Slave to the mobile

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  • Someone said to me earlier "I think we've lost you to that phone" ... and they're probably right.

    I've had smartphones for years - Nokia/Ericsson since the 90s, and Android for the last 2 years - but my latest phone (Galaxy Note 2) has completely blown me away with it's power, to the point where I haven't put it down since I got it. I swear I'm losing the ability to communicate in real time!

    So, are you also a slave to your mobile, spending too much time fiddling with your favourite apps, or if not, how do you deal with the current trend of people constantly staring at their screens?

    What's your stance when it comes to mobile etiquette - does the phone take priority or do the people in your vicinity always come first?

  • People, but its hard, while my back is healing I can't sit at a computer and do everything on the phone. It also has my calculator on it, books and god knows what else so it replaces a pile of other things that I'd normally be looking at.

  • I can live without a smart phone, but I text *all* the time. I am separated from the people I love most (except Izzy) for the majority of the time, and texting allows me to be in contant conversation with them and it's wonderful :)

    I don't find it hinders my face-to-face social skills, though. I am aware that some people dislike the fact that I'll text people while I'm with them but, you know... tough. Take me or leave me, that's how I am. Having a small child means it's rare I can give anyone my full attention, and it isn't possible to spend as much time with people as I'd like to, as there are too many demands on my time, and theirs, so we all have to share what's available.

  • i never let myself get a really gadgety phone, or even an internet deal.. i hv internet for emergencies but it costs so i don't use it. i can see how addictive using it for fb etc is so i don't give myself the opportunity! i think some gadgets like or the ability to look stuff upcan be useful, but having them always on hand must make u not use other skills surely? (like map reading) (not aiming that at u paul as to climb mountains ur bound to have some navigational skills lol)

    we reenact Noah's ancient drama, but in reverse, like a film running backwards, the animals exiting

  • I can text, which I do quite a bit. I can make calls. That's all I can do on it. Oh, and it's drop proof.

    I try not to text in company, but if my son wants to communicate with me, he's always more important than anyone else anyway.

    I'm due an upgrade soon, don't know what to do. Am tempted to get something I can use as a pc in wifi places, but I'm such a technophobe.........

    I'd have missed a lot of my youth if mobiles had been invented then. Can you imagine the hell of your parents always being able to contact you - nightmare!!


  • Use my I pod to get on here as Lee is always on the computer
    My phone is a Samsung galaxy ace plus
    I use it to ring and text
    Not all day though
    My kids are always ringing me or texting me
    My daughter Emma has the same phone I think its an extension of her right arm she never puts it down
    If she can't see it she panics
    I think it's a bit sad to be honest

  • Im spend my days trying remember where i left my phone a htc on contract. (Went posh n got a contract lol). I tend to phone my mobile from landline to locate it lol. X

  • I have a smartphone, but only because a friend gave it to me. I've not got internet access on it, as it's just not that important to me. Emails and suchlike will always keep until I get home, and if I'm out and about, then it's because I'm doing more interesting stuff. I don't really socialise much, and the idea of sharing the minutia of my life or being subjected to a constant stream of drivel, via stuff like Face-ache and Twitter holds about as much appeal as a fart in an elevator.

    I do like to carry a phone though, in case I hurt myself when I'm out skating, and my new smartphone has a much better camera than my old phone, so I like it for that reason.

    As for constantly using phones in social situations, it's not something that I'd do, and if I was with someone who's attention was held more by their phone, it wouldn't bother me, but nor would I feel any desire to invest much in the exchange with them, which I think is a bit sad really. Each to their own though.

  • I have a smart phone just because it was cheaper to buy than a normal phone. All the data stuff has been turned off on it as it was costing money without me using it,and I didn't like that. I rarely use it for calls,mainly texts. I put £20 0n it in July and stillhave £8 or so left on it which shows how much I use it.

    Much prefer face to face talks,or IMs on tinternet.

  • Used to use my mobile alot but now I usually leave it at home most of the time, really only time I have it on me is at work. Be warned about contracts though, I used to go pay as you go then smeone said I should go contract as it was cheaper hmmm my first bill came in at £300 so changed back to pay as you go. Just checked my phone and I put £5 on it about 5 months ago and I still have 53p on it :)

  • I love my moby, tis only an experia but its fab, if im bored i'm on it, my books are on it, my music is on it, films, yup, them addict.....BUT, if i'm with a fella I want to be the priority, i hate it when im trying to converse and all i get is a grunt... I have ended 2 relationships before they even got to the relationship stage because of them having the moby constantly stuck to their faces.

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  • Laptop died several months ago and cash is tight since we moved house so I'm using an elderly desktop machine when necessary. That means the moby's now taken the place of the laptop for my social media stuff, whether Forums/FB/Twitter. Although I check in more frequently by phone, my laptop visits tended to be lengthier..

  • I just use a cheap phone. I've never had internet access on it. I've never seen the point in it..... if I'm at home, my laptop is available, and if I'm out I'm probably busy. I spend way too much time on the internet as it is, without having access 24/7!

    I have had arguments with boyfriends in the past. I don't like watching people on their mobiles. Similarly, I had an argument with a friend when I was visiting her. We we were watching something on tv and she was playing a game on her phone. The internet, etc., might be useful, but it seems to have a lot of negative affects on relationships.

  • i always feel a bit miffed if people have there phone perminantly stuck to there faces... i aint a slave to my mobile but my laptip...yes i hold my hands up...

  • I get 5000 free texts per month and probably use less than 100 of the allowance ... I'm really not good with them - even less since I started using touch screen phones. That doesn't stop me being obsessed with my phone though, which is an absolute monster ...galaxynote.jpgMy old phone (HTC Desire HD) is the one on the left :eek:

    What is it? I want one!

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 2 ... it's only been out a week!

    It's not perfect, but it's about as good as an Android phone can get!

    My friend's got one of is very sexy but it's mahoooosive and far too big to go in my pocket

    It also reminds me of Dom Joly and I've spent the last few days shouting 'I'm on the phone' :D

  • I currently have a brick from the olden days, but I've been looking at (relatively cheap, I know!) smartphones and I think I might go for the HTC Desire C, which I'm going to have to sell some stuff to actually afford! If my phone history's anything to go by it'll probably last me a good few years :).

    I'm not worried about looking anti-social at work, because nobody talks to anybody else at lunch time anyway. In fact, it'll be nice to have something else to focus on instead of staring into space in awkward silence for 30 minutes every day :). That is if I can persuade them to give me the wireless code, which I bet they won't!

  • I have a wee netbook (called Bertha) who had a SIM card in her and I had contract internet on that for three and a half years (no phone line in the house) but in June I ended the contract as they were making out I was going over the allowance and I knew I wasn't as I have Netmeter on Bertha to make sure. So they were charging me a fortune in the end. My phone was old (and not even mine, it was our neighbours) and a friend of my Mum's found this HTC, and gave me it. Got my giffgaff SIM in it, set it all up for internet and emails, and I use it for pretty much everything I do on the internet now.

  • I'm constantly checking Facebook and twitter on mine I don't really use the phone itself and when I do its to text my brother or uncle