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  • Hello people
    I have been claiming JSA for about 3 months, had a call asking me to go in for an interview with an adviser which I did yesterday to be told I must attend more interviews there next week, (unsure how many but know its at least two), taking with me the homework I have been set, otherwise my claim will be affected.
    I would like to know common this is & If I have a right to refuse? I have already voiced my opinions with them!

  • It's normal. They usually give you free rein for the first 3 months. Then they get you to expand your job search, which is what the interview is about.

    What do you mean by homework?

  • If you refuse they will stop your benefits...

    Out of interest...why are you so against going? I mean.. yes they are shit and boring and take up time but I guess they are also giving you money for pretty much nothing so there is going to be an element of jumping through their silly little hoops. Just go along, smile, nod and agree to what they say and then go home and do what you feel is more appropriate to help you find a job, or for what ever is best in your situation.

    The longer you go to these kinda things the better you will get at pretending you are doing what they ask of you :-) Honestly every time I have been on job seekers Ive filled in my paper work at the very last min, ran off told them loads of nonscence about what I had been up politely, apolagised if they told me off for anything, played kinda stupid...and thats that :-)

  • i agree with kaiya hun

    my kelly got finished in November from her job and has been on job seekers
    she has to go once a week to actively prove she is searching for jobs and once a fortnight to sign on
    she is now 5 mnths pregnant and moving with her partner soon ...he works.....and she still has to actively look for work even though emploers say not a chance
    you will also have to fil in a booklet jotting down all job searches
    they have started something on line too were you have an email address linkedto them were they can tell if you have been searching or not
    if you really do want a job it cant be all bad

    my son in law was a mechanic got made redundant and they sent him on a three mnth training scheme he got his job seekers and his travel money but he got a job out of it servicing coaches

  • Thanks for the info, I dont want to go into detail about what has happened thus far but homework includes redoing cv & cover letter in a format they like, no problem. I have had advisor interviews before only I hadnt heard of anyone being called in so often & wanted to check it was permitted, I believe Im expected to attend 3 times this week.

  • i really dont understand why you have to attend three times a week,but this is the dwp there fucking useless,ever heard the the saying the left hand doesent know what the right is doing.

  • It's over 2 years now since I was on JSA. It wasn't something I did every week but there were ocassions when I had to go in more than once a week for various things. If you don't go in they WILL stop your JSA. Just look on it as your job. After all you are being paid to look for work. Just do what they want. It's all pretty useless and you won't get any real help from them. But it does make it easier to jump through the hoops. After all, you'll have to jump through hoops when you get a job.

  • It looks to me that as long as you apply for something, anything it keeps them happy. No matter whether you've any chance at all of getting the job..that seems by the by

  • It looks to me that as long as you apply for something, anything it keeps them happy. No matter whether you've any chance at all of getting the job..that seems by the by

    Thats oh so true alantl. The final straw for me was when I was pushed, nay forced into applying for a job in a warehouse where I would be expected to lift and carry 40kg weights at a time. I'm 5ft 3, was 59 at the time with arthritic hip and knee. I gave up looking for work after that and applied for early retirement and my works pension. It buggered me financially for the rest of my life as I had intended to work until 65 but it was worth it to get out from under the benefits cosh. I carried on looking for work for a year but nothing, zip, zilch, nada. So I gave up completely. I don't know where the governement think the jobs are going to come from to keep us oldies working until we are nearly 70.

  • Hi Maggi.........I've got a fair few health problems......but now I think the way to keep everyone happy is to basically take the micky and apply for everything..........hehehe