HELP!! I need to paint a Gala Tent...

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  • It is made from Polyester fabric, backed with a waterproof backing.. does anyone have any ideas of what paint to use, and where I can buy quantities of whatever is recommended, I have a 4m x 3m lid for the marquee, and want to paint it in blocks of colour, a bit like a circus tent...#

  • I have it on good authority that paints are extremely good for graffiti/vehicles etc. so see no reason it shouldn't work well on the tent as well :)

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  • I was looking for similar to paint the canvas on my tipi .
    Ive got small paintings of my parrot and two dogs on already, but that took
    up loads of canvas paint !!!

    Is there a cheap alternative i could use? That obviously wouldn't run off first sign of
    summer rain !

  • It'd probably be worth doing a quick google check to see what chemical base the graffiti paint is - it *could* damage the polyester or, more likely, the plasticised backing... Acrylic base would probably be ok, but I wonder whether an acetone base would make the fabric bubble or wrinkle?