gas bottles in Europe

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  • Not sure if I should have posted this here or in the globetrotting forum, please forgive me if I have it wrong :S

    We are about to embark on a winter trip through europe to Turkey in our posh new van. All kitted up, 2 6kg propane bottles - and the thought occurred about Calor bottles abroad...

    Can anybody tell us what the deal is? is it possible to exchange calor bottles in Europe, if not how have people managed when travelling through different countries? Are the regulators a standard size?

    Any advice at all appreciated!


    Steve & Dawn

  • The regs and bottles are different in some parts of Europe eg spain. Don't know if they will exchange one type of bottle for another in other Countries. You will need a different regulator or refill nozzle if that's your system set up. Contact a LPG supplier here for info on Country you intend to visit and see if they have a exchange. Regulators are often for sale on ebay seconhand.

  • Hi Steve and Dawn,

    You probably won't run out of gas in France as it's not far from the UK but check with other countries too because here the gas bottles aren't the same.:(

    Maybe make yourselves a little rocket stove for the journey to use for cooking ?

    Have a great trip.

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    Ooops crossed post....

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  • Hi Steve and Dawn

    Every country is different with bottles and regulators the only one eurowide is camping gaz which is expensive what are you using the gas for cooking or heating as heating a van in winter will use about 13kg gas a week a good place to obtain local bottles is a car boot sale, the only correct way is to fit a refillable bottle like Gaslow or others about £300 fitted but you can fill up at any LPG garage in europe .

    Enjoy your trip


  • Hi, I'm in the process of having a single Alugas 11kg refillable system fitted to my Hymer......Cost=£346........It sounds a lot but if you use a lot of gas either fulltiming or travelling abroad for months then it makes sense as the price of refillable gas is about half the price of using prefilled bottles....and you can always take the system from van to van when you change your van.

  • How long is your trip for? we live full time in our caravan and before we put the wood burner in a 6kg bottle lasted us over a month, thats using the gas hob every day and a bit of heating, so two bottles should last a while.

  • 4.5kg lasts me 1.5 months - this is just for cooking and lots of coffee.
    If I use it for heating too I get about a month or just under.

    At times, this is subsidised with electric heating as well.

  • Hi everybody and thank you so much for all the replies!

    We are leaving in the next 3 weeks or so, coming back in April. We are using gas for cooking, heating, hot water and ru nning the fridge when solar isn't enough.

    Hadn't realised that the gaslow / LPG was an option, will investigate that some more. Seems more convenient & will pay for itself in the long (very long??) run...

  • I'd hope the temperature won't get that low in Turkey! unless they're going waaaay up in the mountains!

    Dawn lived in Goreme for over 20 years - 40 deg in summer, -25 in winter. We are heading south coast,assuming we get there! Plans & us don't seem to mix very well, I'm pleased to say... Chasing the blue bits of sky is what we are good at :)

  • We have a single Alugas re-fillable cylinder (as others have said it's lighter and cheaper than Gaslow) and a Calor Lite when in the UK. We spend half the year in France and use a "Le Cube" cylinder when over there. I have a pigtail with regulator for this that came "free" with the cube when bought at a supermarket. After that it's a simple exchange as in the UK and with the seperate pigtails it's an easy swapover between the two types.

    Rather than have two re-fillable cylinders we find this the best of both worlds, the re-fillable is great when travelling as can easily be topped up when LPG is available, if we stay put for a time then the exchange cylinders are more convenient as we can get gas without moving the van.

  • So we fitted a single gsslow cylinder, excellent - apart from the bigger fuel stations in Italy. Seems that the consider it dangerous to use LPG for cooking... And this from a country where people refuel cars whilst smoking!
    Smaller stations in the north were OK and a station off the motorway near Brindisi gave us no problem.
    Rest of Europe is fine. It will take a while to recoup the costs but the convenience makes it worth every penny, especially here in Turkey where almost every petrol station sells LPG.

  • Am currently installing the kitchen unit in my own build, and have been considering the size of gas bottle to use. The Camping Gaz 907 - 2.4kg - looks handy as I'll only use it for the hob, but as I haven't an exchange cylinder the local shop wants 46 euro (I live in Ireland) for the bottle, plus another 26 for the gas inside! Not amused, as the 14 kg ones I use for my house stove cost around 30 euro for a refill, scarcely more than Camping Gaz charge for 2.4 kg!

    I don't really want to use a 14kg cylinder in the van because of it's size, but I hate being ripped off. I can't afford a refillable cylinder, in any case LPG is rare in Ireland.

    Any ideas anyone? I plan to fit a woodburner but can't see me cooking on it.

  • I just noticed this device on ebay and as a mainly UK traveller am intrigued. I'm wondering if anyone knows anything about it? It seems to be an adaptor whereby when you need to refill your Calor Gas cylinder, instead of going through the usual exchange procedure, you simply temporarily unscrew your regulator from the cylinder and screw this item in, refill at an ordinary filling station that sells LPG, then remove the device and re-fit your regulator.
    It really suits me not just because of the lower cost of LPG gas at a filling station but also because I designed and built my conversion with space only for a little 4.5kg propane tank, not much more than 14" tall.
    If I was able to use this much cheaper gas I could fire up my fridge more often, because as it is the greedy thing uses up a 4.5kg bottle in around 10 days, whereas just cooking and a bit of heating usually allows me much much longer from a bottle.
    As a complete virgin with this sort of thing does anyone have any comments, warnings, criticism, praise etc of it? Thank you, Dave Lionheart.…ories&hash=item2a359a0dfa

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  • I can see your thinking, that would save a fortune. Calor gas bottles dont have the 80% cut out thing to stop overfilling, what happens if you overfill them? By law you can only fill lpg tanks from outside the vehicle ie with a fuel filler cap so it would need an extension. If you go for it be sure and let us know how it goes

  • Ive been thinking about this most of the afternoon, to make it work you would need to carry two bottles. One empty and the other in use, filling one when the other is low.
    It would also need to be fixed in place, with the filler outside. Therefore it needs to be extended probably with a gasflow (i think thats the name) hose of some kind so that you can legaly fill up your bottles, the petrol stations just wont switch the pump on if they see you trying to fill a bottle. Then heres the quiestion of saftey, what happens if you overfill the bottle? Do you just get an uncontrolable flame untill it gets down to the right pressure? Or will it be worse than that, could it explode?
    Once fitted theres adaptors that let you turn the uk filling point into european ones, there about £30 for the set.
    Recon if the threads match up this is the kind of hose that would be needed,
    The benefit of buying a proper refillable bottle is that they can be filled at any time no mater how full or empty but they cost real money

  • Hmmm, the LPG suppliers seem to take the filling of cylinders from their forecourts seriously all right. While most people would be sensible enough to calculate what 80% of their cylinder volume is, there will of course always be one who fills it to the top. I'd say a flare up would be the most likely event, as when you tilt a gas blowlamp. Turning the burner off with the usual knob would stop it, but it would be a bit hair raising, if not hair singeing, to say the least.

    I've been thinking on and off about charging a small cylinder from a larger one, where the gas is cheap enough. You'd need to modify both regulators so that they didn't regulate, just allow the passage of gas at full pressure, and an compressed airline pipe, with crimped fittings. And even then how do you know whether it's gas or liquid passing through? Nope, messing about with compressed inflammable gas like that sounds like something done to qualify for a Darwin award.