6th Oct KANYINI feat ManMadeMade (live) in Wolverhampton

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  • Saturday 6th October at a new venue FiXXion Warehouse Project , Townwell Fold (off Skinner street), Wolverhampton, WV1 4LD
    join us for a night of techno shamanic psychedelic sounds.
    Lots of info to be added to this so stay tuned but basically we have a great new warehouse venue that has doors that open hopefully giving the place a festival tent kind of feel. the smoking area is close to the dancefloor.

    mainroom Psy trance

    featuring live

    (Spacehopper, return to the source released tracks on every worthwhile psy trance label going, west midland Psy legends)

    and Dj's

    BEZ23 (peak records, Kulu)
    CosmoNaughty ( Kanyini)
    Awen (www.psyberdelica)

    Alternative room : Electronica, Dub & Spacious grooves

    Astrodruid (live set)
    Ginko Biloba ( live jamming electronica with a tabla player)
    Malien Shalien

    £10 on the door or £7 advance tickets from http://www.theticketsellers.co…-feat-manmademan/10021161

    we start at 21:00 and go on through until 04:00
    Directions. It's probally worth giving some directions to this venue as it's not an easy place to find because it's not on a street, it's down a small town centre alleyway (Townwell Fold) that runs between Darlington street and Skinner Street , if you are coming along to this I sugest you have a look on a map before you set out (I've lived in Wolverhampton most my life and it took me 2 weeks to find the place) from the Skinner street side it looks as if it's just a service entrance to beaties the department store, just carry on up there. From the Darlington street side it's just a non descript snicket. the venue is a kind of non descript warehouse door about two thirds along from the Darlington street side.

    Parking. Because the venue is in a inner city alleyway there is no parking outside the venue but there is free parking after 17:30 @ Fold street carpark, (you come of the cities ring road @ Salop street, then take first left into Fold street) this carpark is just around the corner from Fixxion warehouse project venue. parking is also free on Sundays.
    Fold street car park does have a height bar. If you're coming if a van or living vehicle contact me beforehand and I'll sugest some free places.

    There is a multi story carpark ( Beaties department store) next door to the venue but they will charge.

  • AS I mentioned in the blurb the venue is a little tricky to find found this posted on youtube thatmight explain better

    it's one of them, that's easy when you know where it is. it's just that it's stuck down a back alley.

  • Cabbage ? Maybe it is the end of an era.
    I'm just amazed someone actually posted on this thread I keep reading about how facebook is killing chat forums, I got to say that you notice it a lot more on the gigs / parties sections most the time I'm left to waffle to myself, the weird thing is I post all the details up on xamount of forums no one replies but then on the night people do turn up.

  • yeah, dunno why that is tbh...lives too busy to interact on a daily basis maybe...this and Psy are the only forums i go on nowadays, and FB is to blame..lol

    and yeah, no more Cabbages after this one...Stu has family stuff going on, Lynn has vanished off to Dubai, harry does what Harry does and Chris is more into his live act with Pascal now I think...Sad to think it is the very last.. i have enjoyed the last 15 years!

  • WE did ask Chris Cabbage to come and Dj at one of our KANYINI's but he wasn't interested he as you say is in that live act with Pascal and he was playing keyboards with Here & Now.

    There's no point dwelling on the past though.