Crazy about Glastonbury/Tor

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  • lucky you. I live in France, around Paris and can't go as often i would like. TRy to go once or two in a year but would love to live there ^^ Looking for new friends with the same love and understanding of this town and people than me ^^

  • Haven't been to Glastonbury for a while. I don't drive so it's a train/bus job for me. Really want to visit the Chalice Well sometime....trouble is I usually spend some money at Glastonbury.

  • Same for me lol. I don't have my driving licens but it's my goal of this year lol. It's a budget cause im in France but it worth it :wub:

    Chalice well is so peacefull and beautiful but my fave place is Tor during the night.

  • I used to spend a lot of time up the tour in the nineties when I lived in the little village of stoke st gregory out on the levels. I slept up there on a few occasions and banged my djembi there on many,however more often than anything else,I just meditated and contemplated.

    I left the tor oh so often feeling enlightened,but have never been sure if that was the tor in particular,or just being at a higher altitude with a great view of mother earth.

    I like glastonbury very much too; xx

  • Well, for me it's the place, the people and all the positives energies I can feel there. You're right, it's a beautifull gift from Mother Earth and the Univers. I feel like home there and feel like a stranger where i live. Well, in fact i feel more like an english/celtic soul than french.

  • oh la la a franco,celtic,saxon pourquoi pas :whistle: Its not where you come from,but who you are that counts :thumbup:

    There are good and bad everywhere,il y a les bonnes et les cons partout

  • live about 15 miles away and visit fairly often :) been up the Tor a few times over the last few years and was at the white well last week and at the chalice well gardens a month or so ago for a birth workshop. I have been visiting glasto since i was a little girl and seen the town go through much change...not all for the good...glasto draws people who are lost and feel at home and this quality draws in people at all stages of spiritual development. Some people make an awful lot of money out of less discerning and more desperate souls sadly. I wouldn't live there ever, tis too full on a place energetically but i love to flit in and out often :) i have friends on the hill and find it lots more relaxing up there, than down the hill.

  • I understand and you're right, it's also a business but when you're in the town, you really feel the good energy, i guess especially when you live in a busy town (i live near Paris, so it mean a lot of polution, busy and mad people, a lot of negativity...)

  • i have just come back from a mini road trip where we stopped by glasto....have been itching to go there for ages and i'm so glad i finally did. the energy was AMAZING!!!!! i went into the goddess temple while i was there and came out feeling so grounded and peaceful. Only just back in brum and I'm already trying to work out when i can go back down ( was really sad that we had to miss the lammas celebrations going on there today :-( )

  • For some reason the very mention of Glastonbury makes the hairs on the back of my neck prickle - I've not been up the Tor for ages but love the abbey....must make a visit again soon....:hippy:

  • My wife and I visited in August this year, both walked up the tor after visiting the orchard..... I felt energised so energised, however my wife Vicky felt so calm and relaxed.


  • hello again all :) been to Glaston end of September this year. Can't wait to go back again ^^ normally if everything is alright it'll be next April. Will be god to met some of you there :)

  • I was there earlier this year (not been before)...... wow-wee. The flippin power of the whole place.
    I could see so many colours...and ever so bright. Theres def something about that place. Love it.

  • the whole of the county of somerset buzzes ... Glastonbury sort of concentrates it all... Energy leys converging and spiralling if you dig that kind of theory :) would be up for a glastonbury hippy get together sometime :D the museum of rural life is a brilliant place to meet and look easily walkable from there, as is the chalice and white wells and Tor....parking plentiful and cheap and museum is free with a gorgeous tythe barn, much local history and a wonderful old varieties orchard too :)

  • I live just down the road from Glastonbury, I used to visit when I was young wandering hippy, never thought for a second then it would be where I do me shopping every week :) Its a strange little town with strange things and full of strange people, i never fail to smile when everyday from somewhere, I can see the Tor :)

  • That is so true, after a particularly horrid break up from my wife , I decided to get away a clear my head , from where I live I headed west, for no apparent reason. I eventually I saw a sign for Glastonbury , Only due to the festival I had heard of the name, and decided to stop over That one visit changed everything , I met an American lady who gave me a book to read “The Celestine Prophecy” which I took up to the Tor to read .
    Once there I was in awe of it , I sat down with a flask and continued to read this adventure story, I thought I had spent an hour there in fact I was up there for over four hours , to this day I do not understand ?
    My stop over lasted for four days I fell in love with Chalice Wells & accepted a more spiritual path , which for the last eight years has given me so much comfort.
    Every year I return at least twice and it brings me nothing but joy

  • I finally went to visit Glastonbury and though i liked it i don`t see it as somewhere i`d want to stay for any longer than a few hours really. The town itself was pretty and had a nice vibe but it seems to be at saturation point with hippy shops that all sell exactly the same sort of very expensive clothing and assorted tat.

    The abbey looked beautiful from what i could see through the big fence but i wasn`t willing to pay the £6/£7 to walk around it. I don`t really do the spiritual thing so i wasn`t expecting any great revelations from the Tor but it was a nice walk and the views were pretty amazing from the top. All in all i think Stroud does the hippy thing better and doesn`t need to try as hard but i still had a nice time :)

  • Well you beat me to it, i was in glastonbury this morning, well just driving through and was going to start a thread asking other peoples experience's there. Because for me the Tor is awesome, i first fell in love with it during a day visit, I have major problems with being able to relax even if am am sitting down my mind is racing with loads of thoughts, i have never been able to meditate and very rarely just stop! but on visiting the Tor and especially the Chalice Well gardens i have never felt anything like it, i actually relaxed, felt very chilled out and dare i say it felt all warm and fuzzy, can't wait to visit again soon because the whole place feels very homely and comfortable to me, and i will be there either this weekend or the next!

  • Glastonbury doesn't really do much for me.....been there quite a few times, to sit in the gardens, but it can very un-peaceful due to it being a popular peaceful retreat..The Tor is a nice walk, and to sit and admire the surrounding countryside, when the winds let up....Only started going there because used to do the festival.....Nice bus ride from Bristol though, and Wells is a nice little town.on the way....and I can be quite a spiritual person, but more so in a more peaceful part of the countryside...