Dont forget to feed our feathered friends this winter.

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  • Bonjour tout le monde (hello everyone).

    I am sure that most of you will not need reminding how our efforts over the cold months can help save lots of birds lives.
    This year this message is more crucial than ever due to the lack of fruits and berries in our fields and hedgerows,so their natural pickings will be much less.

    So please spare a thought for them when the frosts and the cold move in and give what you can afford,and try to keep some water at hand too.Often worth putting out a bowl of pretty warm water,so it doesnt freeze as quickly.

    On behalf of them,they told me to tweet you thanks in advance.

    Love and light to all


  • We have various feed tubes in the garden containing seed mix, peanuts, sunflower seeds and bug balls. In addition to this we put out handfuls of various seed, dried fruits, wholemeal brown bread, monkey nuts and ryvita crispbread spread with crunchy peanut butter every day! The platform where we place the loose food is cleared every day by the critters. Where we live has been hit quite hard by the weather this year and there are very few berries in the trees. The ducks, geese and pigeons in the town centre get a fair bit of interaction with the general public and they will probably get fed by them up until the snow comes, then when that happens and the canal freezes we will resume our winter feeding program with them, consisting of appropriate pellet food, greens, carrots and wholemeal bread. We do get some funny looks trudging about in the snow with carrier bags full of bird food but that is irrelevant, their lives are so hard and it only takes a few minutes to make a real difference. (In case anyone was wondering the ryvita and peanut butter is for the squirrells, they had a late litter and i'm just making sure the little dudes survive the winter - or have a reasonable chance of doing so). What do other people do for the little dudes in the winter? I hope i'm not the only one!

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  • I feed the birds all year round, it's a constant battle with the wild rats and other local wildlife though.........the fat balls, mixed seeds and peanuts are ok but I put bread out on the tray yesterday, looked out the window 10mins later and saw a little brown rat tucking in!

  • I feed all year too but my lot seems so fussy! I have bought over the years many types of seeds, grain, even dried meal worms.....nah not interested, my lot here like bread :p

  • Definitely second the warm water thing.....we used to break the ice on the horse water troughs in the field behind our house, just so that they had somewhere to drink when everything had frozen over.

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  • One word of caution. If you start feeding them, you must keep it up, because they will come to rely on it and if they arrive and don't find it they may not have the energy to fly off to the next food source, so you could end up killing them by mistake...

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  • I feed all year round, though have extra this time of the year. Have peanuts, black sunflower seed, sunflowerhearts, pellets which the starlings + robins love, various fat blocks + mixed seed. Not too many goldfinches in the garden at the moment but noticed c30 in one of the planted Italian alders down my road- they love the cones on these.

  • The other thing I think important to remember (esp as it's getting more popular because of some tv people/books) is to not to over forage.

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  • so very true. Just go out and get what you need,and leave the rest for other creatures. When I am out foraging for wild mushrooms,I often see mushrooms that have been broken and turned over so people can get a better look,this realy annoys me,as it has been killed without good reason.Its always possible(95percent) to get close enough to identify,without having to do this.

    love and hedgehog fungus


  • The birdies in my garden have a daily feast! The only thing that confuses me is that they tend to avoid peanuts. I've seen blue, great and coal tits, sparrows, robins, finches and starlings but they all pretty much avoid the nuts! :S

  • Strange, as peanuts go like hot cakes with us, they all have a go at them.....all the tits,starlings,nuthatches,robins and woodpeckers. Good job I volunteer in a wildlife trust shop that sells good seed, I can get 10% off.

  • i know,the seeds get left and the nuts sometimes-but i add suet and a little whole earth to my mix,they do love that,as meat is not on my menu i cant give them hard fat so, i mix with a little butter too,also oats are a hit-keeping the water there is a must too

  • i know,the seeds get left and the nuts sometimes-but i add suet and a little whole earth to my mix,they do love that,as meat is not on my menu i cant give them hard fat so, i mix with a little butter too,also oats are a hit-keeping the water there is a must too

    Cheese is good too!