30 Day Vegan Challenge

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  • That's it, a whole month! :)

    Which also happens to be my 9 year veggie anniversary - and I fully plan to stick at it for a little bit longer.

    :five:Yay! Cool. :chef::cheer:

  • just watched Fork over Knife and it's properly made us think about removing dairy from our diet almost completely, we're already pretty much full on vegetarian but i've been vegan before and i really do need to continue to become more well, i dread becoming a sick burden in my twilight days. Fork over Knife is a really interesting documentary about nutrition and the link between animal proteins and disease. I've been using cheese as more of a condiment than a staple for quite a while now, think will have to replace our milk with home-made oatmilk. We get three eggs a day from our rescue hens so will continue to use them but am gonna swap the baking shelf of ingredients over to wholegrain flour etc and we'll have cakes as a treat, maybe we'll just have to sell the bulk of the eggs to the wholefood co-op in town instead. Will use up the cheese we bought last week and investigate the oatmilk thing and keep you posted.

  • So it's now just over 4 and a half months, and in all honesty the food part has been relatively easy - apart from gaining weight with all the experimentation!

    It's all the other stuff I'm really finding difficult. For instance...

    - I bought some shaving foam earlier without thinking, only to discover it has stearic acid with no markings to say whether it's veggie friendly or not.

    - My toothpaste is veggie friendly, but the company who produce it have a bit of a track record with vivisection - I've turned a blind eye to this in the past. I hate that kingfisher stuff!

    - In the meantime I want clothes for the winter. Without buying online my choices are painfully restricted unless I wanna look like a scruffy hippy! (which I don't :p)

    - I'm not even gonna read the labels on cleaning products! :S

    It feels never ending - I think I need to slow down!

  • What da fuck is Stearic acid?? :panic:

    Some shit they've put in my favourite shaving foam! It's one of those things I'll never know the origin of unless I contact the manufacturer.

    Thing is, this stuff lasts me forever - I had the last tub for almost two years! I might just pull the label off :whistle:

    It is never ending and you have to draw a line somewhere or you`d go bonkers...

    I'm halfway there, I really am.

  • Anyway, I just discovered this on another website so I can breathe again:
    "I wrote Taylor of Old Bond Street and they confirmed their shaving line does NOT use any animal products. The stearic acid is vegetable based. I would assume most companies outside of the US would use a vegetable base stearic acid, but it doesn't hurt to ask!"

  • What sort of clothes are you after? I tend to get army surplus or charity shop, I'm a total scruff, though they do have some good modern things in charity shops if that's your thing.

  • Just cut off the end of one of the sleeves :) I went through the same thing with duffel coats last year so bought a parka instead..

    He's an old mod he probably has several parkas!

    I was looking for a long coat as well, cotton ones tend to be too floppy unless it is waxed. I gave up and started looking at surplus again. ;-)