time travel and cheese sandwiches- this is not not a joke

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  • Anyone know the mad dreams you get after cheese sandwiches- well I have further complications in that since 30years old I have been getting regular premonition dreams (no race results unfortunately) anyway one day I got loads of reduced priced cheese at morrisons went home and eat it and suddenly realised I had mad dreams 2 night previous to this, so my Morrison cheese sandwich dreams did not occur after I ate it but had occurred three nights before----sounds crazy but its totally true

  • I was going to say the story was cheesy but then I stopped myself! :)

    Lets throw in a few variables, what happens if you have the dreams and then dont buy the cheese afterwards?

  • exactly as I had thought when it happened i just never copped it as it was the first time it was a cheese dream that skipped the time barrier I know it sounds stupid but the fiction writers of movie "back to the future" were concocting all sorts of situations to counter that anomaly of time travel But it happened for real for me, some universal law had to make me realise it too late after i ate the f--ing cheese ,I wish i had not told this story now, its a true story, but it makes me look like an idiot

  • What cheese do you eat? I must buy some, my latest nibble, Shropshire red, has not given me any good cheese dreams, so I may have to revert to some crumbly Lancashire.

  • since I quit drinking and getting high, these cheese dreams are my only and much appreciated escape from reality, what sort of cheese? folks are asking, I dislike any industrialisation and meddling in science but that would be worth a study- I don't know yet

  • I have premonition dreams too - never useful, I don't "predict" things I can later use to my advantage, but I dream of random people haven't seen for a while or, yes, things like random food items and then it all clicks when I see the thing in real life. I sometimes dream of places I pass when I'm out on walks or the personalities of people I haven't met yet. Its always good to keep a diary of this stuff, and write it down regardless of how silly a particular "premonition" seems but they builp fast.

    Something should be said about cheese and its effects on dreams too. Some say cheese before bed causes nightmares. Not necessarily true, but cheese is difficult to digest especially if you eat late at night, and so you won't sleep so heavy, cause your dreams to be more intense and life-like but also easier to remember. Its not my recommended method of dream recall but its fun when it works out accidently.

  • You also shouldn't discount the possibility that your dream left a lingering desire to buy cheese in your subconscious.

    As for getting high, do you not find this supresses your dreams? I love herb but I'm really into lucid dreaming too, and more often than not if I get high of a night I barely remember any dreaming.

  • Maybe your digestive system experiences time the opposite way to the rest of everything else - so you ate the cheese after the dreams, but your system processed it before.

  • Right, i dont know if i'm wierd of not here, but i dont get chese dreams. nothing. but I get dejavu like nothing else, well did. speaking of which, im going to write up about my dejavu situation in a new thread in the twighlight zone.

    Astralbat I would really like you to read it, as I have seen you before, but havn't.

    But i do not think you are crazy, the universe is a mishmash of crazyness. I think you should experement with it and post the results, i'd be very interested on hearing more :)

  • a whole sack full of frogs, jumping about like march hares, fell off the back of the bus as it tripped over the cosmic snarewire. the bag exploded, spraying toe nails held together by paper clips and marvin glue, shaped to look like jesus! Fair to say Tom Cheese lost his gusto when he got wind of the alien plot. Scientoligists pumping all their money into ponds.

  • Fondue - I am on chocolate drinks - in all seriousness - for their psychic lift and tilt as applied to my astrals. I may become a dependant consumer as exotic as a bean, burned and ground. Thankfully no malting was inferred.

    My chief acknowledgement of this dietary exigency is the ability to hear myself as I congratulate my earlier self on finding any lost article thus confirming said article is an artefact. It is a gift sans parallel. Mensa Sans Rear.

    Tomorrow, I will have edified the chosen in this artifice. You, moistly, have passed this trial.

  • Apologies for the sciencey stuff which you said you don't like, I found a study was paid for by the British Cheese Board, who wanted to redeem their product's reputation mentioning that it also contains tryptophan which reduces stress and aids restfull sleep. Tryptophan is an amino acid used by the brain to produce serotonin, not surprising you get restfull sleep. Same amino acid id found in dark chocolate but I don't fancy eating that before bed - yuk. However there is also no control in this study and the sample size is small.
    This link is more likely and at the end it has what are the most probable answer to cheese dreams. Enjoy!



  • fly on the wall, sucking up cheese spores, getting high, feeling fine, starting to trip out of my mind, visions of the jungle with a hum drum beat, the crackle of the fire and the dancing of the feet, a rustle of the bushes and a whistle of a tongue, "was that a" ... "GLUG".