Sleep paralysis

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  • This was a new one for me. I was away at the weekend and really wasn't sleeping very well in the hotel room. Not long after I fell asleep, I woke up again. At least, my mind woke up, but my body didn't. It was quite terrifying. I thought there was someone in the room next to me (besides my friend) as I could hear a kind of grunting/panting coming from right beside me. I couldn't move and was trying to call out my friends name for help, but I couldn't speak either. It didn't last very long, thankfully! I've been reading up on it here:

    Anyone else experience this? I hope it never happens again! :eek:

  • I have had it a few times. Once drug induced though ( well Mercury poisoning to be exact) but never the less, a similar experience to the other sleep paralysis I've had. Only with the Mercury poisoning there was horrific hallucinations, for several hours after.

  • I've had this on and off over the years. Usually during a lot of stress or extreme tiredness. The fear is major! I've had it within a dream - within a dream which is a total headfuck :panic:

  • Had it all my life. Not had a really scary one for quite a while.. think the last one was about 3 years ago when i was pregnant with Cushla. Stress and Exhaustion make mine more likely to occur. I do alot of "lucid dreaming" just before i wake up in the mornings but i haven't had another strange entity in the room with me for quite a few years now. Last weird one i had was a few nights ago where I tried to get out of bed three times and three times i realised i was still fast asleep .. i'd be sitting on the edge of the bed trying to stand up and then i
    'd realise i was still asleep and laying down... three bloody times this happened lol after the third attempt i finally woke up, laying in my bed lol... try not to freak out too much and try and embrace the experience .. if you can catch yourself in that split second place of "oh fuck i'm awake but i'm still asleep" then that can be quite reassuring - its something someone said to me ages ago and i thought i'd never be able to recognise it, but with practice, its given me a wake-up boot out of potentially headfuck scary shit and i actually quite enjoy my really real dreams these days :hug: Loadsa love to you fellow sufferers out there xxxxx

  • Your right, if you can catch it just before the fear sets in its not too bad.

    Ages ago I had had a right night of it, woke up, went down stairs to calm down, had a glass of milk, glanced up at the clock then went back upstairs - only to walk in on myself still in bed..... Woke up for real, went down stairs to calm down got a glass of milk and looked at the clock and IT WAS SHOWING THE EXACT SAME TIME!!!:panic:

  • I've suffered from sleep paralysis on and off for years. It is scary even when you know what's supposedly happening. Worse one was not long after we moved into our current house. Lot of stress and tension at the time and I 'woke up' to feel someone in bed with me, toucjing me. Took a tremendous effort of will power to tell 'it' to fuck off. I was so scared I slept with the lights on for a week.

    I've read all the explanations for this phenomenon but after the last one, I'm not sure I'm convinced by them.

  • its happened to me for years, since i was a child, not usually with hallucinations though. i would wake up and be totally unable to move, i used tostruggle against it and get scared but then i learned that if i totally relaxed my body, didnt try to move, and remembered that although i couldnt control my breathing, my body was still in sleep mode and was doing it just fine for me, i could sink down into a calm state, keep repeating 'im awake, im awake' and then like magic i would come out of it, felt like my spirit was leaping up away from my body as it came back...that was weird, but after a second or two i was feeling all integrated again and after shaking myself a bit i was fine......very scary when you are 8. its happened on and off for years and i dont like it much, but im not so scared anymore as i usually recognise it pretty quickly now.

    Turned on, tuned in, loved up, trippin out, freaky on the outside, shiny in the middle.

  • I think scrunching your face up is supposed to make you snap out of it, without fail.

    I imagine this won't happen to me again, as I think for most people it is just a one-off thing. My ex boyfriend used to describe something very similar. He said he'd wake up and a demon dog would be sat on his chest and he couldn't breathe. He thought he was possessed! There was even something about this dog on our local radio station and lots of people had similar experiences. Must have just been sleep paralysis!

  • I've had it a few times too. First time I was when I was younger and in a room with the rest of my family (I fell asleep on my back on the floor in front of the telly!). I was aware of the rest of them, but couldn't move or speak to let them know I was paralysed!!

    I had a really vivid one once when I was on anti depressants and sleeping pills where the dream I was having sort of continued after I was awake. I was dreaming about my grandad, and then my dad was somehow in it, but when I woke up my dad was standing next to the bed staring at me. It freaked me out so much I wandered through to the kitchen to ask my mum where dad was, and telling her to phone grandad to make sure he was alright. I think I freaked her out!

