New pregnancy after losses... I need support

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  • Got my results. My HCG levels have doubled :D.

    They want me to go for a scan on next Monday. I kind don't want to though although I will go. I feel relieved that my hormones are doubling but 6 weeks 1 day is potentially too early to find a heartbeat so I am worried that the scan wont give me the reassurance I need and Ill be stuck worrying again. I am a little bit concerned that I did feel incredibly pregnant 3 days ago and now all that has gone away. I know pregnancy symptoms come and go and its pretty early but they were really comforting me because it made me feel like something was going on...but I do feel relieved now...just more waiting :)

  • :D great news poppet :hug: i had a scan looking for fibroids when i was 5.5wks with Henry and the twinkley star was visible so fingers X'd you get the reassurance too :hug: x x x x x

  • Thats great to hear and that you are going to have a early scan too :D

    About the money side of things, (and this is coming from someone with alot of debt) you can never really afford a baby BUT somehow you do manage and cope. Remember that a babys needs are very basic and don't get caught up with huge lists that mothercare says you need.

    Also there is financial support out there, there is the sure start maternity grant which is £500…ingupchildren/DG_10018854

    and then later theirs child benefit, childs tax credit and working tax credit - these can really help when needed.

  • yeh we hardly spent anything on baby... we're not doing well financially, but baby doesn't need much. only her mummy really.
    if all is well, by the time you need things, i shd have a load of stuff we don't need anymore :)

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  • aw hunny thats wicked news:) 6 weeks should be enough to see heartbeat but sometimes if they are implanted in an awkward place it can be harder, keeping all fingers and toes crossed ofr you babe, go get scanned and see that little heartbeat and you'll feel better again im sure:) loads of love sweetheart.xxxxx

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  • How do you deal with tiredness?

    I am exhausted. I mean I have never been this worn out. Within half an hour of being awake I am struggling to keep my eyes open. I am going to bed at like half 8 at night. I can't concentrate and if I push myself and make myself do things I just end up with stomachache or I feel like my cervix area aches and I feel worried. That all goes away if i lay down though.

    i don't have the luxury of being able to lay down all day right now though. I had a job interview yesterday for a 25 hour a week job in a card shop...I find out tomorrow if i have the job, but the interview seemed to go well...I didn't tell them about the pregnancy as the christmas temp job finishes in june and I wouldn't be able to work until june as that is when the baby is I decided that I would tell them in a couple of weeks after starting if I get the job as if its new news...I know lying is not good but I really really need the money.

    but unless i get some energy from somewhere I cant see how i can do it. I almost dont want to get the job so It dosnt matter that i dont think i can physically do it anyway...

  • Well my love, the tiredness is all the extra demands that little one is putting on your body. So you need to make sure you are eating good healthy and wholesome food - little and often rather than large meals is probably best for energy levels. Also try and get rest when and where you can. Fab news on the job front lovely and I think you are probably wise to not mention the pregnancy just yet. When I was working through early pregnancy with Henry I used to keep a stash of dried fruit and nuts in a box under the counter to give me a bit of a boost. Ginseng is apparantley very very good for giving you an energy boost. This extreme tiredness should ease off towards the 12/13/14 week mark :hug: :hug:

  • Right now really worried. My scan is at 10:40 and I hate hate hate hospitals and I am scared about bad news. Hopefully they will find a heartbeat and I will come home really reassured. As far as tiredness goes I am still exausted. Will up date after the hospital...

  • Had my scan. They found a strong heartbeat and I am 6 weeks 2 days. It was so reassureing to see the little thing pulsating on the screen. They found it abdominally too which the women said was a real positive.

    Feeling quite excited now. I know that once the heartbeat is found the miscarriage risk does decrease. I still feel worried as I know bad things do still happen...but now for the first time positivity is taking over the worry instead of being too worried to feel positive :D

  • aw hunny thats fantastic! its really good to get one abdominally at thatstage, sounds like all is good news, just keep taking care of yourself, listen to your body and try to enjoy it now, i know thw fear will still be there but its so important to remeber this time. :) i kept a journal when i was pregnant and i treasure it to this day.xxxx

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