Mobile Broadband?... idiots guide to going mobile please.

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  • Now please speak slowly and no techy words - I have no clue about mobile broadband, currently I access internet on a desktop pc wired into a modem connected to my phone that is attached to the wall, nothing is wireless or remotely mobile ( I hear you sniggering! ;))

    So I want be with without a landline completely...sat in the middle of nowhere, am thinking (vaguely) about using a netbook and trying to access do I go about this?

    I am reading sites online but am getting a tad lost.

    I do not want a contract, is there any company that provides pay as you go mobile broadband - with good coverage.

    Advice tips etc please tell me.


    Am thinking of a netbook rather than a laptop 1) Because saw a cheap one lol 2) Mainly for surfing 3) or would I be better just getting a smartphone (yes dont have one of these either) - but how do you type? cant text type all the time I'd go mad.

    So please, idiots guide to going mobile and dropping off and on the grid as I please.

  • I live in a flat but for various reasons I use a that the kind of thing you're looking for? I get mine from EE pay £30 for 90 days.....there are download limits and a contents lock on it, easy enough to take off just by showing something with your date of birth on it.
    Hope that might help

  • I've only just kind of worked out what a dongle is! you add a sim card into a dongle?

    I want something that would basically 'run out' I dont want any bills...just for it to say...'no credit, no access' kind of thing.

    What's coverage like? Does it still connect when your miles from anywhere?

  • Hi cuckoo..........they should do a coverage check for you in a store based on your post code. As I said, it's £30 for 90 days, but with download restrictions per month, a contents lock easy enough to get them to remove that in the store and when the 90 days are up just get another one from a store.

  • ok will have to have a look at the mi-fi thing, I want general good coverage all over UK as will be travelling around..thanks for replies, will keep reading :D

  • The iPhone can be turned into a wifi hotspot in much the sameway as the mifi. When ever I am out and about and want to surf the net, particularly on my iPad I use my iPhone as a hotspot to connect to the 3G network. However, I avoid doing anything that would be data intensive as I would imagine my data charge would go through the roof, but generally for things like checking my email, facebook and twitter whilst on the train it is ideal.

  • Yes a USB dongle does use a sim card. Once activated for broadband is cannot be used for a phone. I prefer to use mine on a USB extension cord, handy when you are in an area of marginal reception.The less signal bars you have the quicker you will drain your laptop's battery. Even with full signal bars the battery usage is double that of watching a DVD believe it or not.

  • Hi - 3 do the best deal I have found to date - It IS a contract, but a rolling monthly one, so you only need to give 30 days notice.
    Its called One plan One Month - All you Can Eat Broadband - £25.00 a month. NO EXTRA CHARGES -- stream video 24 hours a day all month for £25.00…FCF712D8A7D50?tariff=2281

    Hope this helps

    The One Plan 1 month SIM.

    Plan Includes.
    Contract Length:
    1 month

    Inclusive UK voice minutes:
    2000 mins

    Inclusive UK text messages:
    5000 texts

    Three-to-Three UK calls:
    5000 mins

    Internet Allowance:
    All-you-can-eat data

    From £25 per month.

    > Three Price Guide

    Voice call Charges.
    Voicemail (Flat rate):

    Three to UK landline (Flat rate):
    25p per minute

    Three-to-Three UK (Flat rate):
    10p per minute

    Three to other UK mobile networks (Flat rate):
    25p per minute

    Video call Charges.
    Three-to-Three UK:
    51.1p per minute

    Three to other UK mobile networks:
    51.1p per minute

    Off Peak:
    51.1p per minute

    25.5p per minute

    Other Charges.
    UK Text Messages:

    Text message from UK to foreign network:

    UK Picture Message:

    UK Picture Mail:

    UK Video Messages:

    Video message from UK to foreign network:

  • Thanks for the replies :D

    What do you guys think about netbooks?

    Films I will just watch on a small telly anyway, if I have lots to do on a computer will head to the library.

    Boxvan just looking around the 3 site and noticed this one with all-you-can-eat-data....does that really mean internet access as much as you like?

    [TABLE='class: tariffList']


    [TD='class: leftCol'] [h=1]Ultimate Internet SIM 200 1 month.[/h] > See plan details.

    [TD='class: leftMiddleCol']

    • All-you-can-eat data
    • 200 minutes
    • 5000 texts

    [TD='class: rightMiddleCol'] From
    [h=2]£12.90[/h] a month.





    it's the whole FROM ££££ a month that concerns me....I would really like to be cut off once an amount is used. Will have to find a store and go and ask. I suppose it was inevitable I join the 21st century at some point :S

  • HI - I haven't got one myself yet, but when I phoned before the difference between the plans was to do with the tethering. With the first plan, your allowed to tether, with the second, your not.

    Tethering apparently allows you to connect the sim to you computer.

    SIM plans with All-you-can-eat data do not allow tethering (except for the One Plan). If you would like to tether, you will need to choose a Pay Monthly plan and / or an Add-On that does allow tethering.

    I think the 'from' price, is when you use the phone for some of their chargeable feature, or for handsets, insurance.

    Video call Charges.
    Three-to-Three UK:
    51.1p per minute

    All you can eat, is all you can eat from what ive found out. They do reduce your connection speed (at peak times 3pm-midnight) if you go over a set amount (rumored to be 1000gb, which is a lot).


  • I think I've got myself confused reading all this so in conclusion what is the best idea for accessing something like netflix on a laptop?