. Loved mine x

    O M G ... the very mention of an LDV sets my jaw muscles tense - I bought one once, a 2000 model, and it spent more time broken down than driven. I was soooooo glad to get rid of it - guess it was one of them friday afternoon vans eh ..... I hope you didnt buy it ..... :p