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  • Straight to the point he does not sleep longer than two hours ever. Occasionally will have a small nap in the daytime. The thing is he is quite clearly tired, yawning, bags under his eyes and generally looks wasted. Been up since half four with him, he is tired but will be lucky to get him into bed before six this evening.

    have asked the doctor who told me to ask the health visitor, asked her yes well that wasn't very helpful.

    just at the end of our tethers, so any advice please...

  • Where does he sleep? Will he sleep in the car, sling, pushchair? Do you breast feed?

    I read that a period of quiet rest can be as good as a nap sometimes. Would he settle down and watch a film, read books etc?

    Being sleep deprived is awful. And an overtired toddler is even worse. X

  • Do you keep to a routinue? So he gets to know its sleepy time...and make sure he`s busy busy during the day to tire him out.
    Does he go down in his cot ok...or do you have to stay with him.
    Remember sleeping is a learning activity...I know yer think bairns sleep cos they are tired...and thats obvious eh.... but as parents we put the kids off to bed when we feel its "bedtime" eh.
    One of the best things we ever bought...was a really good sleeping bag... was worth its weight in gold that was.
    Theres no really easy specific answers ---and its all part of being a parent...stressful as it is eh.
    I wish you luck.

  • Routine is a little sporadic due to have problems with our 32 month old, if we go out nine times out of ten we have to come home as the older one really runs the show. So far today he has mauled the little ones face to the point it was bleeding.
    bedtime is normally the same he starts to get ready for bed around 6 pm where the two teenagers help out as well as my partner. It seriously takes the four of us to get anything to run smoothly.

    we have today bought a camera with night vision on and we are watching him on the screen, tonight I sent him to bed with some chamomile tea in the hope it might encourage him to relax. It took him roughly 10 minutes to get comfortable he was all over the place.

    Normally what happens now is he will wake up wanting a drink of some form every couple of hours now until he decides he wants to get up anytime after four. This can not be good for him.

  • If he`s somehow got into a negative association of sleep...yer gonna have to reverse it. I know its easy to say...but it really shouldnt be taking your full tribe to get the bairn off to bed!!! :rolleyes:
    In terms of association... are you doing the same things to get him to learn that it is bed time...and that when he goes into his cot---he feels safe and warm etc.
    How about massage? have yer tried baby massage... Hendrix would coo and coo when we massaged him.
    Obviously, the sibling rivallry might be the biggest factor too.
    Darkness.... kids who as they get older start saying... "I`m afraid of the dark"... they associate with this cos they see mam leaving the room and it becoming dark... so we always either went in the room already darkened...or made it dark and stayed in for a bit...pottering round etc so the bairns never associated to this darky darky thing.
    Never had any trouble with that.
    I remember with King Lar...god --he was an absolute doddle as a bairn... would just go strasight up...we read stories etc...and off he`d go.
    Was a bit different with hendrix...cos there was more "going on" ie larmer was having a bath too etc...bit like your scenario.
    I suppose we were strict.... and didnt give in easily in terms of rushing in if we heard a cry etc.
    Its flipping hard...same as they didnt really have dummies much...people would say "Oooo you`re lucky" err...NO... we frigging had to work hard to get to that state of affairs!
    Being a parent is a very individual thing...we can learn different techniques etc and a lot of issues are very common eh..but ultimately its down to you.
    All the other things going on in your life all have an impact on how you parent...and god its a stressful time of your life.
    All I can say really ...and from experience..... this stuff does move on (albeit to be replaced with other shite!!)..scany consolation for you now i know...but take heart.

  • Right...well. My suggestion therefore is.... WHISKY.... introduced into his milk before bedtime. This will def knock the blighter out for more than 2 hours... and when he gets used to it...increase the dose.
    Thats all I can muster up tonight i`m afraid....

  • do you give him a drink every time he wakes? of milk or water?
    do you co sleep or is he in his own room?

