fish tank advice?

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  • hi guys I have recently bought a fish tank i've wanted one for a while theres a shop near me sells them but is shutting down so selling them cheaper than normal i got a new pump, heater and everything with it and set it all up tusday i cant buy any fish for a week after the shop been set up but there's alot of tiny bubbles coming out of the pump and its making alot of foamy stuff on the top is this normal? or is there something up with the pump? i have tried it on diffrent speeds and there are less on diffrent speeds the heater is working fine its just the pump i'm worried about because in shops there arent that many bubbles at least there doesn't seem to be and i don't want to kill the fish i get. Thanks for any tips Kate x

  • bubbles is normal. foam could be bacteria. might sort itself out in a few days. you can buy water tests for about £6. or tap water conditioner.
    what type of fish are you getting?

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  • ah right thanks i thought it was something going wrong :o I'm hoping to get mostly guppies but there are these other fish that are quite cute i'll post a photo when i get them, thanks for putting my mind at ease xx

  • Dont do what most people do and just put in what looks pretty, do a little research and find out what conditions the fish you like will do best in and you'll have longer lived, happy fish and a nicer tank.

    Guppies are pretty tough and will survive most things, they breed very easily, depending what else is in the tank the babies may not survive, guppies also make anice meal for some other fish, so it bears looking into the habits of your tanks inhabitants. :D

  • Guppies are pretty tough and will survive most things, they breed very easily, depending what else is in the tank the babies may not survive, guppies also make anice meal for some other fish, so it bears looking into the habits of your tanks inhabitants. :D

    I've always found them to be a bit less than tough :(. I've tried them again and again through the years in different tank setups. I've read they do best in slightly brackish water, so I've decided to avoid them from now on unless I can dedicate a tank to providing a perfect environment for them.

    It's a good idea to get a mix of bottom feeders, middle guys (like neon tetras, they're tough :)), and top feeders, like your guppies.

  • i went to a fish spechalist place on friday and the man there told me that i could put some fish in that day so i got 3 zebra fish but he said something totally diffrent to the man in the garden center who said i could wait a week before putting new fish in the tank the man at the fish place said i had to wait 4 weeks so now i'm confussed :S

  • As someone who has had tropicals for quite some time my twopennorth is ....
    DONT put any fish in until you have sussed out the water chemistry, find out the ph value and it would be advisable to get some water from a tank that has been set up for 6 months or more... maybe even get an older filter sponge to put in your filter ..... then check the water everyday for nitrates and ammonia ... some put a prawn or shrimp in the tank and let it rot to help the bacterial bloom start.... once it has, then you need to let the water clear...THEN think about what fish you want.. Tetras are hardy.... i would go with them... Then, the rule of thumb is no more fish than inches of tank... eg.. mines a 30x15x12 tank so i can have no more than 30 inches of FULLY grown fish.... so check out what size your fish grow to..... dont put an algae eater in till the tank has been set up for 6+ months ..... tho you could put Corydoras in and they are cute.. no less that 4 as they scuttle about in a group.... I have a wealth of info in my head so please ask me anything you would like to know...:))

  • Lots of good advice on here, though I've never heard about the dead prawn thing! My Mum's had fish for as long as I can remember, at the moment we have a 4ft and a 3ft, one coldwater, one tropical. I would definitely agree on what other folks are saying about not just buying fish which are pretty, buy fish which are compatible with each other! Guppies are a great fish, they're so hardy! Neon tetras are pretty cool and do well with guppies, and my personal favourite is corydoras, aka the Corrie :) you get all different types, I currently have a peppered corrie, an albino one and a beige one with a black patch next to its tail. I've also had a Siamese fighter, but if you're going to have guppies then make sure you've got LOADS of areas of thick plants where the baby gups can hide from the fighter, as they will have a Munchin on them if they can! Also angelfish, again you get loads of colours and types, my favourite is a black veiled angelfish (I think that's the name!). We also have snails, which are basically the cleanup crew! We have red ramshorn snails at the moment, they breed like...well, snails, but they're handy for keeping the tank nice. I had an apple snail once, but he ate all my plants!