Atos...Advice needed.

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  • Last November we appealed (Ren and I) about the award Ren got for DLA. they had given him the lowest care component for his dodgy arm :S As some of you know he has a shitload of other stuff going on for example Chronic obstructive sleep apnoae, IBS, Spondiolethesis, Degenerative disc disease, High blood pressure plus a load of other stuff, he's on 30 tablets per day, including 8 tramadol and Orimorph oral solution. Now, when we appealed in December he was in intensive care after complications during spinal surgery, he had 2 steel 8 inch rods on each side of his spine with 8 screws holding it together, the recovery time is 12 to 18 months to be able to walk without aid. The op was a success in stopping the nerve pain but the other probs with his back are still there, the physio won't touch him yet.
    Now to the advice I need. We had a letter off Atos this morning saying that the DLA have asked them to visit him at home to assess him :eek: WTF? What do we do? We have all the documentation and everything, what will they do? will they want him to bend down/pick things up? he can't do that, the pain plus the rods stop him. I'm fucking shitting myself cos a couple of years ago when we last saw them they said he could get up and walk about fine, said he could do everything they asked and that was a blatant fuckin lie. I'm happy he doesn't have to go to their offices but still FUCK.

  • Tbh, I think it's probably a good thing to have a home visit. It emphasises how seriously ill he is :(

    I've had home visits and I found them far easier than going to the centres. I was asked to do stuff, but if I told them I couldn't they accepted it and didn't force me to do it.

    Every home visit I have had ended in a result I was happy with.

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  • This is a good resource for all things ATOS related:

    You need to think smart and consider the way they assess you. For instance, if you can use a washing machine, you can press buttons on a computer. If you can use a mobile phone, you can talk to people, if you can carry shopping, you can use a hammer etc. etc.

    I know of one person who was turned down 'cos they were filmed walking from the carpark to the interview room ... so remember you're being scrutinised on every level.

    Another friend of mine, well he used to be a lifeguard and is still quite supple, but now his back is fucked ... he can bend down, but it causes him shitloads of pain ... he managed it despite being in agony, but because he did they failed him and he had to appeal!

    Sorry to scare you, but it seems like you'll need to exaggerate your worst day to demonstrate the point, or they'll find every way they can out of declaring you fit to work.

  • Thanks Guys :) Paul that happened to Ren the last time, he struggled to get out of his wheelchair and nearly fell, was in fookin agony but but they said he could do it no problem. Bastards. He has points in the day where he drops like a brick and can't do anything at all because of the drugs he's on, the worst time he drops is early afternoon and as luck would have it that's when they are coming, sounds bad that but timing couldn't be better lol.

  • Fucks sake Skye, I never knew how ill Ren was, you got so much on your plate, I can't offer any help regarding Atos, mainly cos I don't really know what it is.
    I just hope you get what you deserve off of the bastards.

  • Ok, I ask for confirmation that the medical will be recorded, she went off to consult with someone and then cancelled :eek: We took note of the date and time.

    I assume that's actually good news? They can't cut anything if they haven't done the visit surely?

  • it's a good result sweetheart :hug: deep breaths... We're in for tribunal on the 13th :eek: we can shit ourselves together :hug: xxxxxx

  • Good luck. It's horrible to be in a situation where you're ill and no one listens and everyone thinks you're fine! Just because you can do something doesn't mean the pain you feel isn't bad. I can bend down and walk but the pain is awful. I hope it goes well x

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