Mick Philpott vs. The Daily Mail

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  • what do we expect from the daily mail.

    i really think it is screwed up the way after devastating stuff happens the media often accuses people of not acting 'remorseful enough' or in the right way, or they laughed, or smiled, or did anything other than weep constantly. do they know nothing about grief, numbness, the odd things it can do to you? (this isn't aimed at just this case, they seem to do it with lots of them. you must act in a certain way or you're evil/guilty/screwed up or possibly all three)

    we reenact Noah's ancient drama, but in reverse, like a film running backwards, the animals exiting

  • Fuck sake, why am I always surprised by the depths the Daily Mail will sink to. Now Osbourne is on the case using the sick fucker to to put another boot into the benefit claimants:wall: Like as if getting shitloads of benefits made him kill his kids, NO he killed his kids cos he's a murderer. :curse:

  • Check out how they actually come up with this £100,000 figure. It's laughable.

    Take out actual earnings and housing benefit, and you're left with cash payments of about £46k. Split between three people. How that equates to the guy earning £100k/year is beyond me. :rolleyes:

    If you substitute the word "Jew" for "claimant" in any given Daily Mail article, it makes for scary reading.

  • The Daily Mail is without doubt an insult to any fair minded person. Unfortunately there seems to be fewer and fewer of those around.........or maybe they're just not able to articulate their points of view......censorship is alive and well.
    Indeed as you say Atomic it does make scarey and hateful reading.

  • piers morgan is the best- how can he turn himself from a chief stoner of the wrong doer (former tabloid editor I think) to the sympathetic forgiving bestside manner of his, on his new interview show, it is all beyond me, can the guy fit himself into any role, Is he scary or is it just me?