Linda McCartney Foods

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  • I'm really enjoying these, anyone else eat them? Not been vegetarian for long, but the sausages and mozerella burgers both taste great and are very impressively meat-like. I don't normally like imitation meat (would rather just eat quorn and tofu as quorn and tofu) but these are very good, I'm gonna have to try more stuff.

  • Most of the meat alternatives I eat are Quorn, but LM I find does taste good, and a nice variety. The prawns are especially good I think, but they might look a little to "authentic" for some veggies! :D

  • Yup, both my favourites have been mentioned here. The mozzarella quarter pounder and country pies are just gorgeous. I really like most of her foods.

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  • i used to like the counrty pies until they changed the taste a few years ago,the sauseges are great .

    not l. m but try handfull or two of quarne mince add tin of chopped tomatoes fill empty tin with water n mix with half packet of swartze spag bowl mix and carrot n pees salt n pepper to taste yummy

  • The prawns are especially good I think, but they might look a little to "authentic" for some veggies! :D

    I saw them on the Isle of Man, but haven't noticed them around here. Are they really that good?!

    The country pies are good, and I used to like the chicken style pies, but haven't seen those for ages.

    I prefer cauldron sausages, and currently liking the frozen Quorn sausages, in a bag.

  • Because LM does some vegan foods (sausages and pies) is good suggestion for if eating dinner at someones house that does not know of other substitutes or make from scratch, but because of this eating them quite a lot at friends houses and b&b's I can kind of not stand it now!
    There are soooo many better brands of veggie junk food out there if have ever wondered around a veggie fair stealing samples :P

  • I do like the Linda McCartney range - better than quorn in a lot of respects. The Country Pies are espacially delicious and, for comfort food, you can't beat her sausages with mash and beans :)