Palestine massacre and idiots on facebook.

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  • I am sick of people that look the other way at the atrocities caused by our government, and USA / UN.
    I un friended an idiot on fb today due to her plebeian selfish views of "I don't want to see injured children or people, I think less of them for it". WTAF>? Fair enough at the end of the day, but to follow that with tripe like "Good for you. I couldn't care less now. Thing is I know someone from Israel, he lives over here now and has always been nice to me"
    and When asked if they care about the unlawful slaughter of innocent men women and children their response is; "Not after that picture, no."

    This is her initial post, opinions please.
    "To whoever put that photo of dead kids on their page so I could see it on my news feed, unfriend the fuck out of me now you sick fucking cunt. I don't want to know you anymore. It may be for some sort of cause but I don't care and don't even want to know about it. You sick sick fucker, you should be ashamed of yourself. I don't want to see stuff like that, who would?"

    It makes me so sad that people care so little about the plight of the Palestinians, Iraqis and Afghans, and I'm from the school of thought that believes to look the other way is condoning the actions of evil.

    This could be us ffs. But you just keep on stalking your silly bands, being selfish and only thinking about yourself.
    Sorry but I am so upset and sad about these recent events and idiotic comments from numpties have just brought it all to boiling point. The silly bugger that wrote this has the nerve to call herself a hippy, and has the audacity to attend human rights movement protests. Such a headfuck.

    Am I the only person to be bothered by this?

  • I try not to do politics anymore, so I wouldn't want photos of dead kids (or mistreated animals etc) on my Facebook news feed either - regardless of how I feel about a situation, having issues rammed down my throat won't change anything.

    Personally I'd like to see some of those Facebook activists get out there and do something for real rather than think the world can be changed by sharing photos.

  • No you are certainly not the only one bothered by this LittleLeaf, If you have a look at my post "elequence run riot" you'll see someone else who is bothered by it. As for facebook, it can often serve as a tragic insight into the sorry state of Consciousness that many folk seem to wallow in. How can the hippy movement have any value if people see the deteriorating global morality as none of their buisness. You keep on keeping on!

  • I agree with you JonnyBrush, The revolution will not be televised, but it will be bought on by alternative media sources such as facebook, twitter and the like.

    I'm just tired of people looking the other way from issues caused by our nation, acting like its not their problem, when there is only one planet earth and one human race. We need to spread the truth no matter how awful, How else will people get the balls too rise up and confront all the fundamental ills of society if they don't tackle injustice and oppression head on?

    I have concluded that some people only associate with certain movements as it makes them look good to others, and because the need to belong to something is natural and sadly there are plenty of sorts like this. People say to me there is nothing I can do, well there always is. Boycotts, spreading awareness and just noticing, not looking the other way for a start. Hitler got away with his eugenics for a long time because of ignorance and others turning as blind eye, When will we learn?
    Edited because of appalling spelling.

  • So many deaths over a scraggy sandstone outcrop, that many fight to call home. It repulses me the heavy handed response to the attacks by a small number of fanatics. In the early 1980's my mate lost not only his newborn child, but also his wife some years later to cancer. He set off to Jerusalem on a pilgrimage & to find his thoughts. On arriving he was made welcome by a Jewish family. Doing the normal sight seeing routes. He got caught up in a bus bombing. While seated on a bus, a bus some distance away exploded. It damaged my mates eardrums & he returned to the UK. At the airport he was stopped at gunpoint and taken into a side room, where he was interrogated by Israeli police. He had a small road sign in his luggage, that he picked up at the side of the road. Being a artist & musician. To my mate the road sign just looked interesting, with Hebrew writing on it. Turned out the road sign said (warning Land Mines) He was escorted back to the UK, Handcuffed to two Scotland Yard officers. Only to face more interrogations & a bollocking. A year later he decided to drive overland in his Toyota Land cruiser back to Israel. Staying in the Kibbutz & then with the family he met on his first visit. He showed my some photos of the outside toilet wall. Every morning when this family went to use the outside toilet. Someone would take potshots at the adult males with live riffle ammunition. It was a regular method of intimidation. Likewise any opportunity this Jewish family had to return the intimidation, they would do so, only with the full backing of the patrolling Israeli soldiers, turning a blind eye.

  • "There are two parts to the human dilemma. One is the belief that the end justifies the means. That push-button philosophy, that deliberate deafness to suffering, has become the monster in the war machine. The other is the betrayal of the human spirit: the assertion of dogma that closes the mind, and turns a nation, a civilization, into a regiment of ghosts--obedient ghosts or tortured ghosts." - Jacob Bronowski.

  • Forget the rights and wrongs, why would a friend speak to you like that anyway? Assuming they were a friend in the first place....a polite request would do surely?


    Personally I'd like to see some of those Facebook activists get out there and do something for real rather than think the world can be changed by sharing photos.

    This is how I feel, especially when people are shouting so insanely loudlu but aren't actually doing anything themselves.

