Say no to cap on NHS visits

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  • I'm all in favor of making DNA's pay for the downtime, unless there is a reason. Times I see the number of missed appointments displayed on the board in my GP's surgery. In the Reagen of 24 to 38 per month. Its hard enough trying to get to see your doctor as it is. Even harder if you work 9 to 5. Its always a case of make a appointment 3 weeks in advanced (by which time the illness has usually passed) or phone up at 8.30am every morning in hopes you get first on the list. I went to the hospital the other week and stats read it costs £175 every time someone walks into A & E. There are some people who constantly request the attention of a GP either for themselves or their child when its just not necessary. These people are the ones that any limit should apply to at the digression of the GP & not the jumped up staff at the reception desk.

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    Talking of wasting health resources, it's surprising how often if you log on to NHS Direct the response is "call an ambulance", when the symptoms can quite easily indicate something that is not serious.

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    Steve i do think if you cant make your appointment or you have improved naturally then cancel not just miss
    But there have been times with my mental health i have needed a doctor immediatley through panic
    Also times when lee has had an appointment and i have had to cancel 15 mins before cause of his fear and psychosis they are aware of how lee is at our surgery and accomodate him brilliantly
    So how would you then regulate mental health it can be erratic to say the least

  • Would this extend to nurses as well ?.........I HAVE to see the nurses a number of times in the year for injections, test, check-ups etc. And tied up with that would be visits to the doctors if medication needs to be changed,my depression gets worse etc.........very badly thought out idea