Meditation experiences

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  • Wondering if anyone has had any ' spiritual experiences' during meditation practise or due to regular practise and would like to share. Thanks very much.

  • lots and lots, everytime i meditate it is a journey and always very insightful :heart: i try to meditate for at least 5-10mins a day and do longer distance healing meditations that last half an hour to an hour on a weekly basis...i connect with my higher self and universal infinite consciousness and energy in it's various forms during healing work and also love tapping in to earth, lunar, solar and stellar energies and just recently been experimenting with connecting with tree energy which is lush, very steady and calm, incredibly grounding. Meditation is such an amazing way to spend time :)

  • I've often seen my parents and other relatives who've passed on when I've meditated. Always been good experiences once I got over the initial "What 's going on ?" bit.
    Other than that there's been all sorts of stuff going on........usually good,ocassionaly a little worrying,warning perhaps

  • yes, ihad one where i felt that my consiousness was gradually becomeing less dependant on my body, it expanded, and i got a sense of the whole universe, with all its different manifestations, as part of one huge vibrating whole, budding forth as plants and people and stars and planets. a sense of unity, diversity and magic all rolled ionto one. i've also had lots of interesting experiences relating to my breath, and seeing just how cluttered with rubbish my mind is, so many thoughts, all the time.

    Turned on, tuned in, loved up, trippin out, freaky on the outside, shiny in the middle.

  • I find myself becoming way more compassionate and I develop a much deeper connection with the Earth and us as one. I usually practice for 30 minutes or more a day doing 10 minutes of a body scan and then into a mindfullness of breathing or love and kindness.

  • A few months after I first started mediating I used to see beautiful lights and patterns all the time, it was very calming.

    After that I started to see a sort of Black and White tunnel and could feel myself being sucked down it. This in turn was followed by extreme sadness, especially as I let go more and more.

    For the last few months my mediation has been a bit stagnant in comparison, but I still do it every day.

    Om namah shivaya.


  • I just fall asleep! That's what happened today, anyway. How are people meditating, exactly?? I was just trying to concentrate on my breathing. I find it really difficult to stop thoughts creeping in whilst doing so.

  • In the Buddhist texts it talks about the first step being to quiet the ocean of the mind. Instead of many small thought 'waves', create less frequent larger waves. This is where the breathing comes in. The breathing technique is your 'big slow wave'. When you concentrate on breathing in, then breathing out, there is less room for the thousands of small unimportant thoughts.

    There are so many Buddhist, yogic, etc places in the UK that you'll probably find you live close to one. Plenty of them offer beginners guided meditation at lunch times or evenings. Give it a go!


    I have been thinking more and more lately about how Buddhism seems so tranquil, so intellectually advanced and rational.
    I'm not sure whether meditation is an integral pat of Buddhism, or vice versa, or if it is related at all, but today I lay down and tried meditating. I can't sit up to do it due to back pain, but after listening to a Youtube video on meditation I continued with the relaxation after it had finished, and gradually as I wound down and down I found myself in an almost trance-like state. It was blissful, and more perfect than I had ever imagined being awake can be. I can only compare it to that delightful feeling of being newly in love (but without the worry!). Other than that I can compare it to the time I was having accupuncture for my back pain, and although it didn't affect the pain it certainly DID put me into a state of utter, wonderful relaxation.
    Anyway, I was content to stay like it for hours, but after some while opened my eyes to check that I hadn't died or vanished.
    I decided after about half an hour to 'come round' as it were, and see how I felt after this experience, as I've never meditated or known how it should feel.
    I have to say I felt wonderful - still do an hour later on - and am so looking forward to experiencing it again.
    I'm not sure if what I did was called 'meditating', but if it is then I'm hooked. I need to find out more about this, and I feel like I'm at the dawn of an awakening that will bring a lot of contentment.
    My question is, can anyone more experienced than I tell me if I have been meditating, or was I just in a wonderful state of relaxation, or self-hypnosis? I have no idea!
    Will certainly be doing this again, although right now I feel very calmed, refreshed and at peace with everything, and seem to have distanced myself from silly worldly irritations and worries. I actually laughed out loud, something I rarely do, at the feeling of contentment I am enjoying.
    So hoping someone can tell me what just happened!
    Love to you all, Dave.

    Not a shred of evidence exists in favor of the idea that life is meant to be serious.