    I quite often get dreams where I've dived into deep water from something high, and the more I struggle to swim to the surface the deeper I go, until my lungs are bursting for air and I wake up. I hate that one!!

    Anyway, I've been sidetracked by your wikipedia link and I'm off to read some more about succubi!

  • I've experienced this in varying degrees for many years.

    The most vivid experience I had was on board a ship (the Greenpeace ship MV Gondwana) in Hamburg. I was using the first mate's cabin as there were no senior crew on board during maintenance. One night I woke up with my back to the cabin door and the light from the gangway was shining through the doorway onto the glossy cream coloured paint on the bulkhead. I could see and/or feel something in the doorway but was completely unable to move. It went on for quite a while before I fell asleep again. I don't know why but I always thought that it was an alien.

    Curious thing for me is that if something unexpected happens during the paralysis, say a phone rings or somebody walks into the room, suddenly I can move.

    I have looked into it a lot over the years and found little to offer an explanation then saw a documentary about something else (innate behaviour, I think) which showed an experiment they had done on kittens (yes, I know, I oppose animal experiments) which had been born in a laboratory and never had any relationship with their mother or the outside world. It was explained that when animals sleep, the brain produces a chemical which stops us from acting out our dreams - otherwise we would never wake up in bed - and they had given the kittens a drug to inhibit the production of this chemical. They were acting out their dreams in their sleep - stalking creatures that they had never seen in real life both on the ground and in the air.

    I concluded that this chemical must still be being produced when I woke up because of some brain malfunction or something and that things happening suddenly jolts the brain into working properly. This kind of explains to me why I often wake myself up when I am just nodding off by moving slightly as I start to dream but maybe the chemical is not yet being produced.

    I think there are related phenomena such as night terrors.

    As for the 'old hag' mentioned on the Wikipedia page linked in the OP, I had a friend who moved into a flat and was woken up every night by an old woman pushing him out of bed. After a week he moved out. I heard about it from his Mum and he flatly refused to talk about it.

  • I've not experienced sleep paralysis for some time now, thank god! Fortunately I've never had the visual side, just the paralysis. Often I've woken up with the realisation that I'm staring 'at something' (rather than sleeping) and then discover I'm completely paralysed for a while. Although mine doesn't seem as severe as some of yours, I used to get out of it by 'screaming loudly in my mind' - if that makes sense? Like "move!! wake up!! move!!!!" It seems to have worked.

    I had a friend who had it worst, and would wake up to find a man outside her window, even though she was on the second floor! I'm glad I haven't experience this for a while, I can't believe how terrifying it must be to people that experience it every night. I don't know how they sleep! I watched a documentary about this where people were having 'goblins' coming into their room while they sleep and 'attacking them' while they felt like they were awake, but really half dreaming. Talk about your own horror film!

    I've experienced this in varying degrees for many years.
    It went on for quite a while before I fell asleep again. I don't know why but I always thought that it was an alien.

    - I wonder if a lot of these 'alien abductions' are actually just sleep paralysis?? It would make a lot of sense that in a half dream/awake these experiences could get confused as real.

    I was aware of the rest of them, but couldn't move or speak to let them know I was paralysed!!

    - That sounds horrible! Did any of your family notice anything different about you at the time? I'm not sure what would be scarier, being alone or being surrounded by people and unable to tell them!

  • Well i'm glad this was brought up, it happened to me a few times in the early 90s, it freaked me out too, I thought it was some kind if paranormal activity at the time.
    I used to travel to work on the train in them days, I was that scared about it I used to position myself behind a pillar or simmilar on the platform as a train approached the station just in case "it" pushed me onto the tracks.
    I dont really think I was stressed out out at the time, I was in a relationship that I didn't want to be in and was being unfaithful at any given oppertunity, maybe all the ducking and diving was stressing me out and I just was not aware of it.

  • hmm maybe it is a subconscious reaction to stress...I can definitely see how stress in life has changed and the absence of sleep paralysis...or maybe its all just a coincidence...its so baffling!

  • It's certainly possible that there is (and not just with x either), overdoing it can be a stress in itself and maybe the depletion of serotonin and the cocktail of chemicals trying to leave the body contributes as well.

  • i've had this a few times my last one was a few weeks ago horrible things my last one i was stuck to the bed and i was trying to shout of one of my dogs which i later found out that he was outside my bedroom trying to get in but mum didnt relise what was happening so she didnt let him in so now i sleep with the door open a little hoping that if it happens again he can wake my body