FIG TREES??? York or further north?

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  • I'm in York and want to grow a fig tree. Will they survive and fruit in or north of York?

    Through violence you may solve one problem, but you will sow the seeds for another...

  • Hmmm... possibly an allotment job then to make sure of the sun. If It's kept in a root bag how big do they get?

    Through violence you may solve one problem, but you will sow the seeds for another...

  • We have one in our garden, we have had it around 6 years, same as Julian says it seems to be getting there but then all of a sudden the small fruits don't ripen, there is an open field at the back of us though and the wind really does get up often, maybe that affects it.

  • Our tree produces fruit with out any problem and we are at 650ft above sea level and get harsh winters . Figs produce 2 crops a year and in the UK it is only worth bothering with the summer crop . The fruitlets that appear in autumn should be picked off to conserve the trees energy . You should also choose a variety such as Brown Turkey which is suitable for UK climate..Also restricting the roots will make the tree crop more heavily.

  • Right then Ma Bungo, you are the lady of the fig. Few more questions for you, you have harsh winters but whats the rest of the year like? Are you roughly level with or North of York? Or way South? Sounds like it's doable then :)

    Through violence you may solve one problem, but you will sow the seeds for another...

  • We are South Wales ,High above the Wye Valley . We got fruit last summer ,and that been the case I would say most years are feasible. Restricting the roots will really pay dividends and an unrich soil . I think its a case of if the tree thinks its dieing it will try and reproduce.

    We have 2 trees one is only 3 years and was a cutting , so only about a metre tall . The other which has been fruiting for 4 years is 9 years old now, but was dug up from our old house and spent a year in a tub, and was replanted here 2 1/2 years ago on rocky soil . Good drainage seems important.

  • When you dug your older one up how long had it been in the ground Ma?
    Ours has been planted for about 4 years, I would like to dig it up and restrict the roots a bit, has it been too long planted d'ya reckon?

  • Ours had been planted about 5 years, Was about 3 metres tall.. I cut it back really heavy ,Then it was sat in a 18 " pot for a year till we came here . Kept well watered during the summer..
    Some folk reckon if you use 4 big paving slabs buried in the ground to form a square works well.
    I would guess (at your own risk )you would get away with moving it for the next week or so if you keep it well watered till properly established, stuff is well late making growth this year, the leaves on ours are no where near opening , so I dont think it would disturb it too much. Other wise wait till next winter

  • Right, thanks for that Mrs :) you may have just saved me from more ear ache, when I first planted it Jane asked me to dig it up and put it in a container, but I knew best..... didn't I :o

  • or get in touch with the local horticultural society for local info and cultivars plus possible cuttings :)
    I just grow mine for the leaves anything else is a bonus
    now that sounds like another thread :o

  • WOOHOO! Fig tree o'clock! Got one in a biggish pot and went for the brown turkey variety too. Got it against my sunniest house wall though to ensure it I may have to vandalise/"let nature take its course" the neighbours leylandii. Got an old trellis on the wall too so I can "fan" it for better sun exposure and support and shelters over winter.
    Fingers crossed next year I'll see a few figs :thumbup: Thanks for the pointers all.

    Through violence you may solve one problem, but you will sow the seeds for another...