The Definitive Travelling Scrapbook Thread

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  • So, the book turned up then? How fabulous. For years it seemed to be missing. So glad it's all come together again.

    Hi, MrsP!

    This is the second book. The original is still missing, I believe. I was rather expecting more entries in this one though, but it is what it is. Some nice bits in there. I guess that means plenty of space for other contributions. Weirdly, some people who may have had the book for a very long time seem not to have added a page. Perhaps I have not looked properly. I tried to turn it round in a week, but ended up being very busy and then I've been waiting for Groove to get in touch. If rainbomama gets to me first, I would like to send it on to her if that's okay with you, Paul? The responsibility is getting to me [panic]

  • the amazing borderline mythical (i say borderline cos it does actually exist - well both of them have - infact there may have been a third in circulation at some point - who knows... back in the annals of hippy time and the great unknowns of the ebbings and flowings of universal lunchoutedness there exists multiple creative outpourings between well thumbed pages ...) TRAVELLING SCRAPBOOK....

    errr yeah so where is it then? :D 20 bleeding 17 ... :o 'kin hell the babies who were in tummies when this all first started will be popping out their own babies before this gets done :madlol:

  • ... errr yeah so where is it then? ...

    It's safe. I've been trying to pass it on for several months. There is an extraordinary waiting time between messages in Hippyworld. The next person on the list didn't want it after all and the one after that (final one on the waiting list) has finally contacted me to arrange a pick up. In the meantime I have been in touch with Paul to get his thoughts on the matter and he has responded helpfully. Hopefully this responsibility will be off my hands soon.

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  • I think allowing other people to "experience" the book is still a better option, even if it has been travelling for several years. It's the journey that's part of it. :hippy:

    i agree, but how much longer before it's gone for good? Not saying deliberately but shit happens. Most of us have forgotten what was on page 2 already. The accumulative cost already is into the hundreds £. One off pieces of art work could be Gone for good. No record of it's existence other than in the minds of 20 odd aging hippy mind crawlers. We have enough to send to print or copy and we could all buy a printed tea toweI. A lifetime of art work lost in a bus fire that I thought would never happen. A van full of tat that was stolen. Even bricks and mortar used for safe storage flooded, a result of burst water pipe in winter. Every book sucked up moisture like a sponge. If we had a second volume, there could be a 3rd volume. Not Travelling scrap book Attempt 3 or 4? even. Solo didn't get his chance. What's it averaging 6 people a year?
    I once had a badge with a silhouette of a hippy reclining in a chair, with his feet up on the desk and smoking a spliff.
    With the words "tomorrow we must get organised"

  • It's the journey that's part of it. :hippy:

    what sat in a pile of somewhere to put it, a few journeys on a Post Office night train, retrieved from the recycling bin pile twice or I thought I would bump into them at the seaside. Everyone of us have had life happen to us during our custody of it.
    Had we considered the convenience of investing in 200 handmade single pages of recycled paper. Took the two years in a Labour of love to submit our page for beautiful binding. Then yes, the journey begins.
    My hospital records have travelled further and seen more action.

  • I've never seen this slow-travelling gem of hippy art, but I share AW's view that somehow it should be recorded before it vanishes.

    Perhaps someone could scan it page by page, and assemble the pictures as an image gallery online or, if that's too much effort, just put the images through a DTP program and export it as an A4 PDF file, available to download by members of UKH.
    Paul could maybe even make a little dosh for the site: "Suggested donations of a £1 for a download very welcome":)

    Once scanned it could continue to travel, perhaps going someplace to be scanned once every year or so. That way at least we'd have something of a record of most of it; then if it got lost forever we'd have only lost the last year or so at maximum.

  • If Paul was to see it in person, he would know the level of fine detail that could be lost or not picked up with a dimple scan. Most of these pieces are pen or pencil strokes of varying strength and depth of shade. A scanner will have its work cut out labouring to do them justice. A professional digital master copy we could all contribute to the commissioning of it doing.

  • Who has it now?

    I'll update the list shortly including anyone above this post who's requested it ... and then close it pending a good think.

    Cheers Paul. That will be the 3rd time the list has been closed for scanning. If in a couple of years it does get done. Remember to pm us so we can reminisce & probably order a tea towel. By my reckoning it will be 2019 late. Next time it should have a five year time scale, not many of us hang around after 5 years. Many who have contributed no longer contribute to the forum in posts. It may just get them to come back an tell us about their piece of art work.