Modified Vehicles to be made illegal by EU

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  • they are all ready trying this with bikes , hence the two demo's this year . Its a very scary time for anyone with a modifyed vehicle , I've seen the paper work of the new MOT'S there on about bringing out to police it . Not good

  • Soon we'll be legislated back to the backpack revolution, will they legislate against patches on your backpack too if they are a modification?

    Through violence you may solve one problem, but you will sow the seeds for another...

  • At Sunrise this year, one of my wellies sprung a leak and I fixed it with patch from a bicycle repair kit (true). Unfortunately, I forgot to inform the authorities of said unofficial non-original repair and continued to utilise said wellies at two more festivals without further aquatic ingress!
    I'm sure that in the future there will be some form I have to get signed by the relevant local Wellie Authority, allowing me to wade through the mire in more than one county :curse:
    Or am I geting a bit too cynical in my old age? :wall:

  • Its already in force in Spain and many other EU countries , if you want to fit big wheels or a winch to your 4x4 in Spain you have to have to use approved parts and then get an engineers report , usually around 700 euros!! ,MOT stations in Spain are run by the state and are very strict, whilst the UK stays in the EU it is only a matter of time before it happens here , so what can we do ? vote UKIP?

  • thats crap eh. bloody bastrds.

    But maybe theres loopholes and such because i know people in Spain with modded vehicles. In andalucia actually (you dont live round near Purchena/Albox area do ya?)

  • thats crap eh. bloody bastrds.

    But maybe theres loopholes and such because i know people in Spain with modded vehicles. In andalucia actually (you dont live round near Purchena/Albox area do ya?)

    I dont live in that area ,your friends probably run UK registered vehicles ? Modded vehicles are possible in Spain /EU BUT getting them signed off by an engineer is often very difficult unless you are a qualified engineer yourself otherwise you will need very deep pockets.

  • I doubt these will get through as the modifiying market is worth billions per year!

    The problem is that those billions are currently shared out between thousands of small businesses, who collectively employ hundreds of thousands of people, which is great, but unfortunately, our government is owned by BIG business, who want it all for themselves, as if that would result in more choice and higher standards. The corporations have the bucks to buy the government though so they will get what they want unless we put up one hell of a fight.

  • people will have to start building insides in such a way that it can easily be stripped back to spec for MOT. the problem will be VOSA checkpoints and there is where the B roads become your friends. Chuck out twat navs and embrace maps! Fuck 'em :shrug:

  • travel the maindrags you'll just have to flatpack interiors and assemble quickly on arrival...this is what they meant when that grey puppet major said "not in this age, not in any age" got to get very clever now! Or buy a winnebago :S

  • Can I make swear words?

    Are we all adult?

    FECK European Union pencil pushers and suited cants - as a motor cyclist who has ALWAYS modified my own steeds and as a bloke currently welding steel onto the back of a Merc bus to carry a motorbike, welding racks on the roof, ladders up the side, installing a log burner blah blah...

    I took part in the BIG nationwide demo on my motorbike last year - FECK the United MONEY Grabbing States of Europe.

    It's 500AD all over again. Hello to the Roman conquest.

    Stand up yerselves.

    My ancestors where here in these green hills before Iron was struck on the anvil.

    And my decendants will be here long after.

    FECK them all I say.

    All those who invade our shores with there schemes must die. I'll push the blade in myself. I'll see the whites of their eyes.

    This is so the capitalists can standardise the motor industry and shut down the middle men.

    No doubt they will fly around to all of there summit meetings on the back of an eco happy donkey with wings.

    This is just like LONDONIUMS emmission laws which will eventually be natioanlised just a new scheme to scrap loads of vehicles or force them out of London etc - pushing them away, into the hills - were have I heard that before?

    BUY the future today it's obsolete tomoro, so buy it again oh it's twice the price, oh and all the past is your fault, oh intrepid consumer - you did this - heres the fecking tax bill.

    Fecking Bastids the lot of them.

    Give me a Man Cat 8X8 armed with some tommahawks - I'll go hide in the hills of Czech Lands and rain fire down on the New Roman Empire of Europe. There all the same bloody families and people who have been ruining it for everybody else for over 1,000 years.

    blah blah blah rant rant spittle and drivel and wide eyed lunacy aaaaaaaargh be theee a pirate

  • The EU/ Government must have ordered some more mortar, and they are just
    adding bricks to the wall.
    You have to live in a house,therefore pay the tax. Don't ya get it?

  • If I've got this wrong, correct me.
    Right, if you modify your vehicle, it will be tested? And it may well not pass the test. That makes life difficult for a lot of nomadic people :(
    But if it's over 30 years old it MAY not need tested..providing it's in it's original condition?
    How can a vehicle be modified but in original condition?
    And what does it all mean? For example, Janey is a 34 year old van, but she needs her camper unit replaced. Is this modifying?? I would say it's restoring, but technically she won't be in original condition then...

  • It doesn't matter, as long as you have an MOT in the UK, then the rest of Europe have to accept her as legal as she's legal in the country she's registered in. And the fact is that they wont be able to tell what was original and what has been added since or altered, nor will they want all the hassle as long as your documents are in order.


  • Great :) So what the link is saying is that vehicles normally registered in Europe will have this problem, but UK vehicles going abroad are fine (until the UK brings this in too)?