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  • hello, has anyone here experienced ovarian cysts? I had a scan a the beginning of january & they've discovered
    a cyst on my left ovary [yuk!] im sure its not a bad one but they just want to keep an eye on it, got another scan on february 20th

  • I've had something called a chocolate cyst, it's connected to endometriosis. I had mine removed as I had a lot of pain and it was bigger than the ovary, so they couldn't see if the ovary was healthy. I also had a c125 blood test (think this is right) which is a screen for ovarian cancer. That was about 10 years ago and all has been good since. I think it's quite a common problem and they are monitoring you, so all should be ok. Thinking of you x

  • i have polycystic ovarys (think i spelt that right!) basically lots of little ones on my ovarys, causes weight gain, hairiness, acne and difficulties in concieveing. although i had no trouble getting pregnant! i had onne problem when one cyst burst but apart from that its not been too bad

  • whats weird is that im on the pill which stops u from ovulating but its the ovulation that can cause the cysts, so im a little confused
    but there u go, maybe im somehow still ovulating? dont know how thats possible, have been on the combined pill for just over a year

  • definately annoying little bastards, i get them occasionally, ihad more when i was younger...havent had many sice the coil was put in though. i had one once when on a field trip in france, walked all day with this horrible pain until i felt it burst....was agony till then but then it just stopped, just like that. very weird. they are generally nothing to worry about, not sure about the ovulating thing to be honest, sorry to hear you're suffering though hun.xxxx

    Turned on, tuned in, loved up, trippin out, freaky on the outside, shiny in the middle.

  • thanks love, just waiting for the letter cos the cyst has got bigger so dont know the measurements until the letter comes
    it was 4x3 cm but grown since then, i was quite surprised at its size didnt expect the at all

  • Sounds horrid. Sorry you're going through this uncertainty.

    I've friends with endometriosis, it's unpleasant, ditto PCOS, they're common enough but can cause discomfort and in the case of endometriosis, my local friend who has this has horrendous pain and problems during her moontime. You're doing eveyrhting you should because they're looking into your situation. I would not worry because if it is something nastier, they're onto it already.

  • hi dj
    well the little bugger hasnt gone so they will be removing it, the appointment is the 25september, ive asked to take a councilation cos the sooner the better, im shitting a brick, [maybe im being a big baby but i am scared something might go wrong] dont like the idea of being under the knife but its got to be done
    ironically its going to be done in the same hospital that i had all my kids [pembury], what worries me is when i had my daughter she was c-section after i was put in recovery room i lost a lot of bloody & i mean a lot, had to have a blood transfusion, i have a low platelet count which at that point was extremely low, so of course ive got all this running through my head, the 'what ifs'
    too much time on my hands to think about it

  • I had one removed from my left ovary a couple of years ago. It wasn't pleasant, but they were able to do a keyhole thing so I only had 3 small incisions. I had very long, crampy periods while I had the cyst, things are much better now it's gone. I think I was up and about 3-4 days after the surgery.