Making money while being nomadic?

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  • How do you guys, earn whilst travelling?

    Having pots of money from your family or lots of savings from a life slaving don't count, I want ideas that will work for the poor :P.



  • get a cscs card and work on building sites , work hard and you'll go from site to site. I did from the isle of wight to Aberdeen and from llandudno to skeggness over 7 year , started in a transit van and moved on to a renault master and had the best 7 years of my life

  • Well I guess my trade is property maintenance, but as I don't have qualifications that generally restricts me to labouring. got a CSCS card. Tell me more about your working patterns please Joss?

    Got half my tree surgery tickets, considering doing the other half, or maybe get my telehandler ticket (used to drive one on a farm)

  • get on tax credits before they take it away. go self employed. 55 quid a week is a start.
    tree surgeon? you mean wood carver, right? there's pot's of cash in that. carve mushrooms, make hazel hurdles, carve spoons with a knife....
    people love that sortbof stuff. make big expensive show pieces. people who can't afford a £60 mushroom buy a 3 quid one or a spoon just so theybcan tell the story of the 'hippy chainsaw carver'. either way, you've your legal entitlement to working tax credits to live on.

    subtitute carving for...wicker work, painting, jewlery, daisy chains.... anything 'arty' and cheap to produce.

    we just bought a human gyroscope ride and are taking it out to ireland to try out festies, private hire, parties etc. i'll let you know how how that works out! :/

  • Think what skills you have and how transferable they are. For instance if a sparky or plumber could you operate in a foreign country with potential language barrier, if staying at home is your skill in demand in a (economically) depressed UK? Or do you want to stay semi "in the system" in UK, travelling job to job and maybe needing CSCS card etc.

    For me the answer is the internet, wherever I have a connection I can do business and make money. Mainly I travel around France, internet access is no problem and places to park are abundant and free. I can't see the attraction of being nomadic in an overcrowded, over regulated piss poor weather UK.

  • Good question and some great responses so far. Hope you don't mind me laying down a few thoughts for you.

    Firstly I think Ronnie Rottens advice is excellent, go self employed and get tax credits, this gives you a few quid for fuel and food to start and also makes you "legal" to trade and do what you want.

    Then what have you got to trade? You say you've done property maintenance so you should be able to make a few quid. I am an apprenticeship served painter and decorator, but found it hard to get work on the road doing this. Various reasons but once I did a weeks work in an empty property for a builder, to find him change the locks and not pay me at the end. :( (He was kind enough to leave my tools on the doorstep though.) I wanted to smash all the windows, but considered living in a van I could be making myself very vunerable, so put it down to experience.

    I then found it was easier to do small quick jobs. I had a ladder so bought a window cleaning bucket, squeegee and some scrim and started knocking for window cleaning work. It was okay, hassle free, and put cash in my pocket. I would charge £3 to clean the front of a terraced house, and £8 to do a semi detached. (I once did 10 terraced houses in a row and it took me about an hour, £30 in my pocket and I called it a day:)) I also asked if everyone wanted it done monthly, i then had towns I could return to with an income when I got there. (I used to do a couple of shops, one gave me bread and milk, the other 3 cans of beer :)

    Also check the gutters of the houses especially in Autumn. That can be good money, I was charging £10 a side for that.(ie £30 for a semi but I could easily drop it to £20 if they were haggling)

    I had cards made by Vista Print, i think they were £7.99 for 500. Well worth having.

    Good luck and may the road rise to meet you.

  • I live in a caravan and am self employed, during summer I tend to get work on a local farm for harvest and work as on the security team at festivals(need an sia license) both of these I have been able to live in my caravan on site when the work dries up I have my cscs card and find some labouring work on building sites or fall back on security and work some static sites through an agency