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  • body in the womb idea would make sense wouldn't it...some people believe great amounts of time, maybe even centuries, can go by before a soul goes back to human form. They believe souls take on different roles for their own development, human, spirit, 'guardian angel' etc...I'm not sure yet either really..there's definitely an amounting body of research being done that's providing some very interesting results however...

  • Been watching some documentaries about Near Death Experiences combined with Out of Body Experiences which have been really cool. There was one documentary that was trying to do research on NDE under very specific conditions so that they could pinpoint exactley in time when the NDE had happened... most of the research had been done on cardiac patients who had clinically flat-lined but still they couldn't pinpoint exactley what moment in time the NDE happened.... so then this lady presented herself who had a tumour right at the top of the spinal column, a really tricky place to operate on... to perform the operation they had to cool her body down massively, stop her heart, redirect her lifesupport to a heart/lung machine and decrease brain output to 0... this was the only way they could be sure that they wouldn't accidentally damage the delicate message-firing capabilities of the brain... brain output had to be absolute zilch... so they got this woman essentially dead as a doornail on the table and she has this NDE with Out of Body experience... how??? her brain function is zeroed... and her NDE was authentic because she managed to give details on a conversation that took place about the veins in her groin being too narrow and the surgeon suggested to try the other side :eek: she saw this all and heard it all when she was clinically dead - her brain function was 0 .... so this lead the researchers to look at the brain on a quantum level - and they theorised that on a quantum level, energy will dissipate outwards if not being utilised by the mechanism (brain) which has led to the thought that our minds aren't stored within the constructs of our brain but are a much more energetical construct. This research surely suggests that even after death, some element of our consciousness is not only capable of seeing and hearing what is going on around our physical bodies, it is also capable of leaving the physical body... Is the soul going to be identified by quantum sciences I wonder? :) I like to think so :)

    On a personal level I've had an NDE with out of body experience and it was the most profoundly life changing event to date and I am identical to all other reporters of NDE with out of body in that it has changed my life, awoken my spirituality and driven me to seek out answers to life and death.

    I think my own thoughts on death are that death is alot like birth... it is how we exit and enter the world... so death and birth are like portals into and out of existance...but I do not think that when the body dies, the consciousness dies because a) this is not my personal experience and b) this is not what science has shown.
    Science is showing that the primary function of DNA is to do with the reception and transmission of electromagnetic energy. This is a good article that pulls it all in quite nicely http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2772228/

  • Been watching some documentaries about Near Death Experiences combined with Out of Body Experiences which have been really cool.

    Your post was really interesting Sarah...what was the documentary called? It's amazing to have lived to tell the tale of a NDE...what a privileged position to be in...

    I read an interesting valid outta body experience in a book recently told by a surgeon. An older lady was having an operation, during the operation she left her body and watched the whole experience from the corner of the room. As she watched she saw one of the Dr's enter the operating room and drop a gold pen that rolled under a trolly...so when she woke up she told the Dr how she'd watched the whole thing and describe in detail the pen he'd dropped whilst she was under anaesthetic. Oh and the thing was she was also blind when she was 'inner body' it was only when she had a OBE that she was able to see what happened...

  • I come at death from a "scientific" point of view, whilst belief is hard to rubber stamp, science is not and I believe science is now on the threshold of discovering spirituality. Energy never dies, you cant kill it, so when your manifest body leaves this 3D holographic playground then your essence/energy/spirit/soul moves on...Spiritual evolution is the very nature of our existence as we are spiritual beings having a physical experience and the body is merely a vehicle with which to interact down here/within here/vibrating here......My belief (and you are very welcome to yours) is that we are here manifest to learn and to evolve spiritually so that we can through progressive 3D experiences become enlightened enough to stop returning to this plane of existence and move on to the next.

    I believe that throughout our mortal lives we will be confronted with every challenge that life holds in order to develop understanding, I further believe that we will experience all sides of every coin in order to fully understand and empathise with all mortal experience, be that the abused or the abuser, only when we have experiences 360 degrees of any experience can we truly understand and move on. Feelings and emotions are tools we use to visit places to learn and our manifest quest whilst in this reality is to learn as many lessons as possible and raise our vibration as high as possible.