    Sleeps next to me, there is no spare room as I have my two teenagers and Karl's daughter in one room and then Xavs in the box room which is only big enough for a bed.
    i alternate the drinks between milk and juice. He is still quite reliant on milk as it has been only the last couple of days that he has started on finger food, he just would not touch it before.

  • well my advice would be stop the drinks between 10pm and 6am. he doesn't need them at all.
    does he have a comforter? a teddy, a dodie, a blankie?
    also, who is waking up every 2 hours?

  • Little man wakes every 2 hours for a drink and screams until he gets it. I don't give it to him the rest of the house is up. The neighbours aren't happy either terraced house thin walls etc...he also leans over and starts pulling my hair.

  • wow. This: had friends many years ago...we didnt go out with them much---anyway, we`d arranged a night out--I was driving, went to pick them up.
    Mate answered the door...we had to go in cos the bairn wasn`t asleep.
    Turns out his wife had to go to bed and lay with the bairn every night before she would sleep/settle... the kid was nine years old!!!
    Now , obviously---in whatever position yer in,socially etc...yer just got to get on with it, I know... but O LORDY MAMA.... sorry like---but yer making a massive rod for yer own back by having him next to you.
    This he`s going to see as "the norm"... so its gonna be almost impossible to stop. The drink thing... he doesnt need it does he...doesnt need it. So.... why might this be happening...something is triggering it eh. But what could it be?
    Have you considered asking for some professional help?
    Christ... I can just see you now.... 01:05am measuring a tot of whisky out...then next week telling Social Services... "It was that Den off UkHippies...he told me to do it"
    Hells Flame...I`m in enough shite already...

  • Oooooh epona, i feel your pain! My youngest (a boy...) was an every two hour sleeper as a tot, i had an older one who luckily slept thru or i think i wouldnt be here now! I was still bf the boy at 18 months and during the night when he woke crying for milk i realised it was comfort thing rather than thirst.. i offered him water and nothing else, he soon twigged and gave in. He co slept with me till he was 2 and a bit and this helped alot It made him feel secure and was easier for me too ie not having to get up myself to deal with him! In terms of getting him to sleep i bf and story which did the trick most times and being consistant with what happens when he did wake seemed to sort it out. I tell you what, its just as well theyre cute and you love them to bits isnt it...!

    Good luck.

  • i think the way to look at the constant waking is as a symptom rather than the problem itself. i have a friend in a similar position, her 1 yr old waking hourly. all the advice given is let her scream, stop giving her milk when she wakes etc. It turned out, she had a lot of food intolerances and painful digestion.
    personally i would say don't focus on changing what you're doing during the night wakes. as you will most likely be too tired (and therefore more stressed if you're anything like me lol) to deal with screaming etc., he will be too exhausted to learn anything, and as you said there are other children in the house.
    other things i can think of that might cause regular waking are, not getting enough food in the day/over-reliant on filling up on milk at night. he could genuinely be a very light sleeper/affected by small noises and the lights when he is in the lighter part of the sleep cycle. it could be pain related - Erin wakes up much more regularly when teething, or ill. different children respond differently to pain. or it could be stress related. i wake up more needing to drink when i am stressed.
    for early waking, it could be light related, have you tried a blackout blind. or it might just be time to push bedtime a bit later. Erin's bedtime got to 9pm cos we didn't want her waking stupid o clock. it's gone back to 7pm now she's dropped a nap though :)
    food for thought anyway. sounds like you've got your hands full. but he looks lovely, and happy too :)

    we reenact Noah's ancient drama, but in reverse, like a film running backwards, the animals exiting

  • With all my other three children I used to give them a rusk in their bottle before bed, I never did this with Emrys as he used to have gaviscon in his bottle for reflux. So last night I thought I would try it, he only bloody slept seven and half hours!!! :) fingers crossed it will work again.

  • With all my other three children I used to give them a rusk in their bottle before bed, I never did this with Emrys as he used to have gaviscon in his bottle for reflux. So last night I thought I would try it, he only bloody slept seven and half hours!!! :) fingers crossed it will work again.

    ah wicked news hun!!