  • that was a joy to read Dave :D does it matter what it's called? :) you entered a state of pure bliss, relaxation and contentment...i'd say you've got it nailled ;) whatever 'it' was that you did :) i love listening to guided meditations through headphones and there is some lovely meditation music around online for free listening :) youtube is great for guided meditations...i did a gorgeous one the other evening that was a dna reactivation all to do with sacred geometry and it was powerful stuff :) our bodies and brains are truly amazing :D human beings are capable of SO much awesomeness ... Inner space is a great place to explore :D

  • for those of you struggling.... Try these things:

    doodle... Doodling is one of the most effective ways to shut down your neocortex and allow the hypothalmus to wake up. It also induces a Theta state of consciousness which is the brain state associated with meditation. The hypothalmus secretes lovely cocktails of feel good hormones and chemicals. Doodling is a really effective way to meditate.

    Stare at a candle gives you something to focus on whilst listening to your breathing.

    Try a guided your imagination something to grasp and focus on and makes meditating a lot easier if you have a noisy chattering mind.

  • that was a joy to read Dave :D does it matter what it's called? :) you entered a state of pure bliss, relaxation and contentment...i'd say you've got it nailled ;) whatever 'it' was that you did :) i love listening to guided meditations through headphones and there is some lovely meditation music around online for free listening :) youtube is great for guided meditations...i did a gorgeous one the other evening that was a dna reactivation all to do with sacred geometry and it was powerful stuff :) our bodies and brains are truly amazing :D human beings are capable of SO much awesomeness ... Inner space is a great place to explore :D

    Thank you so much Sarah, what a lovely day it's proving to be!
    I've often thought that the largest single entity in the universe is the human mind, though it's difficult to measure it. There really are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in man's philosophy, so it seems a shame to waste it worrying about anything.
    Anyway, thank you so much for your help, and I loved reading about the different accompaniments we can use to arrive in different states. Your description of a 'chattering mind' is certainly true in my case, and I'd previously thought it might preclude me from enjoying any kind of self-induced 'other' state. The headphones idea is great.
    Staring is enormously enjoyable and I have long thought that time spent staring is not counted against your allotted time here. It's free! The chappie who wrote "What is this life, if full of care, we have no time to stand and stare?" was bang on.

    Not a shred of evidence exists in favor of the idea that life is meant to be serious.

  • Hi Dave, I used to meditate in the same way as you, and found it a restful, peaceful and joyful experience. I have been attending Buddhist meditation recently and it is much more focused, it can be almost hard work at times, but it is still helpful. It allows thought, feelings and situations to come and go, a bit like clouds floating in and out of our consiousness. It helps us to accept that there are problems and issues, but we remain who we are, they don't have to define us, they can just be. I'm not sure I have a full grasp of it yet as I'm still learning, but I have found it a worthwhile experience.

  • One thing with meditating, to really get the benefits is doing it on a consistant basis, so 5 to 10 minutes a day consistantly; you will notice the benefits a lot more than if you were doing one half an hour to 40 minute sessions once a week. Also having a few (less meditations) to focus on instead of looking around trying loads of different meditations (its like shopping around and things can become too external), I do three meditations, mindfulness of breathing, love and kindness and a body awareness that happens before the first two I mentioned. Mindfulness is about being in the now and love and kindness is about cultivating positive emotion towards yourself and others (positive thought patterns). Here is some further explanation In these last couple of months I have been really much more focused spiritually with yoga and meditation and the effects are amazing, very much like being on MDMA at times, feeling a sense of oneness. Being in the present (being very focused on) can have amazing effects, things become a lot more profound.

  • I've only got into meditation in the last few months, but for the time that I have been practising I've found that I've had many spiritual experiences - epiphanies you might say.
    At first I could only liken the experiences to those I'd had on acid as it was the only thing that was remotely like it.
    I always have very peaceful and joyful experiences, where I shed more light on my own and others' way of being, and how it all fits together. It certainly made me a lot more self aware and a lot more aware in general.

  • I've been meditating for a about a year, and I tend to lose all sense of place and I feel like I'm really high up. If find it easier to let my thoughts run for awhile rather than force them to stop. Focusing on breathing is key to reaching a completely relaxed state. Last night I had a lovely vision of the world wrapped in vines and the vines being like our veins only giving us energy rather than blood. I was immersed into the vines and it felt very refreshing.

  • "If find it easier to let my thoughts run for awhile rather than force them to stop."

    Thats the ticket...

    Recently got back into it as a tool for stress relief as opposed to spiritual practice. Although sometimes interesting things manifest nonetheless. Mainly enjoying the space and emptiness of consciousness and the calm/equilibrium it brings.