    Lots of people get trapped in their mortality, in my opinion its not rteal, the real world is elsewhere and our quest is to rediscover it! :)

  • Here's my view on death: There was this wave, way out on the ocean. And she was just racing along having a great time -- and just sunlight glinting, spray just flying -- until one day she looked ahead, and she saw wave after wave in front of her crashing on the beach, and she got scared. And this older wave in front of her said, 'I know exactly what your problem is. You've been having so much fun being a wave, that you forgot you're really just part of the ocean.'

  • At this present time, my view on death is quite matter of fact. I believe that we are in a very lucky position to be the universe aware of itself. When that lucky position of the universe being aware of itself - that unique and miraculous combination of atoms - dies, we will decompose (ie, desconstruct, break apart, float apart) and become the universe. Maybe not aware of itself, maybe dispersed and part of the atmosphere, maybe joining up with a few other atoms and making up a blade of grass. We'll always be here because we *are* life! We place a lot of significance on awareness but it is, like all existence, a beautiful design, and we're lucky to play our part eternally :)

  • Iwas sat with an elderly gentleman, who was 102 years old, he was dying. He was still concious and lucid. I sat holding his hand for about an hour. Suddenly he sat forward from the bed ( He had not been able to sit up like this for weeks) and opened his arms in greeting to someone/ something that I could not see. The atmosphere changed and i could just feel some sort of shift in energy. i decided that this was an intensely private moment and left the room. After about a minute I went back in and he had passed...... so I know think there is 'something'.................. I am honoured to have witnessed this moment..........

  • Yes. The whole experience was strange. I met him about 6 months before that. I welcomed him into his new home and he got hold of my hands saying 'I am glad to be here'..... My thought at that time was that he was going to be a 'Teacher'....... when I was not busy i used to 'hang out' in his room and he would tell me stories about meeting the queen and her sister as small children! Eventually as he got weaker and did not have the energy to talk so much we just sat together not speaking... he said it was 'a kind of love'..... The day of his passing we had tried to contact his family over and over again so that they could come and sit with him.... they livedabout 20 miles away and everything conspired against it..... one of their phones was off then when she got the message, the other daughter did not hear her phone ringing... when they got there he had passed. I felt awful and could only say he had not been on his own.. .. it was all very sureal....

  • What sticks in my mind about that day was the absolute feeling of peace. It was December and as I sat with him I was looking out of the window, at the trees in the distance. They seemed to be shimmering with light. We did not speak, there was no need for words, occasionally he squeezed my hands and I did it back. Time seemed to stand still.

  • i think that is so beautiful, its seems that he got the peace he wanted, and you got a totally new outlook on life. i know it must have been hard for you, but i commend you on doing it :)

  • so beautiful :heart: he was very lucky to have you there wise woman venusinfurs :hug: just as every baby deserves to come into this world in as loving and gentle a way as possible, so do we all deserve to leave this plane, surrounded by love, peace, trust and respect....i worked alot (reiki) with my grandma during her twilight days and it gives me enormous comfort to know in my heart and soul that when she left this earth, she was completely at peace with her life :heart:

  • Thank you Sarah. I work with the elderly, at the current time mainly 'High Dependency' Dementia patients. I have recently introduced them to a lady who is a Reiki Master. I have found out that some of them are very spiritual but not in a main stream religious way. The benefits of Reiki seem to be enormous! They seem to be more peaceful and can sleep much better.....I think is lovely that you did that for your Grandma......... I would like to know who came for him? Whoever it was had a huge amount of energy! I could feel it, the 'feeling' only lasted a few seconds but it was like a whirlwind.........In the weeks prior to his passing his family asked me why he was 'hanging on'...I said i felt he was waiting for something. I found out later that was his sisters Birthday. So maybe it was her. They said she was a formidable woman!