Composting weeds

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  • After over a decade of not having a garden, I finally have one :D I've started composting (first time ever) and have read loads about what to and what not to compost but I've seen lots of conflicting views about weeds. The obvious one is not composting a weed that can spread it's seed but what about things like bindweed or ivy? I feel inclined to compost everything, would I be foolish?

  • Just make sure to chop everything up before it goes on the heap hon. You probably don't want anything thats got too woody in there but we put all our weeds into the compost and just cut them up with scissors :) Really happy for you that you have a lovely garden - would you like some cottage garden seeds from my garden? :) managed to collect quite an assortment.. they aren't quite ready yet but when they are I shall do you a little bundle if you like :) xxxx

  • depends on if you are hot or cold composting

    if you leave bindweed to die first, in a bucket or something, won't be a problem - but you don't want any active root in there or it will make baby bindweeds!

    I've always composted everything though, including vegetable peelers - I now have three!

  • Yeah, I've been chopping like a crazy women! Although, I think I've missed a few biggies here and there but I'm not expecting perfection for a year or two!

    I'm not sure about seeds yet as we're thinking about redesigning the whole garden and thinking about what we really want and what's best so I want to hold off on accepting garden goodies for now, but thank you! I may come begging next year :whistle:

  • if you leave bindweed to die first, in a bucket or something, won't be a problem - but you don't want any active root in there or it will make baby bindweeds!

    Yeah, that's the sort of thing I wondered about. What about something like ground elder? It's spread quite wide and I've managed to dig a couple of hefty roots up (which may really be too big).

    Cold composting fyi.

  • Ground elder is a very naughty plant set on world domination, be really careful with the roots and seeds, either dispose of carefully maybe by put them in a bucket of water until they rotted down. Do not compost seed heads nor roots if your compost heap is not going to be hot. Although composting should contain a warning as it is addictive and you may have to join CA. Happy Gardening

  • Heheh yes, I'm already addicted! I love the way ground elder smells and that it's so distinctive its easy to identify. Apparently it's edible. I read this from someone who gave up on her ongoing battle to be rid of it that she learned to love it instead!

  • I would try to keep weed seeds out of the compost. I would not waste money on a garden shredder thing. If you want to chop up your weeds an easy way is to pile them on the ground and go over with a lawn mower with a catcher on it.