Joining facebook under a username

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  • I may have asked this question somewhere in the dim and distant past (I seem to have some recollection of it!), but I can't remember when or where or what the answer was, so...

    Is it possible to join facebook without using my real name?

    Firstly, am I the only one who thinks it's kinda risky to display personal details like real name, date of birth etc, on such a public website? I mean, I would never display my full real name on a forum or anywhere else online.

    Secondly, there are certain people who I have no interest in being in touch with, not even to ignore them. And there is one person in particular who I wouldn't want finding me. I know the whole purpose of social networking sites is to connect with people, but the only thing I want to use it for is to access information that is only available on facebook (which in itself is stupid and irritating and feels like being held to ransom, but whatever!).

    Or, if I have to use my real name, is there a way of keeping it and my profile invisible so that people can't see me or search for me?

    I know this makes me sound utterly paranoid - but I still have absolutely no interest in social networking. I just want to be able to access groups with interesting information on them!

  • If you saw my friends list on there you wouldn't need to ask :D ...........looking forward to possibly seeing you on the darkside :reddevil:

    (and to answer your second question, yes you can change the privacy so people can't search for you.......but then as you can use any name you like that doesn't really matter)

  • Yes I have not been on fb for quite a while due to lack of memory but I only have 10 friends and mainly play scrabble, so I am taking it as a fortius event, esp as most peeps think I am a boy of 20, and the south african lady wants me to pop over.:eek:
    So print screen them lies :D

  • Yes I have not been on fb for quite a while due to lack of memory but I only have 10 friends and mainly play scrabble, so I am taking it as a fortius event, esp as most peeps think I am a boy of 20, and the south african lady wants me to pop over.:eek:
    So print screen them lies :D

    :clap::thumbup:....ooh its not ma b is it:eek:-no,im delerious,love scrabble too mf...or are you:reddevil::waves:

  • Ok, I have to give it some thought now. I'll probably have to open a hotmail address or something to register with since my real name's in my email address!

  • I don't use my 'world of work' name on FB - similar reasons: there is someone in my past that I'd rather not have to deal with. It's also safer because your digital trail is less obvious - despite privacy settings, there are people who have been turned down for jobs because of info leaked on facebook. I'd rather keep my jobface separate from my socialface. So I don't publish my location, workplace - or use an unobscured photo as my picture.

    Paranoid?? Who. Me?? No way. Those barstewards really *are* out to get me! ;)

  • A lot of the facebook connections are done via email address so it's quite important you create a new one. You would also need to make sure you block acess to prevent it picking up friend lists from other email accounts as well as logging out when you're not using it otherwise it tracks your web surfing and offers you "friends" based upon that. It can feel quite intrusive though not as much as google, but with some care it's possible to keep your two identities separate. If you want to be totally secure you could even install a second or third browser such as Chrome or Opera which you use just for facebook.

    People seem unaware of the freedoms they give up on a daily basis through the use of tools such as facebook...

  • If you want to be found on facebook, then people can search any of the contact information you give them - email address/es, messenger ID/s, phone number or real name - but you can turn off the ability to be found via search results.

    Facebook TOS states that you have to use your real name, but I've never known of anyone being kicked off for failing to do so.

    Personally I'd refrain from entering personal details until you're familiar with the privacy settings ... and then choose what you share afterwards - although they have your data, and it can be counter-intuitive, the way you share stuff is a lot better than most other sites.

  • I wouldn't dream of signing up to anything like FB/emails etc with my own name and I certainly wouldn't put my age, address, work, phone number etc as many of may less internet savvy (or guilty!) FB friends have. The less 'they' know about me the better; I use FB and the like for my benefit not 'theirs'. It's not that I particularly have anything more to hide than anyone else (ahem) but if I want someone to know something about me I'll tell them, thanks very much, and not have them harvest my particulars (or spy on what I do) behind my back. You can be sure that 'come the revolution', FB would be both a friend and a foe. (See Arab Spring).

  • I certainly wouldn't put my age, address, work, phone number etc as many of may less internet savvy (or guilty!) FB friends have. The less 'they' know about me the better; I use FB and the like for my benefit not 'theirs'.

    well, I've been using the Internet since the middle of the 1990s and consider myself pretty Internet savvy ... and for my benefit I do have my phone number etc. on my profile ... I protect myself by not adding people I don't like as friends - the clue is in the word "friend".

    However, even when you do include these details you can still choose who you share them with.

