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  • I consider the business plan of Amway to be an abuse of etiquette.

    About 28 years ago in Brisbane I shared a house with two other guys and one of them had been duped by the Amway scam. His behavior peeved me much of the time, but in retrospect he taught me a valuable life lesson of avoiding being brainwashed as he had given me a real life demonstration. Recently I tried contacting him to thank for teaching one of the most valuable lessons in my life but he appears not be selling Amway any more at least in Australia.

  • I got lured in by them back in my 30's - they had a good product so it wasn't a scam as such but it was definitely a pyramid selling organisation and hard work if you wanted to make serious money.

  • There are so many like this these days, tried some, like Telecom Plus which was good for a while but then the market got flooded. A diet one that cost us a lot of money, can't remember the name of it now, and even things like Kleeneze.

    Never again.

  • I remember the name, but can't remember what they actually sold. I remember thinking they were basically a pyramid scheme years ago and never went near them, or anything like them for that matter!

  • I got into Amway 30 years ago. It was definately piramid selling but they tried to tell us otherwise. They did have some good cleaning products, like oxygen bleach for the washing machine, way before vanish came on the market. Can't say I made much money, partly due to me not being happy to hard sell anyone , but I met some lovely people along the way, so It wasn't all bad.

  • A couple of friends got into that stuff, I don't think they made much. Something like £57, but that was from putting £70 in.

    I read up on some of the stuff back then and found something out; apparently, the best way to make money in one of these schemes isn't by selling product but by selling motivational materials to fellow sellers. Can't remember where I read that, but it stuck in my mind for some reason.

    I'd actually like to read/hear some of the stuff they release, just out of curiousity.