The Definitive Travelling Scrapbook Thread

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  • Old folks and new. I think it's time for the Travelling Scrapbook to be sent to Paul. It's such a unique document of UKHippy as we have known it. Looking through the scrapbook some members are no longer active on the site for one reason or another. New and old members will no doubt have much to contribute to the Travelling scrapbook concept in the years to come. However, knowing the postal system is not %100 secure or even traveller homes for that matter. May I suggest that Paul arranges for the scrapbook to be digitised and made available for viewing on the forum site? Also members who may want a copy for themselves at a small cost? Proceeds to go to digitising the scrapbook? purchase of a new scrapbook? any remaining funds raised from the sale of the Travelling scrapbook to go towards running costs of the forum? and then for Paul to keep the Original Travelling scrapbook stored, safe and secure together with the UKHippy domain name? as I understand UKHippy domain name belongs to him.

    Just an idea!
    To safeguard any copy rights from none forum members (outsiders) using any of the images from the free UKHippy forum travelling scrapbook available online, could watermarks be in printed onto each page image of the Travelling scrapbook?

    So what do you think hippies? It would be a shame to loose this document for sake of posting between members.

  • OK, well the remaining list is as follows...

    Happy Camper

    It's only fair to let the people on the list have a turn - plus last chance saloon for anyone regularly posting to partake.

    So add yourself to the list within the next couple of days or lose your chance.

    I think anyone else has to agree to keep it for 7 days max before passing it onto the next person - any failure risks a temp ban or something equally nasty - like cleaning my kitchen (it's bad) and giving me a foot massage (that's worse)! :reddevil:

    Happy...Camper are you still with us? I'm only asking specifically because your last post was in August, and we can't afford to lose it again - if you're paying attention please reply within the next couple of days (I know you're logging in).

    After the list has exhausted send it to me and I'll scan and digitise it - and then we'll put it to the vote to decide what happens to it next. (I hope it fits my scanner)

    Yes I own the ukh domain name, but I'm not claiming any ownership really (I just facilitate). What happens to the book is not up to me, so once it's closed I'll put it to the vote. A new scrapbook is entirely possible, so nobody needs to miss out in the long term.

  • I haven't been logging in as I've been going through a very rough time for the past few months I don't want to say what's happened for obvious reasons and have only charged my phone up today for first time in over a month and was just going to try and check the forum. I'm too confused to actually take anything I've read in much just I don't know I cant actually remember what I'm replying to but I've gone to the effort of writing this so I'll post it just in case

  • I'm confused that it sounds like someone's saying I'm logging in like they have been watching me or something I haven't till now anyway and it kinda sounds creepy to me I'm confused at what's happenin

  • I'm confused that it sounds like someone's saying I'm logging in like they have been watching me or something I haven't till now anyway and it kinda sounds creepy to me I'm confused at what's happenin

    This book is valuable and we cannot afford to lose it again - so when someone expresses interest in this, but not really being an active part of the community, it's reasonable to check that they're logging in and taking notice - and online info is visible on any member's profile.

    We've had too many unreliable people taking the book and keeping it for months at a time - and that's when they have real-life connections on here. We even lost the first one completely!

    Now you may well be lovely and reliable and all those things, but with very little activity (and now a hint at personal disruptions to your life) it makes it a bit more of a risk.

  • Just pass it to Marsh, Groove & RM for now then? Hopefully other people will be happy with a copy of the pdf file.

    Happy...Camper hopefully things are improving for you but if you need someone to talk to we're here for you. And if you're worried that someone else may be using your account change the password, possibly consider changing others as well.

  • I'm happy to take it on next. Steve, since I haven't had a reply to either of the PMs I have sent you over the past few weeks I am assuming that you are probably on a mobile app and don't see private messages? If so, how do you want to proceed? I am happy to pick up from you or you are welcome to bring the book to me and have a cup of tea and a mardle. I have sent a message to Groove a while ago with a suggestion for getting the book to her to which I am awaiting a reply. Putting the Scrapbook in the post at this time of the year may not be the best idea.

  • Hi mi old lad, yes I don't get PM's on this. I've not had the laptop out for a few weeks or much of Internet/phone signal. Will check out when I get chance. Tea would be great, if I can get things sorted. Don't worry, I'll get back to you when it's time. I would like to look at that boat and marina. Just had a kids cold from hell. If you need to em contact me, send to enigma.

  • I am curious hahaha ....."What Is This Missing Book)?

    it's a book to miss. But it's not missing, so it's a found book. Found and missing but never lost.
    We run a book between us re-hab ex-gamblers. On daft things like. Which hippy will get pregnant next. Which member will get caught for growing weed & even how many months they will be in prison.
    The last, but best in my opinion, was who could TWOC the most live in vehicles in a 12 month period and the furthest miles/Kh they could put on the odometers combined.
    Each winter we tot up the results and pay out any winnings.
    It keeps us ex- gamblers out of the bookies on a regular basis and stops our tired partners from leaving us and taking the kids with them.
    I bet you £1 you still don't get it? Unless you ask specifically again?