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  • Anyone else use the tarot? I've been getting to know the Rider Waite deck for the last two years or so, such an amazing magical tool and in much more ways than just divination, infact I rarely ever do spreads much at all.

    Any one else use? Any favourite decks? I want to get the Thoth deck next once I'm satisfied with a strong association with each individual card. I'm currently working through the Cups suit, getting to know their energy and how they link in with my life.

    Todays card is the IX of Cups

  • Yea, I use Tarot. I started off with the Arcus Arcarnum deck yet atm am on to the Norse, for the last 15yrs or so.

    I find learning symbology and numerology to be of great help.

    IMO 'spreads' are but a guide to find your own groove. I have used tarot from divination to healing yet be aware that emotional investiture will always be a problem. On the other hand, they are a great tool for stepping aside from personal white lies.

    Good luck!

    This is Balder, the son of Odin. Notice the Sowilo Rune at the bottom to further enhance the significance of the card.


  • The one I always come back to is the tarot of the sweet twilight. I've just got the tarot of the silicon dawn and am getting to know it. I have far too many tarot and oracle decks :-) and especially like unusual ones.

  • Hi - yes I read Tarot. Not often though. I use the Rider-Waite pack. I`ve looked at others but they don`t really speak to me. I have a very good mentor and sometimes get pulled in to do stuff with her, but other than that I tend not to read much. Possibly because the readings are usually so clear.