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  • I have always been a true hippy at heart!! It was something i kept inside and to myself until just over a year ago when my marrige ended and i became me again!!! :D I am now a single mum of 3 beautiful girls and am slowly but surly trying to introduce a so called alternative lifestyle to my girls. I strongly beleive that it is a wonderful way of life, but im still learning and was hoping some of you lovely people can give me some advice on how i can be an amazing 'alternative' parent!! :)xxx

  • Well I can safely say it is possible to raise hippy kids in Essex, my two are on this site, very unique and wonderful in their own way. They had a fairly traditional start, but undertones of alternative thinking and independent brains were included along the way. We go to gatherings together now, it's more than I could have hoped for.

  • I would say be true to yourself, don't worry about the girls and don't force your alternative way of thinking on them! They will soon follow you and maybe decide as they grow to be full time hippy's. Get to a gathering or two next year! All the kids have a great time there and never want to leave.

  • What jay said :) teach them positive values and they'll find their own way. That seems to be working for mine.

    Through violence you may solve one problem, but you will sow the seeds for another...

  • Hi Teresa
    Have always been a hippy at heart myself, but have always lived a failry conventional life. I have a young son and feel isolated. I want him to grow up with a group of kids (difficult to achieve as a single dad) So I have decided on a trip to tipi valley. Maybe the place has something more to offer him as a community than I alone can give him. If we like the place and they like us we will make the move.

    Why not take a trip yourself, they have a few families there and there is lots to learn from people already living an alternative lifestyle.