  • Personally I delete from my account people that constantly post horrible images of war. I know what happens. I do not need to see it all the time. I haven't got a solution to the problem and I personally don't believe I can do much about. the fact is the countries like Iraq have resources that we want and arguably need. I haven't got a solution to this. I don't agree with forcebily taking these resources in such horrible ways...but without a solution Im not going to be able to do much good standing around shouting about it. This is why the occupy movement annoys me. Atleast in Nottingham when I went to speak to the camp no one had suggestions for workable solutions to the problems they were protesting against...they were just sat in market square. If you havnt got a workable solution you can fight for then sitting about in a square or posting about how you disagree with something on facebook isnt going to resolve or change anything.

  • Personally I delete from my account people that constantly post horrible images of war.

    I drop people from my feed for constantly posting anything. I don't appreciate being spammed - be that by chain-posted anti-war images or chain-posted music videos or chain-posted memes.


    If you havnt got a workable solution you can fight for then sitting about in a square or posting about how you disagree with something on facebook isnt going to resolve or change anything.

    I can see both sides of this one. Sometimes, it's important just to make your voice heard. I'd hate to see the Palestinian conflict met with silence. My main issue is really that Facebook tends to reduce opinions to simplistic soundbites, which are then recycled endlessly by people who've never bothered to research anything for themselves.

  • This is her initial post, opinions please.

    Your friend sounds like a dick.

    Having said that, I can understand where the issues arise. People seem to have differing expectations of FB. Some view it as light entertainment, some view it as a means of keeping in touch with what's going on with friends and family, some view it as a political tool, and some view it as a mix of all these things. If you view it as light entertainment, I can see why you'd get upset at constantly logging in and seeing images of maimed children. Equally, if you see it as a political tool, I can see why you'd get pissed off at constantly logging in and seeing vacuous shit about boy bands when there's a war going on.


    It makes me so sad that people care so little about the plight of the Palestinians, Iraqis and Afghans, and I'm from the school of thought that believes to look the other way is condoning the actions of evil.

    There's a whole heap of issues tied up with that though. Sure, some people are just selfish and uncaring. But also, people do feel dis-empowered and maybe struggle to see what they can do to change anything. I'm not personally convinced that posting links or images on FB makes the blindest bit of difference.

  • There was an advert from tesco on my facebook timeline this morning, asking what I had forgotten to buy in preparation for xmas, cellotape or maybe turkey foil. It had had 6,000 likes and well over 400 comments. WTF! As I read it I could hear the roar of war-dogs practicing overhead.

  • It's sad but for every uncaring and indiscriminate shelling on Gazza there are hammas fanatics that don't give a shit about their own people and know fine well that their indiscriminate rocket attacks on Israel will invoke exactly that response. It's the fuckwits on both sides. Fanatics are fanatics, you can't reason with them, they're all on a mission, they all seem to have god on their side and every action they take in pursuit of their goal invariable means that the inocent become victims. There's no easy answer, eradication of the entire human race, it's done far more harm than good and far outlived it's usefulness, I doubt many species, flora, fauna or the planet itself would miss us. Failing that round up all the so called goverments/leaderships of these quarrelling states, stick em in a footy stadium, hand them sharp, pointy sticks and say get to it. Instead of civilians getting your crap now you dish it out to each other, feel the consequences of your actions because your subjects have for far too long.

  • I agree with the OP that it's wrong to ignore what is going on in the world but at the same time I don't think people should be forced to listen to others whether it's regarding a war or the latest consumer trend.

    As Atomik says, people use FB for different reasons, I'm not much of a user myself but I thought you could create groups so that disinterested people don't have to see things they feel are unpleasant?

    Regarding the occupy movement, there are plenty of answers such as Green economics, they're not all palatable to the average person though. One of the solutions from the occupy movement is covered by the Guardian here.

    As for wars, religion and the rest, I think the answer is to get to know each other better, slowly, perhaps over a nice cup of tea!

  • Mixed feelings on this. First of all, yeah, it's shit that people don't even seem to even think, let alone care, about stuff that's going on in the world (though we should remember we can't read people's minds), and it's crap that people say simplistic shit like, "Six of one, half a dozen of the other". :rolleyes:

    BUT I've seen some stuff being passed around the net in the last few hours alone that's just unnecessarily gruesome and arguably disrespectful to the victims. Some people seem to think that having a stronger stomach somehow means they care MOAR. That others might (understandably) find such images distressing doesn't automatically mean they don't care about the circumstances that led to those images.

  • my daughter felt the image was way too graphic to be shared so reported it, she was considering that a good proportion of facebook users are under age for such graphic content (she is also training to become a lawyer). she felt so strongly that she came down and told us.
    The problem comes when posting such gaphic content (for whatever reasons good or bad) immunizes the young to such things, where to be perfectly honest the young should not be confronted with stuff like this, facebook, unlike this site is open to everyone - young and old, so people should respect this and excercise self restraint before posting graphic content.
    note my objections bear no resemblance to my thoughts on the actual subject of the photos, but I just feel that facebook is not the media to pass these things on, due to the fact that it is open to minors.