Cell harvest failure

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  • After four days of GCSF jabs - two in one arm and one in the other (each day) - I spent all today going through a harvest which we now know was a failure. It took an uncomfortable and extended five hours to harvest and my veins are hiding from the number of jabs and canulas. I am now wearing arm accessories of gauze bandages - one for the inside of the elbow and one for the wrist of my broken arm and plasters on my hands!

    So now I am to get further GCSF and a £5000 wonder drug tonight which will have gastric side effects. Wish me luck for tomorrow, please, as I don't fancy the alternative if this doesn't work. Thanks

  • Thanks guys - I guess I am surprised that chemotherapy can be so expensive - and lots of scared that they won't work for me.

  • OK early hours but the drug is inside me - I really hope it works. while waiting a prescribed hour I started with tummy upset and then diarrhoea. It was a butt clenching trip home as I really didn't want to spend the night in the ward. As it was midnight the only place on the route home that was open was Asda - so stopped there to let go and made it home with no stains. I have slept for four hours and will have to go in early to the day ward but still have a grumbling guts - I am worried that I will need lots of bedpans during the four hour hook up to the centrifuge.

    I didn't mention above but this will be the third attempt - the first two having been failures which is scary and the harvest is the easy part there is an extended chemo which comes next. I am extremely grateful to all those who have got me this far.