    When I was bang into it years ago I have some fairly deep experiences. Long story short experiencing perceiver and perceived as one and the same interdependent phenomena. It seems to me that consciousness is not necessarily confined to dwelling inside the body. It seems to be part of the entire fabric of our experience with what we seem to believe as the inside and outside.

    For spiritual goals it can be easy to become lost with meditation without an experienced guide. However this may bring faith into the equation be it Hindu or Buddhist from where mediation seems to arise. Without some road map there will be challenges this is why I stopped for quite a while.

    I often think mediation is best practiced without expectation... let it be what it brings.

    And a tip born of experience is to not mistake a meditation technique for the meditation itself.

  • Once I meditated to some Indigo Child track and as I relaxed into the calm feeling of feeling my body's energy flow through all my chakras my whole body began to shake uncontrollably and I was still in that transcendent state so I accepted it to see what would happen. After a while of shaking, I see with my third eye these angels all around me guiding me upwards so I follow, kind of apprehensive but trusting all the same. As I let them guide me I see my body below surrounded by more angels and I enter these colourful dimension where in that instant I knew everything and understood everything about the Universe and everything was okay. However I started to want to get back into my body, and so I slowly drifted back in..the track had stopped playing ages ago and I took a while to get used to being back in my body again so I walked around kind of freaked out that I would leave Earth again accidentally. My mum helped me through that and got me to get grounded again.
    Anyways, I didn't take any drugs/medication back then so it was all incidental. I was a very dreamy, spacey 15 year old so it wasn't exactly unexpected. Still crazy though.

  • I have meditated on and off for decades....I've had days when I've meditated for 12 hours and thought it was only minutes....I've felt massive amounts of energy in my body....Peaceful is what I aim for...a nice calm peacefulness emptyness...but nowadays my mind is so cluttered that I get a lot of noise which is's how I am at the moment.....I have varying experiences depending on where I'm meditating (outside/inside), what I've been eating, exercise , and how much interaction I've had with people or technology.....I am generally at peace when in a tent with the rain hitting the tent....but that's just me.......I cannot get much from meditating in a group environment like a lot of people can....but I am more comfortable alone.....

  • I've had periods of my life where I meditate every day. Right now I haven't done it in a few months, but I have no good reason. I really should get back into it.

    I tried kundalini meditation for a while, which was... interesting. Powerful. It's a form of meditation that involves very fast breathing, almost hyperventilation, and I found it took me to some very deep places. But I came to find those places unpleasant. I think the idea behind kundalini is that it's about uncoiling a serpent at the base of your spine, and as someone who was raised as a Christian and for whom those ideas still have some hold, the imagery and symbolism of the serpent led to the feeling that I was dealing with something dark.

    These days when I meditate, it's more of a Zen or mindfulness style meditation, simply aiming to empty the mind of thoughts and to be. And I find this form of meditation genuinely leads to a very deep peace and happiness, somehow amplified when you're doing it with others.

    Meditation in general has taught me that we choose our thoughts and emotions; if we don't like them, we have the power not to let them into our heads. This, I think, is a very valuable lesson. I've also been to a Tibetan buddhist centre where they begin with this mindfulness approach but then move on to a more focused meditation aiming to focus one's attention on some aspect of Buddhist doctrine or some virtue we're seeking to develop. I think this approach makes sense: if we can learn to block out negative thoughts and feelings, then isn't it just as important to learn to let in positive thoughts and feelings that make us kinder, wiser, braver, more compassionate people?

  • Yep New Years resolution is to meditate every day. Only managing 10 minute sessions twice a day at the moment, but want to get into the habit of daily meditation. Not sure if I want to experience anything too freaky, maybe what has put me off in the past.

    As Marlow has said, I just want to have greater control of my daily thoughts and push out the negatives. Last year I spent too long dwelling on negative stuff people had said or done. Don't want that anymore. Just want to let go of all of it all and live free. Surrounding myself with positive people and thoughts.


  • I`m hoping to get my allotment this year, but I don`t want it just to grow veg, I`m going to use it for meditation in the tranquil surroundings, I`m also going to use my man shed as a studio to paint in, pure escapism I know but I cant wait.

  • Today was my first successful meditation. I call it successful because I got through a 12 minute guided audio, and never once stopped to think this is taking too long.

    Thoughts popped into my mind, but I gently let them drift off. I seem to visualise a tide coming in an out with each breath and the roaring of the waves calmed my mind. It felt like I was mildly buzzing. I look forward to making progress.