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  • KANYINI returns to Birmingham with a bang

    FRIDAY 7th DECEMBER at Suki10c, 21 Bordesley street, Digbeth, Birmingham B5 5PJ.

    featuring a live set from Brightons

    SONIC SPECIES http://soundcloud.com/sonicspecies

    he has an album unleash the beat out now on alchemy records.

    the night also features Dj's

    GERRY AUM (Sunrise, Leeds)

    INDIGO HERDER ( Ascention, Nottingham)

    COSMONAUGHTY ( Kanyini)

    10pm through until 6am £10 on the door.

  • Hey I'm glad to hear that Sama_Sufi as you will well know the west midlands has got to be the most un- psychedelic place in the country. we've got to start building up a real west midlands scene. It's Coming up to our 4th year of putting on KANYINI parties and I've got admit it's been a struggle, it's frustarating when you send the local listings magazine details to every party you've put on and they've only printed the details to one in 4 years. and we get constantly overlooked in that way because supposedly psy trance isn't fashionable, But we're the kind of people (all the people on this forum) who've never particularly cared if somethings fashionable. the one glowing light of KANYINI has been the people who come along to our parties and have made them the friendliest psy events in the country and I think our music policy has meant that although our nights sometimes haven't been the busiest the music has been very high quality psychedelic trance music. so onwards and upwards with SONIC SPECIES

  • The December 7th KANYINI is happening !!!! and it’s Happening at Suki10c (21 Bordesley street, Digbeth, Birmingham )

    Well it was a week of frustration following the accident at the venue last Saturday (when 2 cars ploughed into the front of the place) there were times at the beginning of the week when workmen types had told the owners of the venue that they weren’t going to be able to open for six months. But somewhere between the beginning of the week and today when the venue had another inspection and it was decided that the structure wasn’t so badly effected some (moon) majick happened. Maybe it was just the people who go KANYINI wanting this party to happen. But we dreamed the darkness into some bright new shapes (again).

    All we need now is for you to support this party. Please tell everyone you know that it is definitely on. Pass on the facebook page to your FB friends.

    The party is going to be Huge we have playing live SONIC SPECIES (who is just back from playing some parties in Australia)

    And we have the Dj skills of Gerry Aum (who you might’ve been playing Sunrise , Kulu , Northern festivals like Shamania etc)
    Indigo Herder (who you might’ve seen play at Ascention in Nottingham) and CosmoNaughty . admission £10 10:00 pm through until 6am

  • I don't know why the bit about Australia was repeated loads of times onb that posting above, very curious here is a promotional video about our new venue.

    it just shows how the owners rebuilt a crumbling old pub into a great new venue.