How to tether

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  • Hi i wonder if anyone here can advise me... i have a lap top now, its running windows 8 and i want to know how i can tether my mobile phone to it. I have a samsung galaxy note android thingy on o2. Do i just download an app or is it going to be grief? If its too much hassle i will just get a dongle but dont want to pay for that if i can just use the data on my o2 contract. Would be v grateful for any help on this. Thanks x

  • I have a Note 2 too.

    Firstly you need to check if your contract allows it. I'm on Three with unlimited data/tethering, but I think O2 are a bit more strict. When I was tethering a lot I could get through a gig of data a day - if you're limited you need to take care or face huge bills!

    Anyway. if it does you need to go to SETTINGS -> MORE SETTINGS --> TETHERING AND PORTABLE HOTSPOT and then choose your option.

    Once you've configured it there are a couple of free "hotspot toggle" widgets on the Play Store that'll allow you to stick an on/off switch on your home screen.

  • Thanks paul, and thanks for the heads up re tethering eating up your data - have had the note for two months and it canes my data. I always end up having to top it up and its an old note so not capable of too much... i will look into wether my contract allows it and maybe consider just getting another pay as you go dongle. I lost the last one plus the computer somehow decided to reject it suddenly for some reason.. bit harsh! not sure about this windows 8 thingy. I cant seem to get my head around it..

  • I'm on that very giffgaff tariff, and they won't allow tethering... they just added some new algorithms to the detection systems, and it is not worth the hassle trying now. I used to do it occasionally, and as long as you didn't take the piss you was alright.

  • Oh shame, that could have been a goer. Have just attempted the instructions paul gave me and it actually worked... for about 10 mins. Then i spent an hour trying to figure out why... gave up eventually. Got a lovely lap top just sitting here not being used... frustrating a bit really.