LDV Convoy Minibus conversion for sale

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  • Having just spent a month wandering round France in Bob, our beloved camper, we’ve agreed that she is too small for 3 people to live in on a long term basis so it’s time to let her go to another loving home.

    We bought her 2 years ago as a partially kitted out camper which wasn’t as we liked it so we literally took it all out and started from scratch. She is now properly insulated and the roof lined with hardboard with felt on top. There is a permanent double (1.35m wide) bed at the back with a futon mattress, 3-way fridge (12v, 240v or gas), sink & cooker. Two removable water tanks provide just under 50 litres of water to the electric tap.

    On one side there is a bench seat with storage underneath which doubles as a bed for small people. There are cupboards under the sink & cooker, high level cupboards over the foot of the bed and over the bench seat and a large one over the cab area. The high level cupboards are made from tongue & groove. The cooker / sink unit is made from ply. The bench seat fascia and fridge cabinet is made from old tongue & groove floorboards which came from our house. All the wood is stained & varnished.

    The numerous LED lights (reading lights over the bed as well as general lights, small lights over the sink, an LED strip outside for when sitting under the attached Fiamma sunshade and the two ‘cigar lighter’ sockets are fed from a 230 amp leisure battery which in turn is fed by two solar panels (160W total) on the roof. I have also fitted a fusebox at the front which is fed by the leisure battery (and, obviously, the solar panels!). There is a 600W, 240v invertor (so you can watch TV or charge a laptop) and a 240v set up protected by RCCB. The remote control stereo, which is fed from the leisure circuit so as not to drain the starter battery, has CD, USB and Aux line inputs and supplies sound to the door speakers as well as two speakers in the rear. Excellent sound quality.

    There is a skylight fitted and, as mentioned, a 4.5m Fiamma sunshade which unfurls form the side of the van to provide protection from the sun and keep a dry area during rain. Swivel seats in the front are very comfortable and add extra space.

    The engine is a 2500CC diesel Peugeot EN55 (not turbo) which has done approx. 77000 miles. As well as a full engine service in July this year a new clutch was fitted along with new shock absorbers all round. I have replaced the starter battery, pre-heater relay & fan belts amongst other things as a part of the regular maintenance. Keeping the speed down helps to achieve an overall average of 26 – 27 MPG though I did get 28-29 on long runs in France recently. New front brake calipers & pads were fitted to both sides early this year.

    Body work is average for a vehicle of this age (1997), a few scratches & dents. She has been undersealed previously but would benefit from either recoating or, as was on my winter list, a good coat of waxoil underneath. A few dents around the place, one of the rear doors has a dent but still closes easily & securely.

    On the down side, she does have the built-in LDV cab leak and she looks a little tatty on the front where I’ve tried seal round the windscreen but I think the only way is to replace the windscreen seal. Like all vans of this age maintenance is an ongoing project. When I first stripped the interior I found some rust which I dealt with and, as time goes on, I’m sure more will need to be done. There are a few cracks in plastic here & there, a couple of drill holes in the dash plastic where things have been tried & removed.

    Bad bits:

    Slight leak in cab
    Underseal needs re-coat
    Body dents
    Rust needs to be monitored

    Good bits:

    Long MOT
    New clutch
    New shock absorbers
    Recent front brake calipers & pads
    Recent starter battery
    6 good tyres (plus good spare)
    Recent Fiamma 4 metre sunshade
    Plenty of storage space
    Blackout curtains made to measure
    160w Solar panels
    230AH leisure battery
    60w Invertor
    240v feed & cable.
    3-way fridge (12v, 240v, gas)
    Lots of LED lights (low power usage)
    Swivel seats in front
    Comfy bed

    Registered with DVLA as a motorhome, LDV Convoy D400 Minibus weighed in at 2700kg at the last MOT though the log book says 3500kg. Tax until 31 December 2013, MOT until 1 July 2014. We reckon we’ve spent over £7000 to get her this far, make us an offer around £4300 and she’s yours! Contact us via PM...

    PS None of the personal effects (guitar, games, Turkish rug cushions, coffee jars, ornaments, etc) shown in the photos are included in the sale.





  • Thanks :)

    Been no takers so am about to remove the solar to put on our new van (bought a grown-up one, the ones that I always asid I never would but we got a good deal on one which has a layout that suits. Now busy trying to make the inside nicer... and fitting solar, bigger batteries, etc...)