Who is actually following their dreams?

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  • I keep trying to follow my dreams but as soon as I get involved in a relationship my dreams get shifted to back burner.
    I think ive been dating selfish Baskets for too long - single life for me from now on - yee frickin ha!!!

  • I guess with most folks there is a point in life when dreams can be followed - that might with the right partner, as life or focus changes. Maybe to a point where you want the dream more than what you already have, and are prepared to give up.

    I hope everyone can at least try to get there - and I am trying to get there as well.


    Hi - just looking around - somewhere to be - some folks to share with.
    In Scotland atm and hope to move on April 2014. Welcome ideas or invites. There is a contact on my profile

    to many years and my life is still, trying to get up that great big hill of HOPE

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  • Interesting question.... um, I guess very much so when I was younger, then the dream changed so I lived that different dream and it was great.

    Now the dream's changed again, as with so many of us I really want to live an off-grid small holder lifestyle - self sufficient ish in fruit, veg, eggs and meat and with an income from the land. I'd love to keep bees for pollination & honey, use a common sense mixture of ethical growing methods. It'd be great if I could build my own house, I build houses for a living & I've researched straw bale building til I'm blue in the face. I'd love to share the experience with others, perhaps WWOOFers whilst I get it all together then maybe as a yurt & breakfast or similar. I'd like to do it properly and above board, all full planning permission etc.

    So in answer to your question, no!!! To do that needs money, a lot of it! To buy land, stock, establish veggie beds, buy & set up polytunnels, build my house etc, and not have an income for months and months til you start producing enough! I've compromised, I've bought a house & done it up, then I've moved on and done another one but this time with a garden so now I've got my chickens and veggies & I've even built a bee hive. To pay for it I've ended up with a career that doesn't particularly fulfill or reward me and I suffer it as so many of us have to. I've been sucked back into the rat race!

    But, life is not just about the end goal it's about enjoying the journey and as I look around me - I'm treading as lightly on the land as I can at the moment, I'm satisfied that my financial decisions are based on the right principles & well researched, I'm growing a good chunk of my food and there's nothing quite so tasty as a home grown or foraged meal or a home brewed beer or wine, I've got some great friends to share it with who all share similar ideals. I'm happy! The dream is still very much there every single day, but then so are the rose tinted memories of being on the road, carefree in my van.