Tea and Empathy call for volunteers for Beautiful days.

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  • Hello hippies. :D

    Tea and Empathy are looking for a volunteer to work with us at Beautiful Days, we have had a last minute drop out!

    If you are interested in making tea, providing empathy, comfort and even at times, advice to random strangers, who may or may not be very inebriated. Please PM me.

    Further info'

    15th-20th Aug (open at 9 am on thurs 16th close 12 mon 20th)
    Escot Estate
    Ottery St Mary
    EX11 1LU
    Train to Honiton or Feniton

    What you will get

    Secure camping
    1 meal per shift

    What you will be expected to do

    Approx 4 1/2 hrs shift in 24
    Arrive on time
    Attend crew meeting (training) ( kids as well)
    Be fit and able to do their shift, arrive 10 min early for shifts
    Follow procedures as outlined in the training session
    Camp in crew camping

    What you should tell us asap

    How you are travelling (we need to know how many car park spaces we need)
    When you will arrive
    When you will leave
    If they are a live in vehicle or tent/s

    What you should bring:

    Fully functioning tent
    Proper wet gear
    Proper sun protection
    Very warm clothes for the night
    Adequate bedding (a sleeping bag not enough)

    Welfare wet gear and bedding WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE TO STAFF

  • Just mentioned it to the other half. It wasn't recieved enthusiastically, it may be because I'm away on the 25th for a week too. If not this year I would love to be considered for next year, I've always fancied doing this, do I bring my own kitchen table and chairs, it's seen a lot of soul searching.

  • Would have so loved to have been free to do this. Done similar over many years at festivals, albeit more impromptu! Hope you've got someone lovely to help, Tekno. Get that kettle boiling! :-)

  • Hi,

    Do the same people run the 'Tea and Empathy' tent at all festivals? I was just wondering if you'd run the tea and empathy tent at Shambala this year? - in which case I wanted to thank you for the way someone was looked after.

    Perhaps let me know.

  • It's the same core crew at beautiful days and shambala. :)

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  • hi there, i contacted you last year ( i thinks) about volunteering at beautiful days. last year i was an Oxfam steward, but i have done welfare work at festivals before. i am a Specialist Alcohol Worker for devon partnership NHS Trust and live in Devon. Please contact me if you still need volunteers,
    Stephen Miller. stephen.miller93@yahoo.co.uk