Damp in Conservatory

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  • When we moved into our new flat we was so happy to have a conservatory and garden included. Because we moved in December we didn't really use the space, but as the weather is getting warmer I want to make it really nice and use is as another living area.

    The only problem is there is damp in the corners and around the windows. I want to put some furniture in there but worried it'll get ruined when the weather changes again.

    Does anyone have any ideas/ know of any ways to get rid of it?

  • oOoh thanks!

    Yeah I will be using it as a conservatory but I don't want to leave furniture in there and it get ruined in the Winter months.

    I want to be able to spend time in there through the Summer months but its not really appealing with the amount of damp in there!

  • check the seals round the glass - there are drainage channels at the bottom of the rails where the glass sits, they should have slits or holes to outside to let the water build up out, you might need to go round outside and use a piece of wire to make sure these are clear and free draining (I know - I had to do this when I bought a conservatory on ebay, dismantled it and rebuilt it again), if you have leaks in the roof, check the rubber seals and that the roof panels are seated properly. relieving the symptoms is ok, but if you can stop the cause then the damp wont come back.

  • hi check outside that earth etc is not above the damp course, which you will see as a black line of "plasticy" type stuff running in the mortar a brick or so above the ground. if its above it anywhere remove it to below the damp course
    hope that helps & you get to enjoy the conservatory

  • Is any part of the conservatory made from brick, or is it all plastic window-y bits?? I had damp all round my window by my balcony and I painted some waterproof paint (it was like a clear, liquid-y stuff) on the outside of the brick wall, which stopped the damp - turns out there was a gap where the windows met the damproofing or something (my uncle explained it to me but I didn't really understand)

  • What Winter said, I have that problem in one of the bedrooms as the son keeps the radiator off, then we get condensation which then makes the wall and windowsill mouldy, lots of bleach and hot water to scrub it off, and lots of ventilation.