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  • AW that's great, someone who speaks clearly and audibly. Yeah I'm sure He's not a cold get! I never said he was.
    I mean I wouldn't, would I? Ah I think I can hear keys rattling, It must be Miss Forbisham with me Horlicks.

  • BOLLOCKS! BOLLOCKS! You say! Well I can tell you, Bungo me lad, ye don't know the meaning of the word!
    Bollocks indeed! When I were a lad Bollocks was a respectable word, often used in Snotbury Hall and other great houses.
    Back then bollocks WERE bollocks, not like nowadays when anything bigger than a newt's eyeball is granted the title.
    What? WHAT? Oh never mind. Bloody mumbling. Here in Dunroamin House we're given special little hammocks with our morning y-fronts because we are all from the Golden Age of bollocks! So stuff that in yer pipe and smoke it!

  • Yeah,Yeah,YEAH, Bungo! Jeez, joseph 'n' mary that brings me back! It was a cold windy Tuesday nite in November '02 as I recall, Roughly about 5:37 and 18.5 secs when the 'Nuts Bra' people called at Dunroamin House. I'll NEVER forget it! What a scene! It actually descended into physical violence at the security gates. They had 'Rent-a-Mob' with them screaming at the top of their voices " Nutsbra! Nutsbra!" But luckily Miss Forbisham stuck to her guns and told them in no uncertain terms 'Where to Stickum'

  • Ha ! banged to rights ,you sir protest to much . While buying batteries for your (out of date ) hearing aid , on the bay of E , you also bought a consignment of 'Nut Bras' which you are now selling at a vast mark up , behind Miss Forbishams back to other gentle men residents of Dunroamin... but did you check the sellers profile? No siree , I think not !!! It was the wretched Duchess , miss Forbisham herself .
    Tis my belief there is a certain lord with severe scrotal chaffing , and criminal proceedings are but a gnats chuff away .

  • Happy Xmas to all you hippy oldies!!! May santa bring all the hearing aids, glasses, walking sticks.ointments,bandages,and.........bus passes to you all.. :)

  • Thank you so much Algi, and a hippy xmas to you too!
    As for that Bungo, a mere strappling compared to me. How can anyone even harbour the thought that she, SHE, Miss Forbisham would do anything underhand. Our Miss Forbisham, what brrings us our Horlicks and anti-psychotic hits every nite. My blood runs cold.
    No No No need for nut bras around here, Miss Forbisham's hammocks are all that is required. What? Oh never mind. I'm not listening. Never, never will I listen to such slander, and to even suggest that Lord Toff would be involved!! Outrageous!

  • Love you Bluekez!! What a beautiful spirit!
    I'll be ok now, so long as no one mentions Miss Forbisham
    Specially that Bungo character
    Have you heard of him??

    You and your old Miss Forbisham (AkA the Duchess,or the Lady in Red of Snotbury Village) , I doubt you would be singing her praise so much if you knew your bedtime Horlicks was really out of date dehydrated bull jizz mixed with wall paper paste!!! I have it from a very reliable source that she was thrown out of the Snotbury Arms Inn for inappropriate behaviour regarding dress code and over indulging in Egg nog,and last seen standing on a street corner rubbing her knees together in a suggestive manner!

  • It's a weird thing. I'm not old, but I feel pretty ancient mind wise, although it is still young and can make slight mistakes. Taking care of responsibilities is what I've gained finally, but I still go to raves n wear baggies and party kiddies under the table :p

    My joints have started to crack and I hurt a bit, but I feel young and fresh. Just lose a bit of weight and I'll be looking as fresh as an, um, baby's arse?

  • My hearing is not what it used to be and my short-time memory is shot to pieces. WHAT? Oh never mind... What was I saying? Dunno. Oh never mind. My hearing is not what it used to be and my short-time memory is shot to pieces. And my short-term memory is pretty done in as well. WHAT? Speak up will ya, my hearings not what it used to be.. I won't mention my short-term memory, you wouldn't want to know.

  • Yep Bluekez, I can hear you, I think. This extra ear what I got from Santa seems to be working quite well. Sorry did you say something? No? OK. Well anyway, I just wanted to say that all of us here at Dunroamin House ( including Matron!) want to wish all of you at the Surbiton Pipesmokers Guild a very happy Easter and all the best for 1994...