  • I get puzzled by peoples worries over facebook. I feel I have more control over that than alot of other places. Surely we share our basic info (and more) everyday?.......doctors, tax man, employers, benefits, council, dvla, mobile, internet, utilities, insurances, the list is endless really...........all this info is stored on computers and although is supposedly protected by data protection act, just think of the number of ordinary people have access to it everyday.

    As far as Facebook goes I control who sees it and what they see. I only have people on there who I have met or been in long term contact with on internet. Anyone I want to definately make sure can't see anything at all is on my block list. But even so I have my profile closed down pretty tight. There is an option on there to be able to view your profile as a particular friend or as a complete stranger so you can check who exactly can see what. Plus on any particular comment you can control who exactly can see it........i.e. if you've phoned in sick to work cos you've got something more exciting to do, you can still update your status but block all your work colleagues :whistle:

  • yes, my user name over on facebook is mrhappy hippy (from the days my wife used to work for Lush) I used an email address that contained the same name too, just set up a new yahoo mail address with the name you want to use in it and it doesnt really get questioned. good luck, have fun.

  • I protect myself by not adding people I don't like as friends - the clue is in the word "friend".

    This is my philosophy too... I only add people who I've met in person, and my settings are such that only "friends" can see 99.9% of the stuff I post. I don't add work friends unless I completely trust them. However the key is not to post something on there that could come back and bite you on the arse later...

    To be fair I feel I have nothing to hide - my username is my full name with Muninn as the middle name (a lot of people only really know me as Muninn), however I am choosy with what I put on the internet though as a rule. I know someone who is quite savvy with IT, and he said if he wanted to he could track down all manner of details about anyone he wanted to (he wouldn't!)... which is a bit scary!

  • I think everyone has some massive paranoia over the internet that doesn't really need to be there.

    Firstly if you are concerned about government officials or anything finding out details about you, I am fairly sure they can do that anyway through your bank details, medical records and anything else you put out there daily.

    When people talk about facebook or google spying on you it makes me laugh. Its not a real person spying on you and actually personally I would rather google tailor adverts to me to things I might actually be interested in and facebook show me people I actually might know opposed to random people.

    I can understand not wanting work to see what you post up, but then you can just tailor your privacy settings to reflect this.

    Noone really cares what you post on facebook as long as your not posting openly about your 10 million pound cocaine shipment or the bomb your going to plant in the centre of london, the truth is your not really that important, not in the whole scheme of things :)

  • be careful with things linking upto it without you knowing liek people have said... i always log out andd never check the button that says remember my password. lots of places seemt o automatically try to publish what you do on your fb:S one of my friends had a netflix account and her bf watched loads of stuff on it and it posted it all on her fb account saying she'd just watched it - she wasn't very impressed lol. (hardly the end of the world i know but it's still irritating)

    we reenact Noah's ancient drama, but in reverse, like a film running backwards, the animals exiting

  • My concern with FBs privacy settings is that a) FB have been known to fuck up when they make alts to the system so what you thought was private suddenly isn't. b) I know people whose accounts have been hacked - often their own fault but nevertheless disturbing c) you can't control other people's posts - ok, so you can refuse to accept being tagged, but other people's posts saying 'I saw *Spiralite* drunk in charge of a bulldozer' could potentially still be seen. And that's ok to some people, cos it sounds like I might be a right laugh, but if I later need or want to apply for a job with a large company, one of the first things a lot of HR departments do before offering a candidate a job is to google you. So the law student who poledanced in clubs to pay her tuition fees doesn't get the job she wanted because someone put her photo and real name on their - unprotected - facebook page...

  • My hesitation in joining facebook has nothing to do with paranoia about the government (I'm not the family conspiracy theorist ;)). It's for the reasons mentioned in my first post. I'm surprised more people don't feel the same actually. Basically, I'm happy to have moved on from certain people who were no good for me, and, basically, I can't be arsed getting 'friend' requests from any of them. I know I don't have to accept them, but I know I'll feel a kind of guilt for ignoring them. We didn't part on bad terms (mostly), so I don't see the point in snubbing them and making things awkward if I happen to run into any of them :shrug:.

    As I said, I'm just not interested in the social networking side of things. My good friends are just a quick text away, and the only 'online' friends I have are pretty much all here :). I just want to access the cat CRAP group, that's all!!

  • The problem with that approach though Beachcomber is you will be "found out" by the people you want to avoid as they are almost certainly friends with someone you will eventually want to friend.

  • I have found the people I do not want to know, and blocked them. Check out your friends friends, to make sure, or ask your friends if they have them. Not been a problem, unless that friend then puts photos of you up :(