New job, not sure how to feel

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  • So I've just been offered a new job doing basically the same as I do now (warehouse labour, which I'm content with) but with more hours and permanent role. Its great, because the only downside to my current job is that its temporary agency work and I could get dropped any time. Its also 4-on-4-off which is ideal, because it'll give me the rest days to work on my music and do whatever - I can even live the kind of life I want to, I can go off camping 3 days a week if I want to. The shift and all is really ideal, only problem is that its about 10 miles away and I'm cycling. This will mean cycling 10 miles before a 12 hour shift and 10 miles back, to what should amount to 8-9 hours leisure, eat and sleep time before I'm up again. All is ideal except the travel really. I'm trying to turn it into a positive, its nearly Summer afterall and bike riding this time of year isn't bad, and the cardio exercise will do my lungs great. Has anyone had to travel so far so often on a bike before? Any anecdotes to share?

    I'm happy about this either way. Good opportunity.

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  • Loads of people spend that amount of time sitting in traffic to and from work so i reckon it`ll be grand especially cause it`s only for four days at a time. I used to cycle 5 miles each way and once i got used to it was a piece of piss. At the risk of sounding like your mother make sure you wear a helmet :)

  • my first job was a 12 mile cycle ride each way, after a few months I had it down to a quick 30 minute trip, with the added bonus of the fitness, at a pinch I could get a bus but that cost a fortune and took over an hour, if you are confident you can cycle the distance, after a few weeks you will find it easy.

  • well, it turns out its only about 7.5 miles either way, and a lot of it is down the side of a nice canal and down a very long country road with big open fields either side. I spoke a bit soon, I said offered a new job but really, I got an interview. I think it went well, although I was stuck on the spot to think of a weakness (which can look bad, not bein self-critical). My friend had an interview there 6 months ago it was more like an induction with a group of other people all being sort of 'interviewed' together, so I was expecting that, but it was a one-on-one competency kinda interview and caught me offguard. I think it went alright though. Asked about their recycling etc. they're pretty keen with it it seems (plus it benefits them because its cheaper than hiring and transporting skips). I really do hope I get it, it even means I'll be forced to be outdoors on my work days - nothing like having a 12-hour shift in a dimlit warehouse bookened by bike rides through Summer countryside. The workrate will knacker me, I've only ever done 10 hour shifts before, but 4-on-4-off is just so ideal for me.